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Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the colon . It affects the large colon and rectum of the gastrointestinal tract. Symptoms usually develop over time ,rather than suddenly . Symptoms vary depending on the severity and where it affects. The main symptoms are a pain in the abdomen, diarrhoea, weight loss and fatigue. It is chronic remitting and relapsing autoimmune disease of lining of colon . Remitting and relapsing means the patient has symptom free periods followed by flare-ups. The disease course can negatively affect the quality of life and normal day to day functioning.

Risk factors

There are various risk factors such as age, diet, family history, stress and lifestyle disorders affecting the colon. The exact cause remains unknown but it is considered as an autoimmune disorder which means immune system malfunction wherein an abnormal immune response cause the immune system cells to attack the cells and lining of the digestive tract. This disorder may lead to debilitating condition and cause complications. Recognising the symptoms with early diagnosis and active prevention is the key to the treatment of ulcerative colitis. Treating ulcerative colitis is to prevent the next relapse and to have symptom free periods as much as possible.

The solution to this problem is identifying the cause of flare-up of ulcerative colitis and fixing it.Corticosteroids injection can treat the flare-up and immunosuppressants can be given to the patient but cause serious side effects.OTC (over the counter drugs )drugs can manage pain and diarrhoea

But today the treatment of ulcerative colitis focus on every solution to find CURE:

Here are a few essential steps to achieve it.

  • Relieve symptoms
  • Rectify the immune system
  • Correct nutritional deficiency
  • Reduce the severity of the flare-up
  • Prevent complications
  • Manage the condition

The solution to the problem should work by targeting or blocking the molecule that causes the inflammation of flare-up or reduce the symptoms or response of the body (such as pain ) to inflammation. So the treatment can target both the cause and the effect which is possible with natural and side effect free mode of treatment.

So curb ulcerative colitis by going for homoeopathy with dietary and lifestyle modifications. It is important for you to know that there is a causative factor which can cause inflammation of the colon . The body’s capacity to absorb the nutrients from food and vitamin and minerals reduces thus causing your immunity levels to become low and cause many symptoms such as pain and diarrhoea. Keep in mind while choosing the correct mode of treatment and solution to ulcerative colitis:

1)Targeting the molecule causing inflammation is the solution to the problem is not just palliating treatment with bouts of pain and diarrhoea. Treating the root cause is essential in ulcerative colitis.

2) Correcting the immune response is also a solution to colitis. Building community by just popping vitamins and body unable to absorb them due to triggers of an inflammatory response is not the solution

3)Becoming vigilant during the symptoms of free periods and taking care of diet and lifestyle helps you to monitor and maintain a healthy colon. Keep a careful watch on all the triggers that cause inflamed colons like excessive sugar, caffeinated drinks, carbonated drinks, oily spicy food, smoking, alcohol, white bread, dairy products Over the counter drugs and conventional medicines side effects.

Ulcerative colitis management includes achieving remission controlling symptoms and maintaining remission that is preventing symptoms from coming back which is the most important factor in treating reoccurrence of ulcerative colitis. The most important things that can treat achieve remission and maintain remission is :

DIET: Check what you eat .A well balanced nutritious diet with normal body weight is essential to maintain in cases of colitis. There are no specific diet that can be followed but prevention of certain foods can help. If you decide to restrict certain foods like some people feel better by restricting heavy oily meals, high intake of sugar or artificial sweeteners, excess of spicy food or by restricting milk and dairy products. Make sure that you choose correct substitutes for the same. A nutritious diet, high in calories and protein along with vitamins minerals and an iron supplement is needed to replace lost energy and nutrients while the episode of pain and diarrhoea.

Avoid MEDICINES that worsen the symptoms :

Pain-relieving medicines like NSAIDs (Non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs ) can worsen the conditing of colitis .so avoid the same.

Manage stress: Try to manage stress along with your regular diet. Stress would be one of the important reasons for the flare-up in ulcerative colitis. In our day to day life we deal with stress which may lead to this problem.  It is important to cope up with stress in a positive way with good energy which will also help in managing ulcerative colitis.

Stay hydrated: Drink enough water to stay hydrated as because of diarrhoea one may lose important minerals and diet from colon.also because of ulcerative colitis its difficult to absorb the water from the colon.

To protect your body from dehydration by making good use of water.

Tell your doctor: A flare means you need to switch the dose of the medicines and decide with the doctor regarding a further line of treatment. Taking more medications can worsen your situation in case of ulcerative colitis. Consult a good doctor in regards to the same to treat yourself well. Take medicines that are easily absorbable by the gut. Also, go in for supplements which are in liquid form rather than pill form which can be easily absorbed by the system and not cause a flare-up . Some doctors might suggest your natural mode of treatment or biologic medicine.

Seek support: Take advice from the doctor and seek medical and professional help. Reach out to other family members and friends for help in regards to the same to treat the root cause.

Give yourself TLC :(Tender Love Care): stress does not cause ulcerative colitis but it may lead to flare up. Go in for therapies to release stress along with yoga and meditation which will take care of the problem in the long run. Doing some breathing exercise with low impact exercises like walking will help to address the problem with better functioning of the system.

Tap into good bacteria: Antibiotics can flare up the problem so take in good bacteria for gut digestion. It not only improves the gut flora but also helps in controlling the flare which in the long run will reduce the severity and the duration of the episodic attacks of pain and diarrhoea.

Cut down on drinks: Alcohol can cause the flare-up of ulcerative colitis. Cutting down on drinks will help with the frequency of attacks if you are habitual to it. Instead consume green tea and healthy drinks such as buttermilk which will help your gut and prepare your gut to avoid the episodic attacks.

Walk it off: Go for regular walking which aids in good digestion power and also strengthens your bones because with ulcerative colitis the absorption of Vitamin D reduces resulting in osteoporosis or osteopenia which can lead to pain in bones and softening of bone tissue. Consult your doctor to provide with Vitamin D3 which will help you with the pain instead of popping painkillers which can cause various flare-up symptoms and side effects as well.

So save your colon and avoid the complications and surgery involved in the treatment of colitis. Your gastrointestinal tract is as important as your heart or brain. Take good care and nurture it with good absorbable nutrients and vitamins which not only build immunity but also corrects your immunity thus helping to stand strong against this Autoimmune disorder. Go for natural healing diet and medicine without side effects with stress-free life and have a healthy gut with a good lifestyle.

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