Vitamin D deficiency : How to overcome vitamin d deficiency

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Dr Rati Parwani
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Vitamin D Deficiency: The daily sun vitamin

A wonder pill that can work at an amazing effect for you. Vitamin D is the fat-soluble vitamin that regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus facilitates a normal immune system. This important nutrient is essential for strong bones. Vitamin D is produced when the sun is exposed to daily sunlight. You can get Vitamin D from certain foods and sunlight every day.[1]

How to overcome vitamin d deficiency

Benefits of vitamin D

Vitamin D can boost your immune function, support muscle function, keep your heart healthy and aid in brain development, and reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis and depression.

Vitamin D boost bone health

Your body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium and phosphorus in your diet that makes the bones strong. Vitamin D deficiency can cause bone loss and increase your chances of breaking bones. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. Symptoms include weakness and bone pain

Vitamin D and multiple sclerosis.

Higher levels of vitamin D seem to be associated with a lower risk of multiple sclerosis. A recent study shows that vitamin D might slow the progression of multiple sclerosis through the connection between VItamin D and multiple sclerosis is not clear. It is known that low levels of vitamin D can result in multiple sclerosis. People are less likely t develop Multiple sclerosis if they have higher levels of vitamin D. Supplementation of Vitamin d may be beneficial for multiple sclerosis patients. But the dose is yet to be determined.

Vitamin D and diabetes.

Type2 diabetes is a condition in which the body does not use insulin properly and the blood sugar levels can rise above normal. Researchers are looking at whether vitamin D levels can help regulate blood sugar. Also, vitamin D helps in regulating the absorption of calcium, and calcium to help manage sugar in the blood. Studies have found that vitamin deficiency has a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life but the link is not conclusive. More research is needed to determine if vitamin D supplementation can help people with type 2 diabetes.

Vitamin D and weight loss

Obesity is a risk factor for low vitamin D levels because the more weight you carry the more vitamin D you need. Studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency may increase your risk of becoming obese later in life. One small study found women with low levels of vitamin d and calcium might be prone to gain weight. Vitamin D and calcium might work as an appetite suppressant.

Vitamin D deficiency and depression :

There may be associated with low levels of vitamins linked with depression but studies have shown mixed results. Vitamin D itself may not ward off depression but patients who are taking antidepressants along with vitamin D may help reduce the symptoms of depression.

Sunlight and vitamin D

The easiest way to get Vitamin D is through sunlight by exposing your skin directly to sunlight specifically UVB rays. The more you expose the skin, the more vitamin d it produces. You need to spend half as much time as it takes to turn pink and get a sunburn. This means if you are fair-skinned and normally start to turn pink in 30 mins you need only 15 mins of sun exposure to the skin.

 How to overcome vitamin d deficiency

Vitamin D foods

Generally, sun exposure is the best way to get the vitamin d your body needs. Most food contains vitamin D and won’t give you the total amount your body needs.
Foods that contain high vitamin D

  • Fatty fish such as salmon
  • Beef liver
  • Egg yolks
  • Milk
  • Orange juice fortified with vitamin D
  • Fortified cereals
  • Infant formulas
  • Breakfast with Vitamin D.
    If you are unable to obtain Vitamin D through sun exposure go for fortified cereals enriched with vitamin D and milk and kick start your day with it. The list of food is as follows
  • Milk fortified
  • Cereal fortified
  • Orange juice fortified
  • Yogurt
  • Egg yolks

Vitamin d supplements with absorption

If you don’t get enough sun exposure to take vitamin D with is rich in minerals take capsules as you may need them with faster absorption power. There are two forms of vitamin d vitamin D2 ergocalciferol and D3 cholecalciferol produced by the body on exposure to sunlight. Most over the counter vitamin d supplements contain vitamin D3 .so take your supplements in liquid form for faster absorption of vitamins daily. People may be at risk of vitamin D deficiency if they dislike the sun suffer from milk allergies. This is so because the melanin pigment reduces the skin’s ability to make vitamin d after exposure. Other risk factors of vitamin D deficiency include :

  • Covering your skin with clothing or SPF all the time
  • Obesity or gastric bypass
  • Infants who are breastfeeding and not give Vitamin d supplement
  • Living in northern India where there are fewer hours of sunlight
  • Being older when your skin is thinner
  • Pregnancy

Testing of vitamin D for the body

A simple test called the 25 hydroxyvitamin d test to measure the levels of vitamin d in the blood are measured Many experts suggest that higher levels of vitamin d are suggested for preventative health. Levels extremely higher do not give any special benefits. So take a good amount of vitamin D with better absorption is essential in an individual.

Vitamin D treatment

If you have low levels of vitamin D then you could have osteoporosis or osteopenia which could lead to reducing in bone porosity which could cause softening of bones which is an essential risk factor of increased fracture of bones which needs to be taken from the root cause. Vitamin d has many benefits which are extremely essential to work right from the inner root and help with the defenses which are extremely important in the future to prevent diseases. Your immunity is extremely important which takes care of various diseases and acts as a defensive mechanism of the body that works by creating a protective shield around the body that works well with the overall immunity of an individual. People need a good amount of vitamin d which allows the intestines to stimulate and absorb calcium and reclaim calcium that the kidneys would otherwise excrete.

Symptoms of bone pain and muscle weakness can tell you whether your vitamin D level is low and it can be associated with other risk factors like cardiac health problems. Low levels of vitamin d are linked to more signs of depression it tries to help you with mood swings as well. So you must take care of the deficiency of vitamin D and get the real benefits of increasing vitamin D n your body which is the essential part of the body. Vitamin D plays a vital role in your health right from the gastrointestinal tract to the brain to the musculoskeletal system to the bones which are an essential part of your system and parts of the body which need to be taken care of.

Vitamin D is a superstar of all the vitamins that we need. It was long neglected and finally getting attention in promoting healthy bones largely by promoting absorption of calcium. If you want to increase your immunity and overall health the sunshine vitamin is the best resort that can help you. Research is advanced now. Activated vitamin d is an essential and potent inhibitor for cancer growth. So go for this D-fensive mechanism of the body by taking Vitamin D in your diet and increasing its potential power to overall immunity.

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