Health benefits of walking after Dinner

(Last Updated On: 2019-10-13)

You will be surprised to know that Walking after eating dinner is the best way to solve 80% of your common health problems

Without any expense, 20–30 minutes walk after dinner can give you amazing health benefits.

Let’s know how Walking after Dinner improves various functions of our body:

1. Better digestion –

Walking helps food to move properly through our digestive system. It further activates our gastric enzymes and juices to assimilate food properly and better absorption of food nutrients. Better #digestion means happy stomach with no problems.

2. Speed up metabolism –

walking speeds up #metabolism. It helps our cell organisms to work more and get a better flow of oxygen into our system to speed up the required biochemical process to release energy.

3. Improve blood circulation –

walking helps to improve blood circulation throughout the body. Because our whole body parts work when walking, head to toe.

4. Lowers triglycerides –

walking after dinner lowers your triglycerides levels and keeps them under control.

5. Controls blood glucose levels –

walking after dinner helps in controlling your blood glucose levels, especially for people struggling with Type 2 #diabetes and after-meal blood sugar level spikes.

6. Burn more calories –

walking after dinner allows you to burn additional calories from your system. More muscles you use during the walk, the more calories are burned.

7. Weight loss –

It significantly affects your calorie burn especially after dinner when the next thing you are going to do is to sleep, a no physical activity phase for long hours.

8. Prevent obesity –

walking reduces the requirement of insulin (#obesityhormone) release to counter excess glucose. Due to normal glucose levels in the blood, there is no need for the insulin burst into the system.

9. Stronger Immune system –

Due to better digestion, healthy stomach and boosted metabolism, walking helps provide the immune system.

10. Relieve stress –

walking boosts endorphins (part of our nervous system) ability to fight #stress and natural pain.

11. Better sleep –

when your digestion is working fine, stress is relieved and you have burned some calories, there is no need to worry for sound sleep.

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