Home remedies for high blood pressure

Home remedies for high blood pressure

Treating any ailment today has become much complicated, harsh, and most importantly hits your pocket badly

when it comes to the most important part of the body, the heart, no one can afford to take risks But,

if you are one of those who trusts in natural ways of medication to bid goodbye to diseases, then this Home remedies for high blood pressure for you

The heart pumps the blood through arteries to various parts of the body. A certain amount of pressure is required for the blood to flow. However, if this pressure its normal level the conditions referred to as high blood pressure

Some of the symptoms are blurred vision, nausea, headache, dizziness, vomiting, chest pain and shortness of breath.The blood pressure level considered normal is 120/70.

Blood pressure between 140/90 and 160/95 is considered borderline. From 160/96 to 180/114, it is moderate high blood pressure, while 180/115 and upward is severe. So what causes high blood pressure? Obesity, high salt intake, alcohol consumption and mental stress lead to high blood pressure.


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