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13 Home remedies for allergies sneezing

There are very few people who may not be allergic to substances at all Human beings are never immune to the environment and there are more things in the environment that may not immediately catch our attention, but they do get to us and cause problems in many ways, minor or major,

However, allergies are not the same for everyone. Two people who are subjected to the same environment with the same substances may not be allergic to them, as one may be comfortable living in the „allergic‟ environment, while the other may find it virtually intolerable.

And that‟s what makes treatment for allergies even more intriguing and complex, than even the treatment for some of the more severe disorders.

home remedies for allergies sneezing

Rotating Foods as home remedies for allergies

medical experts’ advice says that best not to stick on to a regular food pattern for a long duration if your body is susceptible to allergic reactions. The basics of home remedies for allergies would state that you need to keep track of what you have for your food daily.

If you are prone to allergies, you should know what you eat and when you eat. It is by keeping track of all that you eat that you would be able to see when you get allergic reactions, and to which substances you get them.

However, it is advisable that you keep rotating your food regularly, for instance, every four days, and in some cases, up to three weeks. If you have a particular food today, you should put that off for the next four days, before you have it again. Food rotation for allergies is suggested for those who may have a mild or borderline reaction to foods and may find allergies to food that they eat repeatedly.

The rotation diet for allergies is something that has to be tailored to suit individual needs and conditions, and when practiced regularly, could well turn out to be a simple and easy home remedy for allergies.

Elimination diet for allergies

It may sound simple advice to know that you could manage food allergies if you eliminate what causes the allergies in the first place. While that is common logic, what is more, complex in the equation is the identification of the particular food that causes allergies.

Among the prominent home remedies for allergies would be an elimination diet, to find out what foods your body is allergic to.

The idea is that removal of the major causes of allergies for a minimum period would lead to the healing of the gastrointestinal system that would have been affected by the food allergens. Once the GI system is given the time to heal and rejuvenate, you could start introducing foods one by one.

You should consume the proposed food for at least three days before you decide on the food, based on the symptoms that your body shows towards the food in question.

If there are no allergic symptoms found as a result of the consumption of the food, you could move on to the next food to challenge it for allergic symptoms. And if you do find allergic symptoms to food, you should stop taking in the food, should wait for your symptoms to be resolved, and then move on to the next food.

This is an effective home remedy for allergy, where you could eliminate the chief causes of allergies.

Nasal allergy sprays

These are another set of simple and effective home remedies for allergies, especially when the symptoms of allergies have been about nasal congestions, obstructions, and inflammations. In the case of such allergic reactions, the passage of the mucus from the nasal cavities to the throat areas tends to be affected. As a result, there could be an accumulation of mucus in the sinus cavities.

The idea behind home remedies for allergies in the form of nasal congestions is to decrease the severity of inflammation of the mucous membranes and also cleanse the area of bacterial growth.

Also popularly called Neti Pots, the home remedies involve the formation of a saline solution using two or three teaspoons of natural salt, preferably rock salt, in a glass of warm water, along with a spoon of baking soda.

You could alter the concentration of the saline depending on how strong you find it to be. You could feel the saline getting down your throat through the nasal passage. Once you have done with it, you could blow your nose gently to clear any blockages. This is an effective home remedy for allergies concerned with the throat and the nasal cavity.

Chamomile tea for allergies

A list of natural home remedies for allergies would have to incorporate in it, the chamomile tea, which is known for its anti-allergic properties. Chamomile is a herb, which yields flowers and leaves that can be brewed to form a tea of fragrance and flavor.

Chamomile has yielded positive results in experiments on its anti-bacterial effects.

Chamomile tea is also known to help boost the effectiveness of the human immune system as well as help fight infections such as the common cold. Chamomile tea has been considered to be a natural anti-histamine, which comes in handy in dealing with allergic conditions.

The natural home remedy for allergies could be easily brewed into the tea and sweetened with a teaspoon or two of honey. Drinking chamomile tea is effective in boosting the immune system as well as acting in ways that would reduce the sensitivity of the body to allergens, thus proving useful in controlling allergic reactions.

However, you need to exercise caution if you have experienced allergic reactions to other plants such as daisy, ragweed, chrysanthemum, or marigold, as you are likely to have allergic reactions to chamomile tea as well. And it is best to avoid chamomile tea in case of pregnancy.

Garlic for allergies

For those of you who would love the pungent smell and the strong but stimulating aroma and taste of garlic, there is good news. Your home remedy for allergies starts right with your favorite bulb, garlic.

Garlic has long been held in high esteem for its medicinal and antibacterial properties, and garlic comes in handy as among the effective home remedies for allergies.

Treatment of allergies can be made effective by merely including liberal quantities of garlic in your diet, which would not only enrich the natural flavor of food but would also build up your immune system. Further, you could perhaps chew a garlic clove if you would like it that way, but not many would have it for their favorites to eat it raw.

If you could add it up to spice up your food, make it a point not to avoid it when you eat it. However, as always, you would have to be careful if you are already allergic to garlic, or if you have complaints of blood pressure, as garlic has the property to change blood pressure levels. You may want to have a word with your physician in such cases.

Honey for allergies

If you have a sweet tooth, then, you have reached the right spot. One of the best naturally available foods that would keep you ticking is honey. Honey could be added to many food and medicinal stuff and is known to be vital in certain types of treatment for illnesses.

In the case of allergies, honey comes in handy as an anti-histamine. You could start the day with a teaspoon of honey, or you could add honey to your breakfast or cereals.

Honey is known for its healing properties externally as well as internally. Regular consumption of natural honey is known to reduce the sensitivity of the body to pollen grains and hence would reduce allergic reactions of the body to tiny airborne pollutants. And honey works best when it is taken in raw, without being cooked.

Ginger for allergies

Have home remedies ever been complete without the crunchy and pungent ginger coming into the picture? Ginger is a root that is loaded with health properties and could make a refreshing difference to your systems if taken regularly.

Ginger is effective in any respiratory or digestive disorder, as it could set the systems right working internally and naturally. If you face problems associated with allergic reactions to your digestive system, you could bet your home remedies for allergies on ginger.

Add liberal doses of ginger to food, if you are adept at adapting food the natural way to suit your health needs – ginger works great with stir-fry dishes and adds an inimitable flavor to your food. If you love tea, make the ginger powder out of the root, add a splash of ginger to your favorite tea and bask in the strong essence that seeps through your throat and your digestive system.

Ginger can help you get rid of a bad stomach and can relieve you of nausea or headaches associated with any allergic reactions of your body.

If you have problems with your sinus, you could do your health a world of good by inhaling ginger oil, which would soothe you and relieve you of blockages in your respiratory tract and make you feel light in your head. You could explore and make your recipes with ginger and discover the home remedies for allergies hidden inside this humble root.

Green tea for allergies

Green Tea has always been associated with health benefits, right from cancer to heart disease prevention as well as acting against the signs of aging. And this nutritious green tea can be trusted with when it comes to allergies too.

Allergic responses are provided by cell receptors that are responsible for the reactions that you get in your body, and the compound, Methylated epigallocatechin gallate, also known as EGCG, which is present in green tea, is known to block the key cell receptor involved in the allergic reaction.

Hence, if you have allergies, you should perhaps give green tea more than just a cursory thought as the home remedy for allergies.

Thyme for allergies

Thyme is known to have many health benefits, apart from a sharp fragrance that would add to the relish of delicious cuisine. Thyme has long been used for health, right from the ancient days, when Greeks used to add thyme to their baths.

Thyme could be added to most cuisines, towards the end of the cooking process, as adding it early could lead to its being overcooked. You could add thyme to pasta, eggs, or fish recipes and soups. Thyme, with all its goodness of iron, Vitamin K as well as manganese could be among the useful natural remedies for allergies.

Fenugreek for allergies

Fenugreek is a herb that is renowned for its medicinal properties and is an effective natural remedy for allergies. Fenugreek has traditionally been used for asthmatic conditions, respiratory problems, as well as health issues associated with sinusitis.

Fenugreek is used in the cure for allergies, on account of its expectorant-like properties, where it aids in the passage of mucus without letting it accumulate in the sinuses.

Fenugreek is also good on the stomach, being useful in curing ulcers, and is an effective natural remedy for allergies. Fenugreek could be added generously to most cuisine and is widely used in many Indian recipes.

Vinegar for allergies

If you are serious about your intention to cure allergies, you should get to drink apple cedar vinegar. This age-old recipe, used over the years, can help reduce the allergic reactions of the body when regularly had.

Vitamin E for allergies

A simple and effective cure for allergies is to consume a healthy quantity of Vitamin E. There are many sources of Vitamin E, which, when consumed liberally, acts on the free radicals that wreak havoc in the body. It is this property that makes foodstuff high in Vitamin E, a natural cure for allergies. symptoms.

Water, honey, and lemon for allergies

A simple home remedy for allergies would be to make a tasty mixture of honey and lemon in water. If you love drinking juices, this is no medication at all, as you could simply enjoy a drink of lemon juice sweetened with natural honey, to form an effective natural remedy for allergies.