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Vinyl plank flooring color trends in 2021

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Probably, vinyl plank flooring is one of the ideal floorings in the current era. These floors are trending at a high rate. Moisture resistance, sound absorption, and easy upkeep are the main features behind its fame.

These floors truly mimic the hardwood look. Nowadays you don’t have to worry about the look and prices. 

Vinyl planks appear like wood but at the least cost. Furthermore, vinyl plank flooring is accessible in an ample variety of colors. These colors add a cozy feeling and add warmth to your place.

But, it’s a fact that with time, trend changes. For this reason, with every passing year, there is a change in these floors as well.

Most often, these floors are in white, grey, dark, bold, and light tones. All of these hues are trending in 2021.

Before buying the vinyl flooring, make sure that you have a clear idea about the latest trends. However, these colors work best in both modern and traditional homes. 

So let’s get started 

Honey hues 

Warmer colors are always in trend. Whether it’s 2021 or the years are coming after this, this is always a hot trend. War, honey is one of the perfect looks and colors for any place. 

This color has the same features as blonde-wood but in a slightly deeper shade. Honey is a soothing color primary that is expected to be there for years as trends shift from excellent to warm tones.

 Vinyl plank flooring in distressed dyes

While this is not a recent tone, this is also not entirely new. However, this is one of the favorite tones in 2021. These floors genuinely match your home style. Moreover, they provide a rustic look in modern homes. These floors are luxurious and provide warmth.

Moreover, they truly match your style. These patterns are an excellent choice for industrial looks. However, this unique patina adds a contemporary twist in any place. You can have distressed looks in both concrete and stone forms.

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Vinyl plank flooring in gray tone 

Going grey isn’t a fad; it’s a popular flooring choice all year, and whether you like lighter or darker tones is purely a question of taste. Homeowners and designers can experiment with any color scheme, from monochromatic tones to black and white to bright, bold hues, thanks to the neutral vinyl. 

Grey colors are quite soothing. These colors are getting popular with every passing day. Homeowners love to add these floors because of their exceptional properties. 

Gray vinyl is available in a much more comprehensive range of colors than the cool, modern tones that have been so trendy in recent years. Warm greiges, dark pastels, and gray-browns are today’s options for an updated appearance with historical undertones.

High contrast hues 

Select a high flexibility vinyl for more depth and thrill for a design that is anything but simple. Designers may now imitate the random, natural looks that are ideal for ancient to trendy style with today’s tech. This style of flooring looks stunning, so make sure you like it.

High contrast colors work perfectly in commercial places. These bold hues can handle stains and spills. No matter how high is the wear and tear, bold patterns can easily deal with all the issues. 

Graphical patterns 

If you want to add a decorative look, you can use vinyl planks with graphical patterns. These choices are going to grow over the coming years. Keep in mind that all vinyl floors do no mimic just hardwood or stone; some have free-form styles.

 These floors look incredible in all situations. You can add a dynamic as well as a bold look to any place. Undoubtedly there are plenty of colors you can select from.

Vinyl flooring is easy to install; it’s a DIY project. Moreover, you can use these floors in both the kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. 

Strong colors 

Vinyl plank flooring is available in rainbow colors such as red, yellow, or pink. However, these color tones add a unique splash to your space. But you can add a feature in your home aesthetics with this flooring.

These colors are more common in commercial zones. Furthermore, you can use these accent colors with subdued patterns. These floors are a perfect mantra for bold looks. 


Lastly,  Vinyl plank flooring is excellent in all aspects. It is worth using in both residential and commercial spaces. This is mainly because of technology. Nowadays, it’s relatively easy to mimic the floor truly with hardwood style.

Moreover, you can also get the ceramics or stone-like look as well. To a human eye, it’s not possible to distinguish between the two. You can select any artistic pattern for a more creative look.

 These floors are easy to install and perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Last but not least, you can now get the streamlined floors with the least struggle.

However, before you select your final choice, look at your aesthetics and buy the best flooring

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