What is FUPA and Top 3 Ways Get Rid of It?

(Last Updated On: 2019-03-16)

Body fat has its own way to settle in a human body.

The interesting part is these fat accommodating areas in the body differ from one individual to another. Though we need a certain amount of body fat to lead a healthy life, anything that goes overboard can be dangerous.

One of these dangerous fat deposits could be FUPA – a Fat-Upper-Pubic-Area or also called a Fat-Upper-Pelvic-Area. FUPA is an excessive accumulation of fat tissue, loose skin around the pelvic region. It affects both men and women and can become a problem child if not dealt with in time.

What are the Common Causes of FUPA?

There are many causes of the development of FUPA in which some of them are mentioned as below:

1. Pregnancy

One of the most beautiful experiences for women around the world, Pregnancy, can also leave them with FUPA. Post pregnancy, the muscles around the pubic area lax which makes a new space for fat to accumulate.

2. Genetics

Gaining weight or fat in certain areas of the body is also genetic. In the case of FUPA, individuals are predisposed to store more fat in the groin area as they have more adipocytes or fat cells concentrated there.

3. High-Stress Levels Over a Long Time Period

The physical and psychological issues do not only affect someone mentally but also forces other changes to happen inside their body. When one is stressed constantly, their bodies start releasing the cortisol, also known as the fat-linked hormone. This hormone slows down the body metabolism and increases fat storage. Unfortunately, the groin or pubic area is one of the first places for the fat to deposit.

How to Get Rid of FUPA?- 3 Tried and Tested Ways

Get Rid of FUPA by Eating Right

If you are careful about what you eat, you can successfully reduce the FUPA. As per the study by hghtruth.org, Your diet should contain a lot of vitamin C as it controls the release of cortisol hormone, thus controlling fat storage. Then there is Greek yogurt which has an amino acid arginine, better known as the fat burning acid. And, what if I say that there are fatty acids that don’t increase your weight?

Omega 3-fatty acids found in fish, walnut, chia seeds also reduce the level of the cortisol. In order to lose fat around the pubic area, one can also consume capsaicin and cinnamon that help boost body metabolism. Besides eating healthy, one has to also control their own urges of consuming junk food, processed foods, sugar, alcohol, etc.

Get Rid of FUPA by Exercising Right

A healthy exercise routine is great for the mind, body, and soul. Here are some exercises that are good for reducing the FUPA:

One can try mountain climber, an exercise that is great for lower abdominal fat and contributes in the muscle gain. To perform it, you must first lie down on the floor so that your knees touch the ground while the arm keeps straight. You then move your body in “push-up position” where your legs remain in the same position as the whole body. You will slowly start feeling pressure on your lower abs. Now you keep changing these moves from the right leg to left leg while increasing the speed. Do this exercise for 2 to 3 sets with the 20 repetitions.

Planks also help burn the fat of the lower abdomen. It also helps one strengthen the upper body. All one has to do it put their your body in a push-up a position where you straight the butt. Remain in the position for at least one minute and repeat it at least 2-3 times a day.

If you want more variety, you can try different Cardio exercises like jogging, running, dancing, playing, walking and swimming that pump blood and oxygen to the entire body and promote the weight loss.

Get Rid of FUPA with the Right Surgery

When nothing works and you’re tired of trying, then going for a Surgery may become a valid option.

You can go for liposuction in case you have low-fat deposits. The procedure is non-invasive and works well for the resistant fat. The patient is put under local anesthesia and the fat deposition is all sucked out using a tube.

Another way is Monoplasty, also known as Pubic Lift or Mons lift where the underlying muscles are tightened in order to manage the overlying FUPA.
In case, you have the problem of excess fat and loose skin, you can go for Abdominoplasty also known as the tummy tuck. Here there is a proper removal of the excess fat and the removal of excess skin from the abdominal region.

I hope that these things have provided you a better understanding of how to get rid of FUPA. When your FUPA is gone or reduced, continue a healthy lifestyle to keep your body weight in to never lose your confidence again. This practice will not only shape an agile lifestyle but will also reduce the risk of various diseases.


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