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Yoga for ladies fitness

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Dr Sarah Edwards MD
PROFESSIONAL HIGHLIGHTS Dr. Sarah served as Clinical Assistant Professor and Visiting Professor University of the Wester specialties include Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases, Critical Care Medicine, and anxiety Medicine. ABOUT DR. SARAH EDWARDS Dr. Sarah Edwards is a Locum Tenens physician. He received her medical degree from the University of the West School of Medicine and completed her specialty training at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, GA, and at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. He has been trained in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine, and Anxiety Medicine. In addition, he was also trained in Thoracic Transplantation Medicine and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Dr. Edwards has a special interest in Integrative Medicine, especially the non-pharmacologic treatment of Sleep Disorders. CERTIFICATIONS Dr. Sarah Edwards is Board Certified in the following: Internal Medicine Child Diseases Critical Medicine He is also a Diplomate of The American Board of Anxiety Medicine. EDUCATIONPostgraduate: University of Nevada School of Medicine Residency: Internal Medicine Medical College of Georgia Fellowship: Pulmonary Diseases, Critical Care Medicine, Anxiety Medicine Baylor College of Medicine Fellowship: Thoracic Transplantation Medicine. Medical school: American University of West Virginia School of Medicine Degree: Doctor of Medicine Graduate: University of the WestUndergraduate: University of the West Degree: Bachelor of Science in Biology

How Can Yoga Improve Women’s Health?

Yoga has been a traditional buzzword for nearly a century now. Several claims have been made that practicing Yoga regularly can enhance the complete physiology of the human body, right from blood circulatory system to issues like insomnia.

It has been noted that women around the world have been more heard of practicing Yoga. No doubt, there are a huge number of benefits to women’s health through the practice of Yoga Asanas.

What is Yoga?

The essential thing you need to know here is the literal meaning of Yoga and how it originated.

Yoga was first seen in large-scale practice in the late 18th century in the Western countries. And, since then it has reached out throughout the globe and become the umbrella to reform any physical or physiological anomalies. Before that even, Yoga is believed to have originated in India nearly 2,000 years ago. In the current date, reports claim that more than 20 million Americans practice Yoga and even more around the world.

Holistic Benefits of Yoga


Geeta S. Iyengar, a Yoga practitioner, says that Yoga has cured her childhood disease without any medication, even after lying unconscious for four days in a nursing home with severe nephritis.

She has written the lot about the holistic benefits of yoga. She has stated that Yoga is a culture of:

  • External and internal purity
  • Dietary control
  • Appropriate exercise of the limbs and organs
  • Physical and mental poise
  • Rest

However, she has also cited that Yoga practice in women helps them in childbirth, menstruation, and menopause too.

Other references to the American College of Sports Medicine have started Yoga as an inward and outward transition. How much of it is implemented in daily life versus the physical exercise done varies greatly with each person?

Health Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga has been quoted by many authentic sources as the cure for many common ailments in women, Even the American College of Sports Medicine has cited the same.

Many Benefits Of Yoga

  • Yoga enhances the flexibility, strength, and stamina.
  • It helps in reducing stress and cope better with anxiety.
  • Yoga teaches how to increase attentiveness and focus better on combating sensations, diverting thoughts, and emotions.
  • A study from Duke University Medical Center proved that Yoga cures people who suffer from mental disorders like depression, schizophrenia, and anxiety.
  • Yoga endorses sound sleep and releases anxiety.
  • Practicing yoga in a class setting stimulates the production of oxytocin in the brain. It is the hormone that promotes wellness and anti-aging in women.
  • Yoga along with meditation increases serotonin levels, the mood-boosting hormone that makes you happy.
  • Couples often adopt Yoga to for easy conception. Yoga enhances relaxation and lessens stress in the mother to be.
  • Posture becomes better as yoga strengthens the core.
  • Yoga helps develop slim muscle tone.
  • Yoga helps to stretch core muscle in adequate amounts to ease menstrual cramps and childbirth without medicines. It is also practiced in back strengthening techniques in older ladies who have osteoporosis risks.
  • Yoga strengthens the core muscles and improves the flexibility in females and overall health and comfort during pregnancy.
  • Yoga is valuable in sports too as women can perform better in gymnastics and cheerleading.
  • Proper breathing techniques in Yoga helps women in childbirth. It can also be used to release anxiety and aid during insomnia.

There are also proofs, though less determinative, that show that Yoga can cure ailments like:

  • Breast and Ovarian Cancer: Yoga may not have any drastic curing therapy for cancer but, there are reports which state that it has improved the quality of life regardless of which stage the patient is in.
  • Depression: The activities like stretching and communicating with others in a Yoga class set up can help assuage mental stress and depression.

Yoga does have many positive effects on our health. No negative effects have so far been ever reported. It also gives females an extra punch to get set and deal with their daily tasks with ease and comfort.


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