Why you should eat green salad


One More Reason to Eat Green Salad Daily: Researchers have shown that compounds in common iceberg lettuce killed up to 59% of human leukemia cells in a test tube

The researchers noted that a person eating 3 kilograms of lettuce could theoretically achieve the required levels in their blood to suppress 50% of these leukemia cells. While this may seem to be a lot, don’t forget that it’s much harder to kill off established and aggressive cancer cells than to prevent cancer in the first place.

And indeed normal levels of lettuce consumption have been linked to sharply reduced cancer risk in several studies: 30% less breast cancer (dose: one serving weekly), 60% less lung cancer, 70% less colon cancer, and 18% less stomach cancer (dose: 1-3 servings weekly) and 40-50% less non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (dose: 5-7 servings weekly).

Lettuce is rich in cancer-fighting compounds like chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, lutein, zeaxanthin and several powerful phytosterols. It also contains chicoric acid—the same immune stimulant found in Echinacea. All the more reason to think of including this low-calorie leafy green in your next meal.



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