home remedies to keep mosquitoes from biting

home remedies to keep mosquitoes from biting

Home Remedies for Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes Spreads dangerous diseases today we will tell you home remedies to keep mosquitoes away

The female mosquitoes are what you must be worried about as their main source of food is human blood It’s not only the uncomfortable and itchiness feeling, scratching the tiny bumps on your skin left by mosquito bites. It is the diseases that these mosquito bites bring along themselves that make these mosquitoes dangerous. Some of these are even deadly diseases.

Malaria You can get malaria disease from Mosquito Bite This is a disease most prevalent in African, Asia and American countries India

In Some cases, a patient becomes seriously ill and goes into the coma and then dies if proper treatment is not given in the very first stages of malaria.

Dengue Fever is also caused by Mosquitoes Widespread in tropical regions of the world it causes immediate high fever and acute pains in the body joints If not contained on time, dengue can lead to severe bleeding as well as a failure of human organs and can even lead to death.

Protect Yourself from  Mosquito Bites

  •  Prevention
  • Do not let water logging near your house because it is the place where mosquitoes are Breed
  • Try to white clothes most of the time mosquitoes do not like white color they run away and dark clothes attracts them
  • If you need water to store always cover it
  • use mosquitoes nets while you sleep

Neem Indian lilac to get rid of  mosquitoes

neem for mosquito

Neem has been in used for centuries for various healthcare purposes due to its effective anti-bacterial properties.  In fact, it is used as a natural insecticide too. Many research studies have also proved that neem oil can be an effective organic mosquito repellant.

  • Mix neem oil and coconut oil and store it in a bottle or spray bottle. Rub it or spray it on your skin to keep the mosquitoes away from you they are allergic to Neem fragrance
  • you can also Add a camphor tablet to neem oil and place it in a bowl. Keep this bowl in your room to drive away the mosquitoes.
  • If you have a mosquito repellent machine that comes with the bottle of liquid repellant, you need to do this. Instead of chemical liquid repellant, fill the bottle with neem oil and place some camphor tablets in it. Now use this bottle with the mosquito repellent machine.

Mosquitos Run away from Mint Fragrance

Alongside utilizing the carbon dioxide trail to find an individual, mosquitoes additionally notice the fragrance of human skin. That is the reason they can flawlessly arrive on our uncovered skin. This implies mosquitoes have propelled noticing sense. This has been demonstrated by research as well. In this manner, we can encircle ourselves with such solid notices that are not loved by the mosquitoes. Mint is one of such smells. Utilize it in various approaches to dispose of mosquitoes.

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