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Home remedies for bug bites that itch and swell

How to stop itching from bed bug bites

Insect Bites Despite the reality that you may have taken steps to protect yourself from getting stung or bitten, insects will still find a way to eat you. If they do actually get to attack or sting you, discomfort and skin irritability will be sure to follow. You’ll more than likely recuperate promptly by taking advantage of some home treatments or over-the-counter medicines providing you are a healthy individual that does not have a past of allergic reactions. If you are actually prone to allergic reactions, it may be a good idea to visit a health care facility after being attacked by an insect.

Insect bite look is noticeable by one or even more red lumps that are extremely itchy. Yes, you want to scratch it – but don’t! Easier said than done I know; the issue is, the itchiness will be exacerbated by scraping and make it bleed In case you have a tick, flea, or a mosquito bite, they are feeding off you, and many irksome is the idea of such terrible itchy bump left behind from a mosquito is obviously full of its spit

Whilst ants and wasps will sting several times to you, a bee stings once, leaving its stinger under your skin with a sack full of venom at first glance. Try to brush it off together with your hand and the inclination will be to panic; this only serves to pump in more of the venom as will trying to remove it with your fingertips or tweezers.

Yes, it’s a small shock plus it hurts!

A wasp sting or a bee sting may cause an allergic reaction which may be fatal if not treated urgently – medical attention is required immediately! The symptoms of an allergic reaction, called anaphylaxis, are hives, swelling of the mouth or throat, labored breathing, and rapid heartbeat. We are going to suppose you have been stung – the bee sting is outside – without reaction.

Here are some natural health remedies to treat insect stings:

To get a wasp sting, dunk the cotton wool bud into vinegar; as using a bee sting wet the region and then set it right on the string securing it with sticky tape.

  • When you have Papaya handy, put a slice on the sting area.
  • Onion or garlic rubbed on the sting site will do the job at the same time.
  • Crush an aspirin, adding to water creating a paste, apply to the sting to reduce steadily the swelling. (WARNING: if you really have an aspirin allergy DO NOT implement aspirin ever! And DON’T uses aspirin to treat kids).
  • Applying for sugar works just as well to bring the swelling down Attempt rubbing on Calendula cream to lessen several globules of Lavender oil or Tea tree oil or itching.

In the event you take a walks through forests, woodlands, meadows, or moors, remember that ticks attach to your own skin; and as the little vampire tick bites and feeds off your blood they may infect you with Lyme disease, a bacteria called ‘Borrelia burgdorferi’ which must be treated by way of a physician.

In the event you look for a tick on your own body, use tweezers as near the skin until it was free as you can, gently pull; try never to break the head or it will stay latched to your own skin and cause illness.

Once the tick is free, apply an antiseptic.

How to proceed with those mosquito bites, flea stings along other biting insects:

  •  Don’t scratch.
  •  Applying an ice cube to the bite will dramatically reduce itching.
  •  Stings might be medicated with essential oils.
  • Apply a couple of globules of eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, or clove oil on a cotton wool bud
  •  Roll on or spray deodorants are known to work – give it a try
  •  Assess your toothpaste label; if it has peppermint smear it about the bite
  • How can you prevent these pesky parasite bites and stings?
  • Eat a few cloves of garlic daily before and when you go outside.
  • Your sweat glands discharge the garlic smell repelling most insects.

Do not enjoy garlic?

You can use a repellent called Permethrin, a natural insecticidal property originally found in chrysanthemums. Permethrin has become sold as a synthesized man-made insecticide.

Spray it on the clothing you intend to venture out in and hang them to dry. Make sure they are not light, bright-colored clothing as they’re going to only attract the small varmints!


Cut a slice of onion and place it directly on to the damaged location. Onions consist of a powerful recovery enzyme that could alleviate the pain and speed up your recovery.


Aspirin doesn’t only help a headache, the anti-inflammatory abilities will function for insect bites too. Squash an aspirin, make a paste, and then use it on the bug bite. Cover it with a bandaid overnight and in the morning you will be free of the itch.


Create a paste with mud and then place it on the sting and allow it to completely dry. After some time, wash the stung area and the itch will be gone.


Soak a cotton ball with mouthwash and apply to the bite. Use a mouthwash that contains antiseptic and it will certainly aid in keeping the area from infection.

Air Freshener

Underarm antiperspirants have active ingredients that reduce skin irritation. If you do get a vermin bite, find deodorant, and attempt to use it on your bite, you will get positive results.

Organic Oils

Tea Tree and lavender oils could be applied to the location with a swab. Lavender oil is an organic anti-inflammatory and Tea Tree oil is a natural disinfectant.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Create a paste using water and standard baking soda, after that use it on the bite; you could even include it in your bath if several insects were devouring you. NOTE; Don’t use this if the injury is an open one.

Ice Pack

Using an ice pack will reduce the inflammation from an insect bite. Use this remedy alongside any of the other remedies listed here.


A little bit of toothpaste on a sting or insect bite really helps to take away any discomfort. The fluoride works just like an antihistamine and assists in a matter of mins.

Banana Peel

Use this or a plantain leaf to take away the sting and itch. Cover it, then place the insides of the banana peels straight on to the bite; after approximately 90 mins, wash the area and use hand sanitizer on it to alleviate the itch.

How to prevent bed bugs at home

Before we can have a look at how to address bedbug infestation, we will have a look at how to prevent bedbug infestation so that even after you deal with the bedbugs, you know how to avoid a similar scenario from happening. Remember that precaution is your best defense and that’s why in this chapter, we are going to learn different preventive measures.

Avoid picking discarded items from the street

Bedbugs travel through hiding in items such as furniture and clothes. When you pick up a bedbug-infested item on the street and bring it into your house, you have invited bedbugs into your house, and as we have seen, they can multiply easily so you will be dealing with an infestation within a short time.

Inspect your house regularly

You can never be too careful when it comes to bedbugs. You should be on high alert by forming a habit of regularly inspecting your house. This process can be as simple as checking your sheets, walls, furniture’s and mattresses to see if there is any sign of bedbugs.

Wash your fabrics in hot water

Hot water is very effective in killing bedbugs. Therefore, develop the habit of washing clothes using hot water and you will never have a bedbug problem. This method may seem quite ineffective but it is actually very effective.

Vacuum regularly

A vacuum pulls every little thing inside it and this helps in preventing bedbugs from taking over your house. You can use a hosepipe, which can suck insects, and then make sure you vacuum everything that you can vacuum. Lastly, you can put the residues on a plastic paper and burn them. For example, let us work on the assumption that bedbugs found their way into your house through the clothes of visitors you had over for lunch. Having the habit of vacuuming your home immediately after visitors leave can actually be very effective in preventing bedbug infestation.