How to get rid of genital warts fast home remedies


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There are many skin conditions that people experience, but one of the most bothering skin conditions would have to plantar warts. Warts are generally small, rough outgrowths. One can have warts on hands and feet among other body parts.  They mostly resemble a minuscule cauliflower.  They can persist for months to more than a year and they might recur later too. This skin condition can be very annoying to have, as not only does it look hideous, but it also decreases one’s self-esteem. Since this condition is contagious,  it makes you not want to touch anyone with it.
Fortunately, one can learn a bunch of ways on how to rid of warts.

How to get rid of genital warts fast home remedies

Duct Tape


Combine tape and apple cider vinegar.  Keep warts covered. This method really does work
and many have sworn by its effectiveness. The treated warts will become hard, darken in color, and eventually go away or come away. It may take a few weeks though.

Castor Oil

Health benefits of Castor Oil

Every night, before going off to bed one should apply copious amounts of castor oil in the
affected area. This remedy should see warts reduce in size and disappear with regular application.


Hardly ripe and fresh fig fruits should be collected. These fruits can be crushed and a milky
white fluid can be extracted from it. With regular application of this fig milk in the affected areas,
warts can be removed.


In the treatment and removal of warts, the juice of raw potato is extremely beneficial. But,
there is one problem. The potency of raw potato juice decreases manifold when it comes in contact with air. The air causes a reduction in the potato juice and renders it less effective. So to derive the maximum from the juice, one should pulp the potato and apply it to the affected area. Then the area should be bandaged to hold the potato pulp in place. One should take care to change the bandages regularly for the best results.


The juice of onions is an irritant to human skin and increases the circulation in an area. So when
warts are treated with the juice of fresh onion,  then the blood flow to that area increases a lot. The onion juice must not be rinsed off. It is definitely an effective
wart removal home remedy.

Indian Squill

Indian squill is a bulbous herb. The bulb of this herb is crushed and juice is extracted.
This juice should be applied to the affected area and the results can be surprisingly satisfying.


A milky fluid oozes out from the cut end of a dandelion. This is a very mild yet effective treatment
for the removal of warts. The juice of dandelion can be applied to sensitive areas like the face and also for genital wart removal.


The sap from marigold leaves and stems are often applied in quick succession for quicker wart
elimination. Marigold leaves are soaked in hot water and then blended into a paste. This paste is applied religiously on the affected areas and covered with a bandage to keep it firmly in its place.  Regular and repeated use should give good results.

Cashew Nut Oil

This is a strong irritant to the skin and it helps to dry up and remove warts.

Pineapple Juice

drink juice for health

Juice from a fresh pineapple will also help to dry up warts as it is also an irritant to
the skin.

Papaya Juice

Papaya juice contains high levels of a proteolytic enzyme called papain. Papain makes the
the skin of the wart softer and thus provides relief from the pain.

Vitamin E Oil

Take a vitamin E oil capsule, cut it, and apply the oil onto the affected area for beneficiary results.

Tea Tree Oil

A poultice made of tea tree oil can also be applied to warts. This should help to clear any infection around the area.

Aloe vera

Home remedies for dry mouth and lips

This can be applied externally as creams or directly as gels extracted from the plant. Aloe vera is extremely good for any kind of skin condition.

Wart removal home remedies garlic

Garlic under pillow myth

The antiviral properties of garlic are extremely dependable. Crush some garlic and apply
it to the affected area. The area should be covered with a bandage. The bandage should be taken off after 24 hours. A blister would form on the wart but it will eventually fall off.
Chickweed: This herb can be used in the same way as garlic. Both these home remedies to remove warts are effective.

Lemon and Apple Cider

Prepare lemon slices and soak them in apple cider vinegar. Allow this to stand for 14 days. Then the lemon slices would become extremely high on acid content as it would soak in the apple cider vinegar too. Then the lemon slices are to be applied on warts. The HPV causing warts would not be able to survive in such acidic conditions and the wart would fall off.


This herb has a dual attacking capability and is also one of the more potent home remedies. Prepare a strong tea of Calendula and this can be applied to the affected areas and also ingested.

How to Prevent Warts


How to prevent Warts

  • Do not touch the warts of other people.
  • Do not share towels, clothes, and other private items with anyone.
  • Do not share socks or shoes with a person having Plantar wart or verrucas.
  • Do not scratch warts if you don’t want the virus to spread to other parts of the body.
  • Wear slippers when going to the pool or common showers.
  • Cover your wart with a waterproof band-aid or tape when swimming.
  • Protect your hands with a glove at the gym if you have warts on your hands.
  • Avoid combing, shaving, and brushing the areas having warts.
  • Avoid biting your fingernails if you have warts on your fingers.
  • Wash your hands every time you touch your wart.
  • Always keep your hands dry and clean.


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