What type of yoga is best for arthritis


Yoga Can Help You To Manage The Symptoms Of Arthritis

If you’re suffering from arthritis and your joints feel achy and stiff, and you are looking for something to relieve you of this, yoga is the answer you are looking for. As we all know, arthritis doesn’t have a cure as such, and there is no Medicine or surgery which can cure arthritis completely, but yoga can and has shown to relieve you of the pain, in the long run, giving you much better and pain-free health.

What exactly is Arthritis?

First of all, it needs to be understood that arthritis is not exactly a disease or a disorder; it is just a condition. Now arthritis is not just one condition; it’s a combination of 100 different conditions and diseases, including the musculoskeletal system and joints. The most common among them is osteoarthritis. This is a condition where the bones’ cartilage deteriorates, and the bones rub together without any lubrication, creating a lot of discomforts.

Hence, when you try to walk or move around, you will feel a lot of pain, resulting in you not wanting to walk. But at the same time, movement is very critical in helping you feel better and remove the pain. There is no proper reason as to why arthritis happens. It can come due to age, it can be genetic, or it can come from some surgery performed.

Some early symptoms of arthritis are:

Fatigue: You will feel fatigued when you perform any physical activity. It is like you are suddenly 10 years older, and the very simple tasks are suddenly very difficult for you.
Joint pains: You might feel joint pain in some joints; limiting your movement and making you feel like walking is a punishment. This is usually the joint that is affected due to arthritis.
Stiffness: You might also feel joint stiffness on the same joint where you feel pain.

Hence, exercise is considered very important for you to have better movement capabilities in the long run, but the exercise must be gentle yet effective. This is exactly where yoga comes in.

How can yoga help you with arthritis?

In general, yoga can help you increase the mobility between your bones, give you more flexibility, manage your stress better, and improve your physical and mental health. All of this is very useful when it comes to arthritis. Flexibility and increased mobility are exactly what you need if you have arthritis.

Having better mental health helps you with depression and stress, which could arise due to arthritis. Research and many scientists have shown that yoga helps people with arthritis. As a result, many doctors are now suggesting patients practice yoga every day to help with their condition. As a result, courses like the Online 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course are getting very famous and good reasons too, considering how good they are.

Now let us look at how yoga helps: 

Breathing techniques: 

This helps specifically when someone is feeling stressed because their movements are getting limited. People who are quite young are not used to having trouble walking, but it is very normal for anyone to be worried when it happens. Performing relaxing yogic breathing can help in calming oneself down.

Movements to improve flexibility:

Yoga not only teaches you ways to improve your flexibility and mobility but at the same time teaches you how to walk properly. It also teaches you the correct postures and how to walk so that the pain is minimal. Then obviously, by performing various yoga postures, your muscles and bones get a chance to relax which goes a long way in alleviating pain.

Weight loss:

Although when it comes to yoga, weight loss is pretty minimal, it doesn’t mean there is none. If you are overweight, it is quite normal that a lot of pressure is being focussed on your joints. Hence, your joints will pain much more than they would have if you were relatively less heavy when you walk.

By performing yoga every day, you will also be losing a lot of weight. Which will also help you with your fight against arthritis.
These are ways by which yoga can help you deal with the pain and discomfort that arthritis brings.


It is a proven fact now that yoga indeed can help you with your joint pain and stiffness, but at the same time, just yoga is not enough. You must drink lots of water along with yoga and make sure you are hydrated. Follow these steps, and soon the pain will be a thing of yesterday!