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Vehicle Magnetic Signs

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Make The Magnetic Signs Look Wonderful During Winter and Summer

If you have already got a magnetic sign installed on the vehicle for promoting your business, the chances are that it can show signs of damage during the summer and winter. Here are a few tips you need to follow to ensure that the signs look great and work for you through the rest of the winter.

  • You must remove and clean the signs using salt often.
  • Once you clean the magnets, do not re-install them easily but take proper care to carry out the installation only when the area becomes completely dry.
  • Try to bring the signs indoors during winter and let them warm a little before putting them back on the vehicle.
  • When you are not using the signs, store them inside the house and not inside the vehicle.

Summer care tips

With a flurry of activities during the summer, it is only likely that you may forget caring for the magnetic signs. However, it is essential to make sure that you follow the tips needed to ensure that the signs stay in perfect shape. During the summer months, dust and moisture build on the magnet, which reduces the strength of the magnetic bond. You can use a damp cloth to clean the sign and let it dry appropriately before putting it back on the vehicle. In the meantime, you can also clean the vehicle thoroughly and let it dry properly before re-installing it on the vehicle.

Storing the signs

Once you clean the magnetic signs, you must pay attention to storage. Do not store the signs inside the vehicle as the temperature fluctuations can cause damage and make it warp. Air gets inside the warped magnets with ease and blows the sign-off.

Keeping the surface dry

When moisture builds up between the magnet and the vehicle due to condensation, it can create a powerful bond. which makes it tough to remove the magnet in one piece. Apart from this, dirt and other material getting between the vehicle and the magnet makes it highly abrasive. If you try to pull or slide the magnet, the paint can suffer from scratches and damage. Cleaning the magnetic sign weekly allows it to stay in perfect shape.

Removal of the sign

When removing the magnetic sign from the vehicle for installing another sign, be careful not to damage the car. All you need is to lift a corner of the sign and peel the magnet from the surface of the vehicle. Usually, high temperature during the summer dampens the quality of the magnet, making it weak and pliable, eventually breaking the magnet. If you try to place the magnet on another part of an unclean vehicle, abrasion and scratches can appear with dust and other particulates below the magnet.

High-speed driving

Often, the signs blow off when you drive the vehicle at a very fast speed. If you fail to attach the magnet to the edges of the vehicle carefully, wind enters beneath the magnet and blows it off. A blown-off magnet from a high-speed vehicle can cause hazards o the road and enhances the chances of accidents. Be sure to pay attention to the maintenance of the magnetic sign during the summer and winter.

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