Natural ways to clean hair and scalp 12 tips

(Last Updated On: 2019-02-20)

12 – Tips to Make Your Hair Fresh and Clean

Our hair requires very quickly and are constantly assaulted, whether by our hands that fiddle with them, the weather and the pollution that mishandles them, or the blows of strengtheners. It’s always difficult to keep them clean in these conditions. Check below the 12 tips that will allow you make your hair more fresh and clean. You no need to go towards buying hair strengtheners or any other hair beauty products. Just follow these remedies or tips, I’m sure you hair will be more beautiful and fresh as natural. These 12 tips actually based on the buyers trend or the market trends that indicate what females are doing nowadays to make their hair fresh, clean and beautiful all over the entire world.

Natural ways to clean hair and scalp 12 tips

  1. Use mild shampoos

We start by using soft and adapted shampoos, which will rebalance the sebum produced by our scalp. This is the best way to start on a good basis.

  • Vary the shampoos

In the same way that the body gets used to drugs, our scalp gets used to your shampoo. We do not hesitate to vary the brands and types of shampoos that we use so that our scalp does not get used to it and is not trapped by sebum.

  • Escape the silicones

Silicone can seem rather nice and effective, at first sight. It’s true that it makes the hair softer and shinier, but bewares, it’s just an illusion. In the long run, our hair will become duller and greasier. As much as possible, products containing silicone are avoided.

  • Think about dry shampoo

If we have not yet adopted it, it’s time to start. Dry shampoo is the most practical hair product in the world. It washes the hair without wetting it and allows to space the shampoos while letting the hair take a new rhythm. Those who wear the bangs would be wrong to not always have a bottle on hand. It also allows to textures a hairstyle, to bring body and volume to the hair and to better hold a fastener.

  • Keep talc on hand

It is a good alternative to dry shampoo. Sprinkle a little talcum in your hand (we avoid the big “splash” directly on the hair!) And put it in the fat spots of our hair. Wait ten seconds then brush until no residue remains. Talc brings a new freshness to dull hair. As a bonus, it gives a little volume.

  • Do not apply root care

This advice seems to make sense, but many people do not apply their hair mask correctly. A repairing mask, for example, does not apply especially in roots, at the risk of weighing them down and generating a greater production of sebum. The masks and care that are intended for lengths remain at lengths and ends.

  • Make masks with clay

This type of mask, on the other hand, is intended to regulate the sebum production of our scalp and rebalance the hair fiber. We choose green clay, which fights greasy hair and applies it in roots, before the shampoo. 

  • Try the mud-based formulas of the Dead Sea

We agree it does not give us much desire and Nevertheless, there are shampoos based on mud from the Dead Sea and that do not feel algae. The formula allows the hair to regulate their sebum production and thus to space the shampoos. We choose him obviously adapted to the nature of his hair: fat, dry…

  • Opt for a few drops of lemon essential oil

The virtues of lemon are innumerable: detoxifying, astringent, antiseptic, toning, softening … We bring a bottle of essential oil of lemon, which is easily found in drugstore and poured a few drops in our care and soaps. A small ritual that will become a good habit, ideal for purifying the scalp

  1. Rinse her hair with cider vinegar

Rinsing water is essential, as much as the washing product used. To soften the water, sometimes too aggressive and benefit from a natural softener, one ad to its rinsing water two tablespoons of cider vinegar.

  1. Prepare a homemade mask

We put on our apron, here is the time to concoct a little homemade recipe, perfect to rebalance the scalp and start on a good basis. We mix a teaspoon of argon oil, a teaspoon of jojoba oil and a few drops of lemon essential oil and apply this little homemade treatment on the hair. 

  1. Camouflage hair under a headband

Sometimes, it is necessary to cheat a little; here is a trick to camouflage this greasy hair that cannot be seen! Choose a pretty fabric headband, quite thick, tie our hair in a bun blur high on the top of the head and accessorize with a headband that will hide our roots a tad plumper.


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