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Things to keep off your Granite countertops

After selecting Granite countertops that complement your home’s design and feel, you center on keeping your counters attractive for a period, however, wherever does one start? Here square measure 5 stuff you ought to ward off your granite counters to avoid permanent injury.

Like different natural stones, granite could be a product illustrious for being sturdy. It lasts for many years, providing multiple areas of your home with stunning and useful surfaces. However, it’s vital to notice that it’s still prone to injury from sure sources like several natural stone products.

Let’s take a glance at everything you would like to grasp about granite etching. 

Etching Basics and Causes of Granite countertops:

Granite countertops are one form of what’s referred to as AN rock, one created by volcanic action and also the melting of rocks at intervals the earth’s crust. At intervals, granite has AN elemental composition – this suggests it’s susceptible to being exposed to acidic substances. 

When acid contacts a granite surface, etching is that the expected result. As long as there’s enough time for the acid to dissolve some minerals on granite, it will cause discoloration of the world, roughness within the texture, and even probably a physical depression within the space if the acidic substance is allowed to linger too long. 

Finish sort:

It’s vital to notice that etching’s visible effects might vary reckoning on the end form of your granite surface. If you’ve got a sophisticated end, etching is most visible. For countertops with a matte, honed lot, however, the visual impact can be a touch less obvious. 

Our next sections can reassess preventing etching from going down on your Granite countertops surfaces: 

Cleaner Use:

When cleanup your granite and different surfaces, one great way to avoid any risk of etching is to prevent any overly acidic merchandise. This suggests they don’t clean with things like juice, vinegar, or others this family. 

Instead, concentrate on cleaners created explicitly for natural stones like granite. In most cases, you’ll even use delicate dish soap. Each of this merchandise can have neutral acidity and PH scale levels, that doesn’t risk etching on your surfaces. 

Food Preparation:

We continually suggest employing a chopping board or another sound barrier between the granite tabletop and your food preparation. This can be very true if you’re operating with any acidic fruits or juices, or with things like low, wine, soda et al. Which will be biting. 

Repairing Etching injury:

In some cases, what may repair the injury from etching on a Granite countertops surface by sanding the world, then applying epoxy and waterproofing it? However, we tend to don’t suggest trying this unless you’ve got expertise with these varieties of merchandise. 

For additional on avoiding etching considerations on your granite countertops, or to find out concerning any of our quartz or marble choices or however we can facilitate with a room rework, speak to the execs at Intermountain Stone & Marble nowadays.

Sharp Knives:

A natural stone surface might sound just like an excellent place due to a bit of chopping, however sadly, even the most potent block of granite is not immune from cuts, chips, and scratches which will bring the surface of your tabletop. To boot, cutting on stone counters will boring your knives, fastness your mealtime homework, and increasing your risk of lacerations.

To protect your counters and your knives, avoid chopping vegetables and business meat directly on the surface of your granite. Instead, shield the body with an outsized chopping board. Continually keep blades within a protecting knife block, and tell relations to stay different cutlery place away.

Highly Pigmented Liquids:

When you have youngsters, it’s solely a matter of your time before that cup of fruit juice is lying sideways on your new counters. Sadly, granite is, of course, porous, and though the surface is once installed, stains will happen if you are not careful.

To prevent discoloration, keep intensely pigmented liquids remote from your counters. If you recognize that you will not keep colas, wines, fruit juices, and sports drinks out of your home, prefer darker colors of granite that may disguise any accidental stains. 

Also, confine the mind that temporal order matters. If you or your youngsters spill on your granite counters, shut down the mess quickly to stop further oozing. Finance in skilled granite waterproofing annually can even keep stains from turning into a retardant.

Acidic or Abrasive Cleaners:

Sometimes once folks desire a surface to be clean, they err on the facet of cleanup too sharply. However, granite could be a present stone, victimization acidic or abrasive cleaners may cause issues within the end of the day. 

In addition to inflicting discoloration, the incorrect cleaners may conjointly dissolve protecting sealants or scratch the surface of your counter. As a general rule of thumb, avoid all cleaners containing abrasives, bleach, ethnic acid, and ammonia. Instead, seek a cleanup product developed explicitly for granite and protect the stone, several Granite countertops cleaner’s square measures designed to revive shine and resist spills.

Raw Meats:

Natural granite counters will not merely absorb cleanup merchandise and pigments found in common beverages. If you are not careful, your countertops may additionally absorb dangerous microorganisms, which may build the surface insanitary or foul. As a result of meat could be a standard supply of microorganisms and different microscopic pathogens, do what you’ll to stop any contact between meats, fish, and poultry and your granite countertops. 

Never thaw meat directly on your countertops, and use watertight cutting boards throughout meal preparation. After you square measure finished, continually sanitize the counter with a granite-safe cleanup product.


All-natural stone has fault lines, and your granite countertops aren’t any different. If you are not careful, doing one thing as straightforward as rising onto your counter to succeed in one thing higher may cause the stone to crack — particularly if you’re in a part wherever supports are not mounted beneath the block. For instance, injury is an additional common in areas that overhang things like room islands.

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Make a degree to remain off of your counters, and speak together with your youngsters concerning avoiding observe or sitting or standing on your Granite countertops. If you discover yourself reaching for dishes and ingredients daily, invest in step stools for your room space; thus, you are not tempted to climb.