Want to be healthy?

want to be healthy?

Everyone want to be healthy

Take at least 7 Hour’s Sleep.

Many effects of a lack of sleep, such as feeling grumpy and not working at your best, are well known. But did you know that sleep deprivation can also have profound consequences on your physical health?
One in three of us suffers from poor sleep, with stress, computers and taking work home often blamed.
However, the cost of all those sleepless nights is more than just bad moods and a lack of focus.
Regular poor sleep puts you at risk of serious medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes – and it shortens your life expectancy.

Here are seven ways in which a good night’s sleep can boost your health:
1. Sleep boosts immunity
2. Sleep can slim you
3. Sleep boosts mental wellbeing
4. Sleep prevents diabetes
5. Sleep increases sex drive
6. Sleep wards off heart disease
7. Sleep increases fertility


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