Olive oil and lemon juice every morning

Olive oil and lemon juice every morning

That is frustrating to wake up exhausted and tired and start your day without energy, isn’t it?

In case you are one of those who have experienced this problem, this can be the right article for you as we were heading to present a drink which will help you to cleanse the body from all those harmful toxins. Your time level will be higher, and you will feel refreshed through the complete day

For centuries, this drink was used for dealing with various health issues.It is a mixture of two powerful ingredients: olive oil and lemon.

Essential olive oil


It was called water gold, and the Romans and Greeks treasured its value. The essential olive oil contains fat which has the ability to treat unhealthy cholesterol. Also, olive oil is very effective for cleansing bodily toxins.

Every person should include it in its daily diet. Throughout the extraction process, extra virgin extra virgin olive oil requires little treatment and handling. Upon this way, the nutrients of the oil are preserved, making the olive oil rich in vitamins and minerals.


We are all acquainted with the health advantages of lemon which is, of course, the healthiest fruit. It includes many vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients. Fruits are abundant in vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B, healthy proteins, and carbohydrates. Also, they contain flavonoid which has antioxidant properties.

The combo of these two amazing ingredients will help you to prevent and treat numerous health issues including:



Combining lemon and essential olive oil is a perfect way to create a strong lubricant for the digestive mucus. It can stimulate the function of the gallbladder and liver. This effective treatment acts as a powerful antioxidant, gets rid of the toxins, and increases digestion.

Cardiovascular problems


Typically the rich olive oil content of fatty acids is extremely beneficial for our body as they have the ability to remove the excess bad cholesterol and reactivate the circulation.

Rheumatic problems


This particular amazing drink has strong anti-inflammatory properties. If you consume it regularly, it can help you to treat pain. Make positive to drink it before breakfast, on an empty stomach.

Balancing out the bile of the liver organ and gallbladder

You can prevent and stop the growth of gallstones by consuming this drink each morning on an empty stomach. Combine olive oil, lime, and water and drink it 1 hour before your breakfast so as to get rid of and detoxify your liver, kidneys, and gallbladder. Try out this drink and will also be astonished by its results!

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