15 Weird But Amazing Uses Of Eggshells

15 Weird But Amazing Uses Of Eggshells

Many of us love having eggs for breakfast. After all, it is rich in protein and delicious to eat as well. However, did you know that eggs can be used for various purposes, other than eating? Yes, this is true.

Apart from eating, you can use eggs for enhancing your beauty, increasing the taste of your coffee, and even for cleaning leather items.

In fact, not just eggs, you can even use the eggshells for fulfilling various purposes. Right from cleaning dirty pots to making your garden plats healthy.

They can be used in various useful ways. If you want to know more about the weird, but amazing advantages of eggs and eggshells, read on.

1. Incorporate Eggs In Your Facial Regime

Undergoing egg facial can be an easy way to get cleaner and firmer skin. Start by breaking the egg and whisking the egg white. Continue doing so until it becomes frothy. Now, using your hands, apply the frothy egg white on your face and neck.

Wait till it is dry and afterward, wash it off with water. If done regularly, this egg white facial will tighten the skin and help you reduce the problems of open pores, wrinkles, and uneven skin.

2. Use The Eggshell As An Art Piece

Take an egg and prick a small hole in it so that the egg yolk and white slowly get drained out. Once you are sure that the egg does not contain any fluid, decorate the shell, according to your preferences.

Use bright colors and draw pictures or designs on them. You can also add stick-on jewels for making the art piece brighter and more colorful.

3. Use Eggs For Cleaning Leather Items

Break an egg and mix the egg white thoroughly. Now, gently apply a smooth layer of egg white on the leather. After few minutes, scrub the egg white.

Applying and scrubbing the egg white will make the leather shinier and cleaner. Egg whites have the ability to cling to dirt and residue, thus making products cleaner.

4. Use It Instead Of Glue

Have you run out of glue? Opt for eggs instead. Start by whisking the egg white and preparing a thin layer. Now, use it as glue.

Egg whites get sticky, after they become dry and so, can be used perfectly, instead of regular glue.

5. Clean Your Utensils With Eggshells

Ground-up eggshells can be an excellent way of cleaning dirty utensils. The best part is that eggshells are completely nontoxic, so you don’t need to worry about these affecting the durability of your utensils.

If you want, you can also add soap and water, while cleaning your utensils with eggshells. This way, your utensils would become cleaner quickly.

6. Use Eggshells For Preventing Your Cat From Going Outside

If you possess a cat and don’t want it to go outside, opt for eggshells. For best results, spread the eggshells in the area where your cat roams.

Chances are high that after few attempts, your cat will give up. This is because walking on crushed eggshells is tough and so, these will prevent your cat from going outside.

7. Use Egg Whites As A Temporary Band-Aid

If you had a minor cut, apply whisked egg whites over it. After drying, the egg whites will produce a thin layer that will protect the affected area. Moreover, it will also provide the area with essential nutrients. This, in turn, will help the body to heal the scar quickly.

Whisk the egg white with the help of water. Also, add any food color. Now, after whisking the egg thoroughly, use it for painting any food items such as cakes or pastries. This strategy will make your food more colorful and delicious.

9. Utilize Eggshells For Compost

Eggshells are rich in calcium and so, can be used for compost. More specifically, eggshells can be utilized for growing your plants and making them healthier.

The best part is that egg whites dry easily and so, won’t stink your garden either. So, put eggshells in the compost and watch, as your plants grow quickly.

10. Feed Eggshells To Your Birds

If you love feeding your birds every morning, this one is for you. Clean few eggshells and break them into small pieces. Now, feed these pieces, along with the seeds. These shells will provide nutrition and also make their beaks sharper.

11. Prevent Clogged Drains With Eggshells

Opt for eggshells and prevent the clogging of your drain or sink. Start by placing few eggshells in the drain/sink.

This, in turn, will prevent solid materials from going down the drain or sink. They will also break up the materials that try to pass through the drain or sink, thus preventing clogging.

12. Make Your Coffee Tastier With Eggshells

Since coffee has a bitter taste, many of us use sugar for making the beverage sweet. Unfortunately, diabetic patients or those experiencing weight problems can’t use sugar. In such a situation, one can opt for crushed eggshells.

Crushed eggshells will reduce the bitterness of the coffee and make it tastier, without extra calories of the sugar.

13. Use Eggshells For Preparing Pet Food

Do you want to make the bones and teeth of your dog healthier and stronger? Dry the eggshells at 250 degrees Fahrenheit approximately for half an hour.

Now, put these eggshells in a plastic bag, cover the mouth tightly and crush them. Ensure that the eggshells are reduced to a powder. Now, add this powder to your pet’s regular food for improving his/her health.

14. Scare Away Pests With Eggshells

If your garden is being invaded by unwanted pests, use eggshells for scaring them away. Simply spread some eggshells all over your garden. Eggshells have sharp edges that will harm the soft bodies of pests. This, in turn, will prevent them from invading your garden again.

15. Use It For Watering The Plants

The water that is used for boiling eggs is rich in nutrients. So, instead of throwing it away, you can use it for watering your plants. However, it is important to ensure that the water has cooled off before you pour it over your plants. Remember that if you pour hot water, your plants may die. So, be careful.

Enjoy these unconventional, but great uses of eggs and eggshells.

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