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Dog worms :Home remedies to treat at home

Dog worms per nightmare of tiny proportions. If you have dogs, you have probably had to handle worms at any stage in your lifetime.

They are gross, but they may also be harmful to your dog, so you will need to get rid of them as fast as possible. You will want to do so without those traditional deworming drugs, as they may be very harsh. They also come with some nasty side effects.

Whipworms, tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms are the standard type of parasite worms your dog may encounter; intestinal worms can be visible in your dog’s stool; if the dog is infected by chronic worms, they can lose weight, and the hair coat can suffer more symptoms including, diarrhea, itchy rectum.

Fortunately, one of the safest and best approaches to treat worms in dogs is with everyday foods. We requested holistic veterinarian Patricia Jordan DVM on her favorite foods to get rid of dog worms. You probably already have some of them at home.

However, you first want to know what type of worms you are dealing with!

dog worms


You can see roundworms in your dog’s poop. They will look a good deal like spaghetti. Your pet may seem pot-bellied, and he can feel lethargic. Sometimes roundworms can cause diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, and weight loss.

Roundworms reside in the small intestine. Your pet can get the microscopic eggs in the surroundings or eat infected animals like birds or rodents.


While tapeworms are horizontal and approximately 6 inches long, usually, you’ll see the broken-off segments looking like grains of rice on your pet’s poop. Tapeworms live in the bowels.

Your puppy can get them by licking fleas off your own entire body or eating beef from animals such as rabbits, cows, goats, cattle, pigs, or deer that might have tapeworms. If your dog has fleas, look out for tapeworms in his stool.

You can not observe the other types of worms with the naked eye, so if you suspect them in your pet, you’ll want to obtain a fecal investigation to affirm them.


Hookworms are approximately 1/8 to 3/4 inch lengthy and have a hook that attaches to the intestinal lining. They suck blood and can cause anemia in your dog; they are especially dangerous for miniature puppies.

Your dog can select hookworm larvae in the ground, through his mouth, or on the skin on his pads. Diarrhea and nausea are the typical signals of hookworms on your pet. Signs of anemia are fatigue, lethargy, or mild gingivitis.


Whipworms are approximately 2 inches long and tapered at an end, like a whip. They attach to the mucous membranes in the cecum and colon and feed on your pet’s blood. You won’t have the ability to see them unless your dog moves them at a clump in his feces.

Signs of whipworms include diarrhea, nausea, and weight reduction. Your dog can grab whipworms by consuming the eggs in the dirt, water, or other places that may contain dog urine. If you have to find a fecal test to validate a diagnosis of worms,

Dr. Jordan claims the best time to test is during a full moon. This is when parasites lose their eggs.

Tips to prevent worms

Ensure that clean water is there for the dog so that they do not drink contaminated water.

  • Give them probiotics; it maintains the gut ecosystem.
  • Let them live in a clean area free from worms and avoid giving them antibiotics.
  • For more health tips, discuss them with your pet doctor.

Foods To Eliminate Dog Worms A whole foods,

A raw meat-based diet is the best option to keep your dog worm-free. Kibble-fed puppies are far more susceptible to rats than raw-fed dogs since parasites adore the sugars and starch in kibble. Kibble-fed dogs are much more vulnerable to worms than raw-fed dogs because parasites love the sugars and starch in kibble.

But whatever you are feeding, there are lots of foods you may use to help eliminate all types of worms on your dog. And a number of the best ones to include are fermented foods.

All fermented foods possess probiotic properties and can also be utilized to prevent and eliminate worms. Start gradually with these foods if your dog isn’t used to eating veggies or fruit, and operate until the recommended dose.

Fermented Foods Spicy foods are a few of the best ways to construct a healthier digestive tract. This helps remove worms by boosting your dog’s immune system. 80% of their immune system is located in the gut.

How to treat dog worms at home


Garlic is safe to Present to your dog in moderate quantities. Use one clove or one teaspoon of chopped raw organic garlic, percent 30 pounds of body fat per day.


The safest approach to take care of worms is using fermented vegetables. You can buy fermented veggies such as sauerkraut or kimchi or make your fermented veggies.

There are numerous recipes on the internet; here is a website with lots of information on fermented foods. Start gradually with fermented vegetables and work up to 1 to 3 teaspoons each day per 20 lbs of body fat.


This is just another fantastic fermented food for puppies. Non-dairy is most effective for dogs, therefore, use coconut kefir, or choose raw goat milk kefir.

  • Make your own or buy at grocery and health food stores.
  • Give tiny dogs one teaspoon to 1 Tbsp every day, medium dogs 1 to 2 Tbsp per day,
  • and large dogs 2 to 3 Tbsp per day.
  • Add to meals or serve as an individual treat or snack.

Other Vegetables and FruitvVegetable things help deal with worms (Dr. Jordan jokes that healthy veggies seem to frighten the parasites). Along with the fiber can enable to move out of the worms. All these foods are easy to get and are regular foods that you may safely use.

Wheat germ oil

Wheat germ oil Prevents tapeworms in a dog’s intestinal. It contains fatty acids and vitamins E, A, and D.
Give your dog wheat germ oil at mealtime. they will enjoy it.

Pumpkin seeds

One of the safest and most effective ways to treat rats is to Grind seeds also provide 1/4 teaspoon per 10 lbs of fat.

Grated carrots,

watercress, greens, squash, fennelAny of these veggies added to meals can help get rid of worms1 tsp per 10 pounds of body fat per day


Add grated or chopped cucumber to foods, or use fresh carrot, beet, and cucumber juices mixed into food. Provide 1 tsp per 10 pounds of your pet’s body weight for the subsequent fruits each day.

It is possible to increase your pet’s food or give it a different snack, maybe with a few kefir or yogurt.


(such as the stalks )Full of bromelain, an enzyme that digests proteins


It contains papain, another enzyme that can help combat worms.


Helpful in treating tapeworms Overall, giving fruit and veggies up to approximately 20 percent of your dog’s daily diet is possible.

If your dog isn’t used to eating produce, begin to avoid digestive upset. Past fruits and veggies, you will find additional pantry items that can help get rid of your pet’s worms.

Apple Cider Vinegar

(ACV)Use raw, organic, unfiltered vinegar1/4 into 1 tsp every day on your dog’s water or food to generate a more alkaline digestive system that’s less appealing to parasites

Bone Broth

If you are up for a little simple cooking, bone broth helps boost general digestive health, encouraging the immune system in eliminating worms Mighty around the Complete moon.

  • Add some aloe juice for an Excess increase.
  • Add a few tablespoons to your puppy’s food or food as another snack

Food is the ideal place to begin treating your puppy. These foods are gentle, natural approaches to assist your pet in eliminating intestinal worms — and they are a good deal safer than giving your pet conventional deworming drugs.

Slippery elm Supplement

Slippery elm supplement works similarly to a laxative. It helps remove worms from dogs’ ecosystems. Add slippery elm in water and give them with the dog’s meal. Once a day.

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