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wart removal home remedies for adults

Warts are a skin disease brought on by viruses in the Human papillomavirus (HPV) family It is also a known cause of sexually transmitted infection (STI) There are more than 100 variety of warts of which many are benign In this community of warts that were harmful, 30 are spread by the sexual contact we have brought Home Remedies For Warts

They can grow on any element of your skin, inside your mouth, on your genitals, penis, rectum, vagina, cervix, and vulva. Many times these warts are benign-appearing lumps, sometimes pink or flesh-colored using a rough feel

Several types of warts impact different portions of your own body. Some can be found all over the body whereas some are found around the genitalia. Gender doesn’t include this ailment; it can infect anyone. The most affected are young adults and children. Direct contact is enough to distribute this disorder. There may be a complication because of warts

They can cause cervical, vulvar, anal and organ cancer (the rare occurrence). Genital warts get big making urination difficult. Warts make the vagina less elastic which obstructs the delivery process. When irritated these warts can cause pain and can bleed. Many times they vanish on their own without much hassle.

Genital Warts Natural and Alternative Treatment.

Have you been diagnosed with genital warts caused by the HPV virus? If so, your physician has probably advised you of the more conventional treatments available such as pharmaceutical ointments, cryosurgery (freezing), electrocautery (burning) or laser treatment. While many individuals undergo these types of treatments, some opt for a less invasive natural solution by visiting a Naturopathic doctor. While there is no cure for the HPV virus, there are specific natural treatments that may help reduce and eliminate warts over time.


Before resorting to medically invasive treatments many people are choosing to try alternative treatments that may naturally help reduce or eliminate genital warts. Many holistic treatment resources advise that different remedies will work for different individuals so it may take a little trial and error to find one suited to your needs. Experiment with applying the following directly to the infected wart areas:
Goldenseal: considered to have natural antibiotic properties and may destroy many types of viral infections.

  • Tea Tree Oil: strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial aromatherapy essential oil.
  • Aloe Vera: healing and soothing properties.
  • Garlic Oil: or even raw garlic is believed to promote white blood cell’s ability to fight infection.
  • Sour Apple Juice: it is believed the beneficial effect is from the magnesium in the apple Most of these topical treatments have not been clinically proven as an effective treatment for genital warts, but have shown to have positive benefits is related studies or in fighting other types of viral infections.

Other notable mentions for natural topical remedies also include; cabbage juice, banana skin, chickweed, dandelion juice, rubber plant, and pineapple juice.


Antiviral herbal remedies taken internally to boost the body’s natural ability to fight viral infections include the following supplements:


known for its ability to boost the immune system, is important in the treatment of genital warts.


used in Chinese herbal medicine for over 2000 years, Astragalus is known to improve the body’s ability to fight off viral and bacterial infections, such as the Human Papilloma Virus, by boosting the body’s immune system. Astragalus has been taken as a supplement by people undergoing chemotherapy to help restore their tired immune systems.

Garlic powder tablets

Once used in 1550 BC by Egyptians as an external treatment for tumors, garlic has long since been recognized for its medicinal values. Of the many benefits garlic has on the human body, it promotes the ability of white blood cells to fight infection. A natural antibiotic, garlic is effective in countering bacteria, fungus, and viral conditions.


Supplementation with high doses of vitamin A, B complex, vitamin C, E, zinc, lactobacillus acidophilus, and the amino acid L-cysteine have shown to have immune-boosting benefits.

Besides, other noted antiviral herbal supplements include dandelion, greater celandine (Chelidonium), mullein, thuja, houseleek, goldenseal, calendula, lomatium, pau d’arco, and wintergreen.


It is also suggested that you take a proactive approach in improving your health through lifestyle. By reducing sugars and refined foods, reducing red meat, increasing vegetables and fruit, taking the necessary vitamins and minerals, drinking plenty of water, regular exercise and getting proper rest, you will boost your immune system which will help in fighting off the virus.


Because genital warts are considered a sexually transmitted disease, the diagnosis will often have an emotional impact on the sufferer. Many people will experience a whole gamut of feelings including guilt, fear, rage, isolation, and helplessness. HPV is one of the most common viruses in the world with an estimated 20 million sufferers, so as you can see you are not alone. It is believed that emotional health has a direct impact on your physical health. Therefore it is important to work through these feelings. Contact the STD center for a list of support groups available in your area, or there are countless support groups and message boards available on google. Through seeing other people’s experiences, you will see HPV is a very manageable health issue.

Since most of these natural remedies are considered reasonably safe, they may be worth investigating before turning to invasive and costly medical treatments. remember to discuss an alternative solution with your physician before starting them.

There are various kinds of warts including common wart found on hands, fingers, knees, and elbows. Level warts are also known as filiform warts, plantar warts, juvenile warts, and venereal warts. In case your skin is wet or damaged the chance of dispersing warts grows. Public swimming places are commonplace to catch this ailment.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid Applying salicylic acid in the wart can make the wart disappear from the skin in no time. Depending on the size of the wart the requirement for applying salicylic acid varies.

Garlic paste

Garlic A paste of garlic is one of the potent remedies of the wart. Applying the paste of garlic twice a day until the wart disappears is the most potent way to get rid of the wart.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe Vera Gel is claimed to be effective against easing the wart from the skin. Applying Aloe Vera Gel twice a day until the wart disappears is a good way to get rid of it.

Neem Oil

Neem oil has the countless benefit and has been widely used as pesticides by the farmers. The application of neem oil in the wart can be beneficial due to chemicals loaded in it.

Potato Rubbing

Potato Rubbing the potato in the wart is believed to ease the wart. Potato has been used as the remedy of the wart for centuries.

Slug Application

The application of slug in the wart has the potential effect in combating the wart. The slug should be applied in raw and the applied place should be left for air

Banana Mash

Banana Mash The proteolytic enzyme in the banana mash can ease the wart. It is essential to use the fresh mash thrice a day until the wart disappears from the skin.


Lemon contains predominately citric acid and vitamin C that can be effected in the combat of wart. Any citrus fruit can be effective in easing the wart.

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Juice There is some literature on the removal of the wart by shocking it in the pineapple juice. It might be due to the presence of citric acid and another chemical in which erase the wart. It is essential to soak wart for 2 to 3 days for up to 5 minutes in a single setting.


Honey has huge medicinal properties such as removal of a wart when applied regularly. Due to the beneficial effects, it has remained as one of the potent incidents in various Ayurveda medicines.

Home Treatments for Warts

Home Treatments For Warts

  • Cover using a bandage and stay it immediately.
  • After having the bandage is removed by your bath, a small blister would appear,
  • let it be absorbed by your body again.
  • By continuing this process your warts may leave the human body within two weeks.
  • Dip apple cider vinegar just like garlic (as mentioned previously) covers it with a bandage.
  • Should you continue this for a week you might surely see the outcomes.
  • Apply clear nail polish every morning and evening.
  • Use vitamin A oil from fish or fish oil -liver-oil by applying it to the wart.
  • Apply this once a day, it takes a large amount of time but the results could be positive.
  • Make a paste by crushing vitamin C tablets with water.
  • Apply this to the wart and cover it using a bandage.
  • Always wrap from propagating warts to avoid it.
  • Use castor oil within the wart and tape it.
  • Do it twice daily.
  • Stay to prevent almost any moisture and dryness.
  • Have pills or garlic capsules.
  • Apply vitamin E oil, aloe vera juice, clove oil, milkweed the milky juice of the sow’s thistle plant juice, or milky juice of unripe figs on the wart.
  • Rub the wart using a slice of chalk or a raw potato
  • The inner side of the banana could be also used by taping it at the wart to take care of wart.

Warning: The reader of this article ought to exercise all precautionary measures while following directions on the home remedies from using this informative article. Avoid if you’re sensitive to it, using any of these products.

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