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9 Beauty Benefits of Yoga

Yoga came to India many thousands of years ago.

The ancient Indian exercise technique is aimed at uniting one’s mind, body, and spirit. It facilitates people to get more aware of body posture, alignment, and movement patterns. The body becomes more flexible and gets relaxed.

Here is a list of some of the most powerful beauty benefits of practicing yoga

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Improved Posture

Yoga is very helpful in strengthening the core. Hence, it improves posture by practicing for several weeks. Practicing yoga regularly will help you walk with confidence. The shoulder will be placed back, tummy tucked in, and head held high. Good posture makes one look healthy.

Blood Flow

Another benefit of practicing yoga regularly is to keep a healthy flow of blood throughout the body. The relaxation you get by doing yoga will help you improve circulation, especially in the feet and hands area. The asanas are immensely helpful in receiving oxygen to cells to allow them to function well. Inverted poses such as Shoulderstand, Handstand, and Headstand encourage venous blood from the legs and pelvis to flow back to the heart. Here, it can be pumped to the lungs and get freshly oxygenated.

Complete Detoxification

Yoga guarantees the optimum supply of blood to various parts of the body through gentle stretching joints and muscles. It also massages all crucial organs. This is important to flush out harmful toxins from the body. It is a proven fact that yoga helps in stimulating the detoxification process within the body. It delays aging and ensures many other health benefits. Enhanced energy, delayed aging, and vigor and a remarkable zest for life are some of the best beauty benefits you can expect by practicing yoga regularly. Start by practicing once and day and gradually increase the frequency to twice a day for the best results.

Cooling Effects on Skin

Acne is a serious problem faced by women, especially during summer. This is very common among women with oily skin. Yoga has been proved immensely helpful in tackling this issue. Some of the breathing exercises such as cooling pranayamas (Sheetkari and Sheetali) help impart cooling effects to skin and retain its overall beauty. These exercises facilitate emotional and physical cleansing. Janet’s technique from Sri Yoga will have the same effect on your skin. Make sure you practice these days to get clearer, acne-free glowing skin.

Increase in Breast Size

Yoga is very helpful in enlarging breast size. The ancient technique stands out amongst all of the options available on the market to increase your breast size. It works naturally without producing any side effects. Several poses of yoga to increase breast size help by increasing the glandular tissue and fat in the breasts. Others help in toning muscles supporting breasts and making them stronger. Regular practice will help breasts become firmer, stronger and shapelier.


Practicing yoga at least once in a day will make you radiate from without and within. There’s no need to apply makes up. Yoga and meditation will serve as natural makeup that lasts longer and helps prevent aging.

Instant Relaxation

Practicing yoga exercises for at least 30 minutes daily will help reduce stress, tighten body muscles, and release instant relaxation. Surya Namaskar and other fast-faced yoga poses and facial yoga exercises are known to relieve stress and ensure the utmost relaxation to the body and face.

Releases Toxins

Mountain Pose is known to help one concentrate on rhythmic and deep breathing. These are known to be crucial factors for healthy and glowing skin. Drawing oxygen into, out and through of the body facilitates a release of harmful toxins. It will also keep vital body functions running optimally.

Healthy Glowing Ageless Skin

All standing forward-bending poses are highly effective for healthier glowing skin that doesn’t age. For instance, mountain pose helps in releasing toxins. All forward-bending poses in yoga require you to turn head towards the ground. This is very helpful in increasing the flow of blood into the face at a fast pace to bring oxygen and other nutrients and fight free radicals. The process also helps with skin cell renewal and imparts a healthy glow to the face. Uttanasana is known to be the easiest exercise among the forward-bending poses. Other poses include Child’s Pose and Downward-Facing Dog.

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  1. Yoga mudra for a beautiful face is very important because it helps the looks of a human being by also looking younger consequently raising self-esteem which a good feeling indeed. I am using yoga twice daily up to now not only to enhance my beauty but to help my spine and other related organs in the treatment of my diabetic status. One of these days I am expecting to see an article on treating diabetes through yoga as part of the services you render to humankind. Can you let me know when such read is available for my interaction and comment? My wish to you right now is a very good morning and the next parts of the day. Thank you.


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