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9 Amazing things you can do with used tea bags

It appears that the tea bags are beneficial for single-use and one cup of tea is the result. However, the reality stands differently and is not limited to a cup of tea.

There are various other uses for used tea bags. Before, going to dump the tea bags in the dustbin do remember the following 9 eye-opener uses of the tea bags

1. Flavor To Pasta

Once the tea is used for making a cup of tea, it can be used to provide flavor to other food. The pre-brewed bags need to be hanged in a pot of water till the time it comes to boiling so that the water can be flavored.

Once the boiling point is reached the tea bags must be removed. Add the pasta or any other grains that will abound in delicious taste. The following combination will provide a great taste like green tea with pasta, cinnamon spice tea with oatmeal, etc.

2. Brew Stronger Cup Of Tea

A stronger taste of tea can be experienced by using the saved tea bags and adding them to the next cup that is brewed. However, it needs to be noted that the used tea bag does not provide the same strength as a fresh one but the twice brewed leaves tend to provide a better flavor to the second cup. This method ranks high with any kind of tea however, it is best when it comes to red or green tea.

3. Feed The Garden

The used bags must be rebrewed in a bucket of water and then the resulting must be utilized to water the plants so that they can safeguard from fungal infections. Moreover, the tea bags can be opened and the same can be sprinkled on the leaves that are dumped around the plant base that will fertilize the soil and even control the pests. It can even be used in the compost pile so that it acts as a nutrient.

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4. Cleaning Carpet And Rugs

The pre-brewed tea can be used to clean, as well as deodorize the covering of the floor. The teabags must be stored in the refrigerator in a cup of water so that it is safeguarded from spoiling till the time it is present in enough to cover the entire surface that is needed to clean.

The teabags must be opened and the leaves must be left to dry till they become slightly damp. It should not be wet. The loose tea must be sprinkled over rugs, as well as carpet, and should be left to dry. Then it must be vacuumed so that dried leaves are picked.

5. Removal Of Household Odors

Used tea is very effective when it comes to the removal of odors. Brewed tea bags can be left in the refrigerator to keep a fresh smell. It can be kept in the bottom of the trash bins to reduce the bad smell so that it does not linger in the kitchen.

A few drops of the essential oil can be added to the used tea bags in a dry state to make air freshener for home, office, etc.

6. Ward Off Household Pests

The smell of tea ranks in the list of unfavoured mice. The used tea bags can be kelp in various areas like pantries, kitchen, and cupboards to ward off unwanted pests. For additional safeguard.

the tea bags must be saturated with the essential oil of peppermint. It is not only concerned with rodents rather various kinds of pests can be deterred such as ants, spiders, etc.

7. Antioxidant Bath:

Tea leaves abound in antioxidants and hence, can be of great benefit to the body. A bath in warm water with pre-brewed tea bags can do wonders for the skin. This can be done by hanging the used tea bags over the faucet so that the water runs through it and provides a great feeling or the bags can be placed into the water so that a nourishing bath can be experienced. To make it more nourishing, fragrant tea like Jasmine can be utilized to have aromatherapy.

8. Soothing Irritated Skin:

The used tea bags are a great way to soothe the irritations of the skin. It can be placed over sore and tired eyes to provide comfort. A massage over the sunburn area can provide a cooling effect and helps in reducing inflammation. It is one of the effective mechanisms to ease the pain and accelerate healing.

9. Cleaning Dirty Dishes:


The brewed tea bags are effective in cleaning the dishes. The dishes can be soaked in warm water for a couple of tea bags to remove the grease without involving chemicals. It prevents endless scrubbing and saves efforts.