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Restless leg syndrome treatment over the counter

What is restless leg syndrome?

A chronic sensation of discomfort in the legs, generally between the knees and feet, which urges a person to move his legs. There may be twitching of the leg muscles or deep creeping or crawling sensations. Sometimes it feels like a pain, cramps, or aches. It tends to occur shortly after retiring at night or after sitting still for quite some time. Sometimes this happens several times a night.

Symptoms of restless leg syndrome

Causes of restless leg syndrome

There are multiple factors and causes of RSL you will need to figure out for better treatment Causes could be your daily habits, genetics, medications.

Health conditions

Certain medical conditions are found to be related to Restless leg syndrome.


  • Iron deficiency
  • Nerve damage
  • Diabetes
  • Anemia
  • ESRD
  • End-stage kidney damage.


Some drugs may cause or worsen RLS symptoms.

  • Tramadol (Ultram)
  • Tricyclic antidepressants such as amitriptyline ( Elavil)
  • Zoloft
  • Lithium
  • Antinausea drugs such as metoclopramide
  • Older antihistamines such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl)

It is important to disscuss your health conditions with your doctor for proper treatment.

restless leg syndrome treatment over the counter

Avoid caffeine

If you are suffering from restless leg syndrome, caffeine will make it worst
you should avoid the following beverages.

  • Chocolate
  • Some Weight loss Medications
  • Energy drinks
  • Certain flavored liquids
  • Cola and certain soft drinks.
  • Tea
  • Coffee

Immediate treatment

  • Move your feet back and forth for a few moments.
  • Rotate the feet back and forth momentarily.
  • Get up and walk about for a couple of minutes. This seems to work best at night when you have been trying to sleep.
  • Change position in bed. It has been noted that some people experience the problem more often when they sleep in certain positions.
  • Some find using a heating pad helps; others do better by soaking their feet in cold water.

longer-term care for restless leg syndrome

restless leg syndrome treatment over the counter

It is known that drinking coffee is a significant factor, so stop using caffeine products.

  • Stop smoking. Studies reveal it is also a factor.
  • Some studies have shown folic acid and vitamin E to be helpful.
  • There may be a relationship between this problem and iron deficiency. But be sure your iron is from food, not chemical supplements, or you can initiate other physical problems.
  • It would be well to improve your general diet and take a multivitamin supplement daily.
  • Do not eat much salt.
  • Never eat big meals before bedtime. This draws the blood to the stomach so that you do not rest well. It can also lead to a nighttime heart attack.
  • Walk before going to bed. Better yet, walk outside in the fresh air. This will help you sleep better.
  • Some sponge the legs with cold water.
  • Others take a warm soaking bath before bedtime. Do not let your bare feet touch the cold floor afterward.
  • You may wish to wear knee socks.
  • Do not take sleeping drugs. They only add another problem to your life.
  • Possibly massage your legs just before climbing into bed.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Reduce your overall stress level.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the cold, which increases the need for additional healing blood to the legs.
  • Avoid overusing the legs. Strenuous exercise seems to increase the problem.
  • Avoid narrow, pointed, shoes, and also high heels.
  • Sluggish venous blood flow may be the problem. Do not cross your legs; lie down every so often and rest your legs.

Home remedies for restless leg syndrome

Avoid stress

Most times stress effects restless leg syndrome, see if any treatment can reduce mental stress and alleviate your symptoms. Yoga and meditation can help reduce your stress level.

Enough sleep

RSL will keep you away from sleep, you must get enough sleep atleast 8 hours a day so that it will help you improve your mental health and support to reduce RSL, Sleep on time and wake on the time it is important when you suffer from RSL.


Alternative natural treatment for restless leg syndrome is a physical exercise that has many health benefits also helps for better sleep.excercise leads to reduce restless leg syndrome episodes. plan your routine in the afternoon or morning for the best benefits. avoid doing too much keep it mild, exercise too much can be harmful to your body.

The best way to reduce RSL is by doing exercise According to the Restless legs syndrome foundation, individuals who suffer from RSL and are doing exercise have found a reduction in symptoms of around 40 percent. the exercise need not be high, you do not have to force yourself for all the exercise steps, walking jogging, and activity which is done by legs can reduce the chances of sleeping peacefully.

Warm bath or shower

Taking a shower and a warm bath is one of the best home remedies to reduce restless leg syndrome. warmth relaxes muscles and helps to prevent spasms and twitching. Epsom salt in water may decrease pains. the warm shower also helps to get better sleep at night.

Finally, consult your physician

There are many lifestyle changes and therapies you can get help and deal with RSL, Ensure that you work closely with your physician before taking any drugs or supplements.

Iron and vitamins

Iron deficiency is the major cause of RLS. Multiple Medical research
has suggested that Iron supplements can help to relieve RLS symptoms.

Blood tests for vitamin deficiency will reveal about Iron deficiency in the body
let your doctor check your report and He/She will guide you to maintain a healthy level of
Iron. One more medical study done in 2014 has found that Vitamin D deficiency might be linked with RLS. it has been found that Vitamin D supplements reduced RLS symptoms.

For people with Hemodialysis, Vitamin C and E supplements can relieve RLS symptoms. Supplements must be taken under the supervision of your doctor.

Yoga and stretching

Yoga and stretching exercise have shown benefits for people with RLS. In 2013 a one week study was done on 20 women and it is found that yoga helped them to reduce RLS symptoms. it also helped to improve their mental health and mood. A 2012 Medical study shown that yoga exercises helped women better who were suffering from RLS.

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