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What is a rhinoplasty procedure

Want that nostalgic nose that gets everybody’s attention. Here is the truth at your nose tip what many celebrities do? Read through this to get that undiverted attention on your face and that attenuates your features. Features that make your face.

What is the nose?

A nose defines smell as one of the important five senses that we have along with hearing touch, taste, and sight. We enjoy the smell of flowers, various perfumes, and scents. The nose is the primary organ of the body of smell and also functions as part of the body’s respiratory function.

The importance of the shape of the nose.

The nose is the most versatile and elegant part of the body. It is a triangular-shaped projection at the center of the face. The fact that it is in the center of the face, the tip of it captures ATTENTION. So you want that tip to be by far separated as the most important feature of the face. You don’t want a bulbous shaped nose but want it as a perfect sharp long nose that contours well with your features.

Now that you know the job of the nose. Let look into the nose job procedure for your artistic feature.

What is Nose job /Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty commonly known as nose job is the plastic procedure for correcting and reconstructing the nose. It not just about correcting the nose shape but it should be reconstructed in such a way that it blends well and suits your face. It should classically address your face as it is the center of attraction.

Why is rhinoplasty done? The need for rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is technically done to correct the shape and the disfigurement in the case of the DNS (deviated nasal septum ) or to improve the respiratory system of the air passage. It is important to correct breathing problems related to the nose or correct disfigurement relating to trauma or birth defect.

In the case of Deviated nasal septum, it gives a better airflow when the rhinoplasty or septoplasty is performed. The clinical indication may differ from rhinoplasty but the fact is that if you go to a well-established surgeon, he is the best to correct your nose and help you throughout the consultation whether you need it for functional or structural purposes.

The beauty of the treatment :

When planning rhinoplasty, your surgeon will consider other facial features like the skin of the nose and what you would like to change. Remember the tip of the nose is an art and in hands of the efficient surgeon. If you are a candidate for surgery, your surgeon will customize a plan for you

The best clinic is one That undertakes the procedure professionally for its international and local patients as well. A well-advanced surgery clinic for rhinoplasty which has dedicated years of experience in Rhinoplasty

Summary :

Want that features that signify the inner beauty in you. It’s the center of the nose and the tip of the nose that glows and adds beauty not only to your face but also for the confident person in you.

  • Is a nose job necessary?
  • Does the size of the nose grow with age?

Yes, nose cartilage, which is the septum that divides the nose tends to grow with age. A perfect feature is the need of the hour. A well-committed professional can work on this and get it done. Read through this to know HOW rhinoplasty is possible and the procedure involved in the same.

Rhinoplasty? How does it work?

Rhinoplasty can change the shape size or proportions of your nose. It may be done to repair deformities from an injury, correct a birth defect or improve some breathing difficulties.

How to prepare?

Before rescheduling a rhinoplasty procedure, you must meet with your surgeon to discuss the important factors that determine whether the surgery is likely to work well for you. This generally includes:

1) Your medical history: The most important question your doctor will ask is about your motivation for surgery and your goals… Your doctor will ask questions about medical history including a history of nasal obstruction, surgeries, and any medications you take.

2) A physical examination: Your doctor will conduct a complete physical examination including lab tests such as blood tests. He or she will examine your facial features and inside and outside of your nose. The physical examination helps to define and determines what changes need to be done and how are your physical features such as the thickness of the skin and strength of the cartilage at its end of the nose may affect the results.

3) Photographs: Someone from the doctor’s office will take the photograph of the nose from different angles. Your surgeon may use the software to manipulate the different angles of the photos and show you what kinds of results are possible. The doctor will use these photos for before and after assessment .reference during surgery and long-term reviews. Most importantly the photos permit a specific discussion about the goals of the surgery.

4) A discussion about your expectations: You and your doctor should talk about motivations and expectations. HE or she will explain what rhinoplasty can do or can’t does for you .and what results might be. It normal to feel self-conscious discussing the appearance. but you must be open with your surgeon about the goals and desires of the surgery.
If you have a small chin your surgeon may speak about augmenting the chin like giving it a lift ad it forms the base of the face. This is because a small chin will create an illusion of a larger nose. It is not required to have chin surgery in this case but it is better to balance the facial profile. Once the surgery is done you can stay in the hospital itself and you will be under the DIRECT CARE of the surgeon.

Summary :

Take care of the nose. It grows with age and changes shape and size. Here is the key to rhinoplasty what all it involves and the science behind it.

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