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Home remedies for burn marks on skin naturally

Burn injuries can be extremely painful. Any type of injury to the superficial layers of skin or the deeper layers of body tissues due to direct contact with heat, chemicals, friction, radiation, or electricity is called a burn.

Depending on the extent of injury, burns are generally categorized as first, second, or third-degree burns. Unlike minor first-degree burns, second and third-degree burns need immediate medical care.

Burns can cause reddening, inflammation, and even blistering of the skin. Minor or superficial burns can be treated at home using simple home remedies.

There are innumerable home remedies that can accelerate the healing process of burn wounds. Listed below are some tried and tested home remedies for the successful treatment of burns.

What is good to put on a burn?

Burns on less than 10% of the body surface are considered minor. An entire hand is 1% of the body surface. There are three types of burns, and they are classified by their severity.

First degree burns:

Are the ones to the top layers of the skin, the area becomes red and painful a sunburn is an example of a first-degree burn.

Second-degree burns:

These are the ones that go deeper damaging more layers of skin, the skin becomes red, and extremely painful with blisters. Third-degree burns:

These are the most serious of them all, the entire thickness of the skin is destroyed in some cases muscle, and other tissues are damaged, there is little pain involved as most of the nerves are burned, and the brain is unable to sense pain, the skin turns red or white, without proper care, the area may become infected sometimes it turns yellow or black. In severe burns, a skin graft may be needed.

Types of burns:

First-degree burns           

  • -it affects only a superficial layer of the skin and is mild.

Second-degree burns     

  • -it affects the epidermis, the superficial layer, and also the dermis, the deep layer of skin.

Third-degree burns         

  • it affects the deep layer of skin, and nerve endings, and blood vessels may be destroyed.

Causes of Burns:

  • Heat
  • Sun
  • Electric current
  • Chemicals
  • Radiation
  • Steam
  • Friction
  • Scalding liquids
  • Toxic fumes
  • Kitchen accidents
  • Firecrackers

Symptoms of Burns:

Symptoms of First Degree Burns:

  • Pain
  • Reddening skin
  • Blistering of skin
  • Peeling of skin

Symptoms of Second Degree Burns:

  • Blistering of skin
  • Extreme redness
  • Fluid loss
  • Fainting
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Pale, cold skin
  • Blue tinge on fingernails and lips

Symptoms of Third Degree Burns:

  • Burns may be numb and painless
  • Shock
  • Dry, leathery skin
  • Swelling
  • Charred skin
  • Accumulation of fluids

Prevention of burns

  • Handle hot objects and hot liquids carefully
  • Follow household safety measures.
  • Know about fire exit places in the home and workplace and shopping areas.
  • Don’t wear long, loose sleeves while cooking.
  • Children should be taught safety measures.
  • Apply sunscreen before going in the sun to avoid sunburns.


Do not attempt to treat a third-degree burn yourself these types of injuries are life-threatening, and they require professional attention. Natural remedies can help after hospitalization to prevent infection and boost immune system defenses. In minor burns herbs and homeopathic medicines have remarkable success relieving pain and speeding up healing.

Home remedies for burn marks on the skin

1. Black Tea Bags

This is a highly effective home remedy to treat minor burns. Tannic acid, a type of polyphenol, which is present abundantly in tea bags, can draw out the heat from burn injuries. This can help to reduce the pain and inflammation due to burns.

Things Required

Black tea bags, glass bowls, cotton balls

How To Use

To treat a minor burn injury, place three to four tea bags under running water. Collect the tea which seeps out of the tea bags in a small glass bowl. Dip a clean cotton ball in the liquid.

Now daub this fluid liberally all over the burn injury. Allow the burn injury to soak up the tea for three to four minutes. Gently remove the excess liquid on the burn injury with a clean cotton ball.

2. Aloe Vera Gel

The colorless, mucilaginous gel obtained from the aloe vera plant has been used since antiquity to successfully treat burn injuries. In fact, fresh aloe vera gel is one of the most effective natural treatment options for burn wounds. Pure aloe vera gel can limit scarring and speed up the recovery period for minor burns.

Things Required

Aloe vera gel, cotton ball

How To Use

Cut away the outer rind of a plump aloe vera leaf. Use a spoon to gently scoop out the aloe vera gel. Store the freshly extracted aloe vera gel in a clean glass bowl.

Dip a cotton ball in the aloe vera gel and gently daub the burn injury with the vicious aloe vera gel extract. Allow the aloe vera gel extract to remaining on the burn injury for ten to fifteen minutes. Finally, remove the excess aloe vera gel with a damp tissue.

3. Manuka Honey

The anti-bacterial rich Manuka honey from New Zealand is used to effectively treat burn injuries. Manuka honey has been used for decades as a special topical aid for skin healing. You can either apply manuka honey directly to the burn injury or you can even wrap the burn wound with manuka honey impregnated bandages.

Things Required

Pure Manuka honey, clean cotton balls

How To Use

Place two to three tablespoons of pure Manuka honey in a clean glass bowl. Dip a cotton ball or a tissue in the manuka honey. Spread the Manuka honey liberally on the burn injury. Allow the manuka honey to remain on the burn wound for fifteen to twenty minutes.

4. Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar

Diluted apple cider vinegar is yet another effective natural home remedy to heal painful burns. The potent antiseptic properties of apple cider vinegar help prevent infection. Diluted apple cider vinegar should only be used on extremely minor skin burns and never on major burn injuries.

Things Required

Apple Cider Vinegar, filtered water, glass bowl, cotton balls

How To Use

Dilute a couple of drops of pure apple cider vinegar in about 50ml of filtered water placed in a clean glass bowl. Dip a clean cotton ball in the diluted apple cider vinegar solution. Wipe the burn injury extremely gently with the cotton ball steeped in diluted apple cider vinegar solution. Allow the solution to remain on the burn wound for a couple of minutes.

5. Milk

Milk is one of the safest home remedies to treat minor burn injuries. Placing milk directly on the wound will help to relieve some of the pain due to minor burns. Pouring fresh milk on the burn injury will also accelerate the time taken to heal burn wounds.

Things Required

Milk, clean gauze

How To Use

Procure a length of clean gauze. Dip the gauze in some cool milk. Wring out the excess milk. Now cover the burn injury with the cotton gauze steeped in the milk. Allow the gauze bandage to remain over the burn injury for fifteen to twenty minutes. After twenty minutes remove the gauze bandage and wipe the site of injury clean with a wet tissue.

6. Baking Soda

This is another time-honored home remedy to treat minor burn wounds. Baking soda helps to draw out some of the heat from the burn injury. This home remedy is ideal to treat iron burns and oven burns.

Things Required

Baking soda, filtered water, glass bowl

How To Use

Tip one teaspoon of baking soda into a clean glass bowl. Add one to two teaspoons of pure filtered water to the glass bowl. Mix the ingredients well to form a thick paste. Cover the burn injury with the baking soda paste. Allow the paste to remain on the burn wound for a couple of minutes and then wash the excess baking soda paste off with cool water.

7. Egg Whites

Egg whites have been touted as the miracle cure for painful burn injuries. Egg whites can help to heal minor burns in next to no time. Egg whites, which are basically collagen, can help to heal superficial skin injuries due to minor burns.

Things Required

Egg whites, cotton balls

How To Use

Separate the egg white from the yolk of a large egg. Place the egg white in a sterile glass bowl. Dip a clean cotton ball in the egg white. Coat the burn injury with the egg white. Allow the egg white on the burn injury to dry out slightly, and then repeat the process by applying layer upon layer of beaten egg white. The burn injury will totally regenerate within a day.

  1. The first-degree burn can be treated with home remedies. Second and Third-degree burns need immediate attention from the doctor
  1. Apply the broken egg to the burns heals them.
  1. Applying ice packs to the burnt area for 10-15minutes relieves burns.
  1. Aloe vera is effective in healing burns.
  1. Apply papaya fruit over the burnt area to help heal burns.
  1. Applying olive oil or sunflower oil on burns. This treats the scalds, and blisters.
  1. Apply liquid paraffin or petroleum jelly on burns. This reduces cracks in the skin and prevents infection.
  1. Wrapping the burnt area with plantain leaf is a common method of treating burns
  1. Applying the extract of onion juice over the burn. This relieves pain.
  1. Immerse burnt the area in cold milk .this soothes the wounded area.
  1. Applying lotions containing vitamin A or vitamin E helps in healing the wound caused by burns.
  1. Apply Colloidal silver this is a natural antibiotic and disinfectant if the burn is very painful, use a spray.
  1. Apply a lotion made with vitamin A.
  1. Take Vitamin C w/ Bioflavonoids this is an antioxidant needed for the formation of collagen. Studies have shown that high doses of vitamin C are very necessary.
  1. Take vitamin E needed to prevent scarring.
  1. Plantain leaves are a popular remedy for treating burns. These green weedy plants grow practically anywhere in the world with sufficient water. Just don’t confuse this plantain with the banana-like vegetable of the same name.
  2. Hit the leaf with a small hammer, enough to smash just a little bit of the plant then wrap the affected area with the leaf.

Pure water

The first thing to do for the majority of burns is to clean up the wound with cold tap water. Run cold water over the burn for at least 5 minutes.

Aloe Vera

Make use of aloe vera skin gel or an anesthetic aloe ointment to soothe the burn and to give it much-needed moisture. You can use the interior gel from the raw aloe vera leaves too.

Plantain Leaves

Plantain leaves are a preferred home remedy for addressing burns. mack the leaf with a little hammer, enough to pulverize a tiny bit of the plant and then cover the affected region with the leaf.


Another one of the great home remedies for burns is applying onions. This is an old times remedy whereas quickly as you realize you have been burned, you must chop an onion and scrub it or put the cut surface area of the onion on the burn. This offers prompt alleviation because the onion will help the burn to cool down. This is an extremely efficient method to address burns and it does the job surprisingly well.


Honey is likewise an excellent remedy for burns. It is constantly advisable to keep honey in your pantry for the various rewards it gives you. It is really helpful to prevent infections from burns and it is likewise a speedy healing force.
Honey is an organic compound and it possesses all types of the required abilities of an organic healing agent. Just spread some honey in the scalded location straight away and you will feel better very quickly. Honey is without a doubt a dazzling healing material.


Among the wonderful restorative healing remedies for burns is the treatment of turmeric composite. Turmeric possesses a specific healing ability and is an excellent anti-biotic. Turmeric substance is effective on burns and is a strongly advised solution to manage burns. Turmeric extract is utilized for several body therapy ointments for its significant health benefits on the body and membrane-related diseases. Consequently, when you are burned, put a little turmeric on it and you m feel better in no time.

Ice Pack:

This is most likely the most typical and preferred way of treating burns when in the house. Promptly, soon after the burn has appeared, produce a cold pack or ice in a bath towel. Put on the pack straight on the burn. This will relax the flesh which, to begin with, tightens just after a burn. Ice likewise prevents the swelling of the skin. It is an all-natural great home remedy for burns.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is great to manage skin burns. Minor burns can certainly be effortlessly managed with a liniment containing vitamin A, which may be readily available in every household. If not, get some!

Colloidal Silver:

The medical uses of colloidal silver feature its fusion right into injury dressings to deal with infections and its usage as an anti-fungal and aseptic in health care technologies. Colloidal Silver is great for drying outburns and is, therefore, a wonderful antibacterial and antiseptic for skin burns.


Saturate the scorched area entirely in milk for at the very least 15 minutes. This assists with irritation and swelling. This is truly an extremely good idea and it functions rather well with the burn. This is undoubtedly one of the most effective home remedies for burns.

Hot water burn: 9 Easy home remedies you can try

What is hot water burn?

If you have ever sipped a hot cup of java or smashed dishes with hot water, you might have undergone a hot water burn. Many burns are caused by heat from a flame, hot iron, or cooker. A burn caused by something moist — such as steam or hot water, is referred to as a scald.

As stated by the Burn Foundation, over 500,000 scald burns occur in the USA annually. Kids under adults and five over age 65 are at the most risk for all these burns.

Water heaters may lead to pain and damage to your skin out of damp heat or vapors. This kind of burn could be harmful since it destroys affected cells and tissues. Your body might even enter jolt in the warmth. In more severe instances, these burns could be life-threatening.

Hot water burns home remedy

1 Cool water

Then wash the burnt area with mild soap and warm water.

2 Cool compresses

A cool compress or sterile wet cloth placed within the burn region helps alleviate swelling and pain. It’s possible to use the compress in 5to 15-minute intervals. Please do your best not to use overly cold compresses since they may irritate the burn-off.

 3 Antibiotic ointments

Antibiotic lotions and lotions help stop infections.

4 Aloe vera

Aloe vera is frequently called the”burn plant” Studies demonstrate signs that aloe vera is successful in curing – second-degree burns.

Apply a coating of pure aloe vera gel removed from the leaves of an aloe vera plant directly into the affected region. Should you purchase aloe vera at a shop, make sure it includes a high proportion of aloe vera and prevent products that have additives, particularly perfumes and bleach.

4 Honey

Aside from its delicious flavor, honey can help cure a slight burn when applied topically. Honey is anti-inflammatory and antifungal and antifungal.

6 Avoid direct sunlight

Do your very best to refrain from exposing the direct burn sun. The burnt skin will be pretty sensitive to sunlight.

7 Do not pup up blisters.

Bursting a blister yourself may cause disease. If you are concerned about blisters that have formed because of your burn-off, visit a health professional.

8 Bandages

Someone might not have to cover minor first- or second-degree burns with a bandage when the burn blisters aren’t open.

However, in the event, that the position of the burn signifies that chafing is likely, if dirt can quickly enter the skin, or if any allergies have started oozing, a bandage may offer a barrier against disease.

It is essential to wrap the bandage loosely and prevent applying sticky applications directly on the wound.

9 plastic wrap

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service recommends utilizing household plastic wrap as a possible home remedy for healing burns. It’s best to coat the sterile movie within the burn rather than wrapping the limb. For hand burns off, a clean, see-through plastic bag is a fantastic alternative.

A 2014 research on the risk of infection when applying the plastic wrap to a burn concluded that the condition was doubtful to develop.