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Home remedies for body pain and tiredness

What is body pain and tiredness?

Hot summers are beating up. Surrounded by too much heat, energy levels in the body are exhausting quickly. Body pains and tiredness sometimes can be quite uncomfortable and hinder our day to day activities as well. These kind of health issues are not a cause of concern and does not need a doctor visit but they can disturb our quality of life. Here are a list of few natural remedies can help you heal body pains and tiredness effectively.

Causes of  body pain and tiredness

In most cases, a fever is caused by an underlying illness or infection. As the immune system fights off an infection, it generates heat, which results in increased body temperature. Besides, the hypothalamus (that acts as the body’s thermostat) increases the body’s baseline temperature. This raised body temperature assists the immune system in ridding the body of illness as the viruses and bacteria that cause them to thrive in cooler environments and generally cannot withstand high temperature.

The causes of a fever may range widely from common teething in infants and a bout of flu, to more serious conditions such as pneumonia, glandular fever, sunburn, and heatstroke. They may even occur as a result of certain medications including some antibiotics, blood pressure medications, antidepressants, and anti-seizure drugs. It is therefore always important to monitor a fever and seek medical attention if it increases rapidly, or persists so that a correct diagnosis can be achieved.


An environmental imbalance has risen the levels of heat during the summers. This ultimately causes dehydration in the body which in turn drains out the energy in the body leading to body pains and tiredness even for working for a short while. Dehydration happens when your body is deprived of necessary fluids.


Stress is another big cause of body pains and tiredness among many people so, you have to take effective measures like making some lifestyle changes like meditation and evening walks.


Lack of sleep has many adverse effects on the body and body pains and tiredness are few among them. You need enough sleep to make your body function effectively. Irrespective of your too many responsibilities in life, cultivate a good sleep routine in life to keep your body function active.

Clod and flu

 If you are prone to cold and flu at any point in time, you will suffer from the most common symptom of the health disorder body pains and tiredness. Following some home remedies get you resolved from your symptoms. One of the symptoms of tiredness can be due to vitamins deficiency in the body

home remedies for body pain and tiredness

If you have Dengue fever

home remedies for body pain and tiredness

Tips for Fever

home remedies for body pain and tiredness

  • Make sure you monitor your child’s fever closely. This can be done by checking your child’s temperature at least every 4 hours until it has completely subsided.
  • Guard against dehydration by ensuring your child drinks plenty of fluids and make sure these do not contain caffeine.
  • A lukewarm bath or sponge bath will help to cool down a high fever but never use cold water or ice.
  • Encourage plenty of bed rest as moving around raises body temperature even more. This can be tricky with children that get frustrated when confined to bed, so you may have to think creatively. Try quiet activities such as colouring, gamebooks, books on tape and playing cards.
  • Dress your child in light cotton pyjamas so that body heat can escape and do not bundle your child up at bedtime.
  • Drink as much water as you can to replace fluid loss. It will also help to bring down body temperature.
  • Rest as much as possible.
  • Avoid sudden changes in atmospheric temperatures.
  • Avoid eating solid foods until the fever is gone. You can replace the foods by drinking plenty of distilled water and/or juices.
  • when you have a fever do not take any supplement containing either iron or zinc. Taking iron causes great tension in a body that is fighting infection, and zinc is not absorbed by the body when you have the fever.
  • Take cool baths, fill a bathtub, submerge and lay down for 5′ approximately. Repeat as needed until the fever is down.
  • If the fever does not exceed 102 degrees let it run its course. It helps the body to fight infection and eliminate toxins. Eating of cumin seeds with jaggery (beam) cures the fever, which is troubling you for a long time.
  • Taking off 20 to 40 grams of holy black basil (Krishna Tulsi) leaves juice can cure fever. Holy black basil is a very good natural home remedy for fever treatment.
  • Drinking of 30 to 80 grams decoction made with the roots of holy black basil (Krishna Tulsi) plant two times in a day can help to cure not only common fever but also cures all types of fever.
  • Fever Treatment with Datura
  • Eating of 3 Datura (Ummetha) seeds three times a day helps to cure fever. Datura is a very good home remedy for fever.
  • Boiling root powder in water to prepare a concentrate (1 cup reduced to ½) could be taken, with a little sugar added, daily morning on the empty stomach.
  • Prepare sharbat by boiling by some tamarind pulp in half a litre of milk and adding some dates, cloves, sugar, cardamom and a very little camphor. It lessens the fever.
  • Use Peepal leaves as laxative and tonic. They relieve the feverish feeling of coolness.
  • The bark of Tamarind acts as an astringent, a tonic and it reduces fever. Use the bark as the laxative.
  • Applying small mustard seeds oil to the body is helpful for people who are suffering from dengue fever. Usually, dengue fever affected people suffering from joint pains and pains in the legs and hands.
  • When a child has the fever does not give them aspirin, instead, try to reduce the fever with the cold bath.

home remedies for body pain and tiredness

Massage with the essential oils

Essential oils serve as potential anti-inflammatory properties so they turn to work effectively in relieving body pains. Massaging with the essential oils will increase the blood circulation to muscles giving the necessary warmth to the muscles and helps in dispersing the piled up lactic acid. It relaxes the muscles of the body and relieves pain. Aroma essential oils will give relaxation and relieve you from the tiredness caused to the body.

Epsom salt bath for tiredness

Epsom has a natural ability to reduce the inflammation in the muscle tissues and relieve you from the body pain. The salt bath has the potential to reduce inflammation in chronic conditions like fibromyalgia. For effective results, add two cups of Epsom salt to a hot/ warm bathtub and relax for 15-20 minutes for effective results. You will be relaxed from the muscle strains, cramps and also ease the stress with the remedy.

Cold therapy for tiredness

The therapy is the most commonly used household remedy to get relieved from the body pains and muscle cramps. You can apply the cold to the injured area to get relieved from the pain. As applying ice pack slows down the blood circulation of the painful area thereby reducing the inflammation. You can choose to apply ice packs, cold packs or gel packs to relieve yourself from the inflamed area.

Apple cider vinegar for tiredness

Apple cider vinegar has many healing properties. It works effectively in healing your body pains too. you can either mix two tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar in the water and drink or apply the solution directly on the affected area to get relieved from the pain.

Cayenne Pepper for tiredness

Mix 1/4th or half teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper with one cup of olive oil and apply the solution in the affected area. Make sure to wash your hands after application as it has the chances of irritating when contacted with the eyes and mouth. Capsaicin in cayenne pepper relieves you even from the pain of arthritis and joint pains as well.

Bananas and almonds for tiredness

Bananas are a rich source of glucose and fructose so, it is the ability to boost energy levels when you are really tired. They are also rich in potassium and minerals that converts sugar into energy. Eat bananas when you feel weak. Even almonds which are a good source of Vitamin E make you feel energetic when you are weak. Soak two almonds overnight and have them every day in the morning to fight weakness.

Ginger for body pain for tiredness

Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and works wonders in treating health issues like inflammation. You will enjoy the full benefits of this wonderful natural herb by consuming ginger tea every day. Don’t mislead it to be a normal tea that is prepared with the milk. You have to cut ginger into pieces and boil it with a cup of water. Now filter the water and add a tablespoon of honey to enjoy the wonderful benefits of the ginger to the body. This is one of the best remedies you will get from your kitchen to treat your body pains and tiredness as well.

Ginseng for tiredness

This is a natural herb with powerful antioxidants and is capable of giving the needed energy when you are tired. The herb has the potential to show instant results on the nerves. The tea can be ready on your table with just in 15 minutes. All you need to do is boil ginseng slices for 10 minutes and add honey to the filtered solution. Consume it thrice a day for better results.

Turmeric for tiredness

Turmeric the wonder herb of the kitchen, when consumed with milk, will help you get rid of body pains and tiredness effectively. Make a practice to drink the mixture at least once a day, preferably during the bedtime. The anti-healing properties of the turmeric also help in increasing immunity of the body too.

Cinnamon for tiredness

It is a good remedy for your joint pains. From ancient times, the herb is used to soothe the pain caused due to arthritis. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Cultivate the habit of drinking a half tablespoon of cinnamon powder in lukewarm water mixed with a tablespoon of honey. Do this first thing in the morning to treat your joint pains.

Mustard oil for tiredness

This is considered to be one of the best home remedies for the body pains as it acts as natural rubefacient to boost the blood flow to the surface of the skin. The flow of blood on the surface of the skin will speed up the healing process. you should take a few garlic pods and chop them into pieces. Now heat the pods with the mustard oil, once the mixture cools down, massage it on to the affected area. Continue to do it three times a day for quick results.

Rosemary for tiredness

The herb rosemary works effectively in treating body aches due to its anti-inflammatory properties. They can combat your body pains naturally. Add a tablespoon of rosemary tea to a glass of water and burn it for 10 minutes. Strain it and consume immediately to get its full benefits. You can also mix the herb with the carrier oil and massage it all over the body for effective results. Drink the tea thrice a day for quick relief from body ache

Physical Exercises for tiredness

Joint pains in the body will be caused due to stiff muscles and it happens when you experience tension in the muscles. This causes pain in the hip and knees. When you cultivate the habit of exercising every day, it will help you stretch and strengthen affected muscles. If you continuously cultivate the habit of exercises every day, it will improve body aches. Research has shown that workouts every day will produce natural pain killer hormones that increase the pain threshold of the body.

Body massage for tiredness

If you have time after hectic work schedule and are suffering from the body aches, you can go for professional body massage to enjoy that relaxing effect. Research published in a journal stated that no other treatment options work body aches like body massage.

Proper rest for tiredness

Your body will indulge in many activities during the day so, it will undergo a lot of strain. Make a practice to give ample rest to your body between different responsibilities you handle in a day so that it will perform better. Avoid working restlessly which may either lead to poor performance or create other health issues like body pains and tiredness.

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