How to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently without surgery

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Causes Symptoms of Piles and the Home Remedies to Cure it.

Piles or Hemorrhoids constitute a collection of tissues near the anal canal that are inflamed. This area constitutes of support tissue, blood vessels, muscle, along with elastic fibers. Symptoms of piles are mostly confusing as it can be closely associated with constipation. Hemorrhoids show detectable symptoms in about 50% of patients affected by it below 50 years of age.

Hemorrhoids are called piles as well. When the veins in the anus and rectum are swallowed, it is called Hemorrhoids. It can be identified by itching, pain and rectal bleeding. If these symptoms are inside the anus and rectum, then it is called internal Hemorrhoid, and if they are outside, then it is called external Hemorrhoids. This is a very common disease, 75 percent of the people face this it. It can have very mild to severe effects. It can go away in a few days, but if you want to vanish it immediately, then you have to adopt home remedies to treat it.

Causes of piles

In today’s fast and stressful lifestyle, irregular eating habits and odd sleeping hours cause many health disorders. in that series, piles are one of the frequent problems occurring nowadays They cause problem equally in men and women between 30 years of age piles are enlarged view in the return rectum and anus usually caused untreated constipation.

Symptoms of Piles

In most of the cases, piles do not show serious symptoms. They mostly resolve within days or weeks depending on the way you take care of yourself. As an individual suffering from piles, you might experience the following symptoms.

Symptoms of external hemorrhoids

  • Feeling a hard or painful lump near the anus area that might contain blood that is coagulated. Hemorrhoids that carry blood in them are termed as Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids.
  • As soon as you pass the stool, you might still feel that you haven’t passed the entire stool inside your excretory system.
  • If you check your stool, you might notice brightly colored red spots of blood all over the stool you just passed.
  • You experience pain as you try to pass the stool.
  • The area in and around the anus gets red, sore and itchy.

How to treat hemorrhoids at home fast

Piles that has escalated into severe form might show the following symptoms

  • Excessive and continuous bleeding from the anus as you pass the stool which might lead to anemia
  • Infection in the affected area
  • Difficulty in controlling the bowel movements
  • Development of anal fistula which is a new channel that is created amidst the skin surface close to the anus and inside your anus.
  • Development of strangulated hemorrhoid that doesn’t get blood supply leading to a blood clot or infection spreading towards the inner parts of the body.
  • Anus appears red.
  • swollen pain in anal protrusions
  • Burning sensation
  • Bleeding from anus
  • Tamarind is an amazing remedy for piles treatment

symptoms of piles

Foods to Avoid in piles

Avoid overly foods to avoid inflaming the piles. However, Ayurveda treatment for piles recommends small consumption of turmeric and black pepper. These mild spices will stimulate blood flow without adding irritation to the hemorrhoids.

Best foods for piles relief

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Salad
  • Whole-grain Bread
  • Dry fruits
  • Plenty of water

Home remedies to cure hemorrhoids

Home remedies can be effective in permanently treating piles. It is easy, safe and effective while saving you a trip to the doctor. However, these remedies are only for minor cases. People with severe cases of piles should first consult with their doctor before following any of these tips. If you are looking for easy methods on how to cure piles at home permanently, here are some proven methods to help you.

  • Warm bath inside a bathtub for at least 155-20 minutes can help bring down that swelling.
  • When paired with a bit of Epsom salt or your apple cider vinegar, it can essentially bring down the itching and pain.
  • Use coconut oil and apply it directly to the affected area.
  • It helps in moisturizing the area while reducing the swelling.

  • Drink a lot of water as it can help in easy passage of the stools without irritating the anus and affected
  • Consume diet with fiber and reduce the intake of calories and fat-rich food.
  • Too many spices, oil or carbohydrates can result in the onset of piles.
  • So make sure you consume a well-balanced diet.

How to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently without surgery

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel can be bought directly in liquid form from the market. If it is in the liquid form, then apply it directly on Hemorrhoid. It can also be in the soups and other detergents which are used to avoid itching effects on the body. It is very effective towards the treatment of Hemorrhoids. Witch Hazel has astringent properties and can help to lessen swelling and inflammation. Use toilet paper to apply the solution.

Use of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has the anti-inflammatory properties which are used to treat inflammatory skin conditions in no time. It is a gel which can be purchased from a pharmacy store, or it can be accessed directly from the Aloe Vera plant. It is inside the leaves of Aloe Vera plants in the form of the thick transparent gel. While using Aloe Vera, you have to make sure that Aloe Vera is 100% pure.

People who are allergic to onions and garlic can be allergic to Aloe Vera as well. To check the allergic effect took the dime size of Aloe Vera and applied it somewhere on your arm on the open skin on your body. If it would be safe for you, then no reaction will occur after the 24 to 48 hours of its application. Then it will be safe to apply on Hemorrhoid to get rid of it. It will remove pain and itching with its magical effects.

You can use aloe vera directly onto the affected area. You can easily buy OTC ointments and creams which have aloe in them and they can help with your hemorrhoids a lot.

Warm Bath

The warm bath will help to remove the irritation and pain of hemorrhoids. You can use the small plastic tub to sit in with your bottom inside the tub, or you can use full body tub to take a bath. The water should be warm enough to make you feel about its warmness. According to the research in the Harvard Health organization, it is revealed that if you take a bath for twenty minutes with bowel moment, then bathing will be very important to soothe the itching and pain produced by hemorrhoids. The addition of Epsom salts will accelerate the process of smoothness.

Ointments and Creams

Ointments and creams like Preparation H, which can be bought without the prescription of a doctor from almost any drug store. It provides immediate smoothness and relief from irritation and swelling of hemorrhoids. It can also be used with hydrocortisone as well to make the healing procedure a bit faster. However, it should not be used for more than a week. Otherwise, it can have side effects, and you should consult with some doctor.

Wipes of anti-hemorrhoid ingredients

Usage of toilet paper to clean irritation area help to avoid further damage. To boost the process of healing, you can use the wipes of anti-hemorrhoids ingredients. These ingredients can be Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera. While using the wipes, you have to make sure that these wipes don’t contain Alcohol, perfume or anything else which can cause further irritation. If unluckily, you use these substances then they will enhance the cause instead of treating it, so it better to avoid them.

Ice Compresses

Use ice packs compresses on the anus and other swelling areas for fifteen to twenty minutes. If the hemorrhoid is in extensive form, then use it regularly almost three to five times a day. Don’t use the ice or any other thing directly to the effective skin. Always use some soft kind of cloth to wrap the ice inside it. The compresses this wrapped cloth should be used. Soft cloth or paper towel can be used to serve the purpose.

Loose Clothing

You should not use tight clothing in this situation; you need to switch your clothing with polyester and very thin cotton. Cotton underwear can help to keep the anal area clean and dry which will be helpful to reduce the symptoms. Never use aroma fabrics and softeners to reduce pain and irritation.

Tamarind for piles

The tangy Tamarind  (Imli) is present in the list of our kitchen essentials as Spice, condiment, and beans. Unarguably a palate-pleasing fruit, trust this little genius to add a delicious flavor to your dishes. However, the uses of this brown colored pulpy fruit go beyond just being a kitchen staple. It provides a plethora of health benefits like Skin, Hair, weight loss, protection against cancer, and improved digestive health. Packed with assorted vitamins, such as Vitamin C; antioxidants, including carotene; and minerals, such as magnesium and potassium, this mushy fruit is a storehouse of nutrients.

Let’s take a look at the health benefits of tamarind for piles
Tamarind juice, extracted from its flowers, is used in the treatment of piles, both internal and external. Have this medicinal concoction to treat piles.

•Take the following ingredients:
1 1/2 tablespoons tamarind flower extract
1 glass fresh yogurt
1 teaspoon ginger
1 teaspoon coriander powder
1 teaspoon pomegranate
•Mix the ingredients.
•Take this concoction with your lunch every day until the symptoms subside.

Avoid Coffee

Stay far away from coca-cola, beer, potent or hot spices and coffee. These will only aggravate the problem.

Buck Thorn Bark

Make a tea from either red colored grapevine stone root or leaves, parsley, Collinsonia root or buckthorn bark, in the form of capsules or plain tea. These natural remedies for hemorrhoids can be found in most natural health stores.


Utilizing garlic or capsicum or cayenne or enemas for cleansing your bowels can relieve the pain that having hemorrhoids induces. And also little slices of potato or garlic clove suppositories can really aid in helping to soothe inflammation.

Vitamin E

Use the oil form of vitamin E directly onto the anus area or alternatively you can cut the end of the capsule off to squeeze the oil right into the anus. This will definitely give you great relief from the pain.

Yarrow Tea

Make a potent tea with the herb Lady’s mantle otherwise known as yarrow.
Use a cotton ball to dab the tea right onto the hemorrhoid area. Do this many times every day or whenever you need to.


The use of a salve incorporating either white oak, myrrh, goldenseal root or bayberry will also reduce the pain that hemorrhoids causes.

Avoid Salt

salt for health

Stay clear from salt as too much salt holds fluids in your system and this may cause

hemorrhoid veins to become even more inflamed.

Sitz Bath

The therapeutic benefits of a good soak in a hot sitz bath cannot be underestimated. This is a fantastic thing to do to ease the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Baby Powder

Sprinkle baby powder or cornstarch onto the hemorrhoids, this will absorb the moisture and help decrease the inflammation.

Ice Pack

Hemorrhoids which are inflamed will react favorably to the application of ice. By using an ice pack directly on the anal area for approximately ten to fifteen mins, at least five times every day will help your condition tremendously.

High Fiber Foods

Highest antioxidant foods in the world

For you to not have future problems concerning hemorrhoids it is important that your dietary fiber intake is adequate. Make sure you get plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits and also that you drink plenty of water every single day.

Surgery Treatment of hemorrhoids

Say no to constipation

Say No to Constipation to prevent Piles Home Remedies for constipation

One of the most common causes of Piles is Constipation Constipation is the slow movement of feces (stool or body wastes) through the large intestine resulting in infrequent bowel movements and the passage of dry, hard stools. Constipation, passing large stools (feces), and straining at the toilet to increase the pressure in and around the veins in the anus and seem to be a common reason for piles to develop. It’s better to avoid Constipation to prevent Piles.

  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of honey in 1/2 cup of warm water, and stir.
  • Drink this mixture 2-3 times a day to relieve constipation.
  • Include spinach in your diet.
  • You can eat it either raw or cooked, depending on how you like it.
  • Alternatively, drink a mixture of a one-half glass of raw spinach juice and one-half glass of water, twice daily.
  • Make sure to drink about eight to 10 glasses of water daily.

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