How to treat anxiety attacks

How to treat anxiety attacks

When we face something challenging such as an examination, a job interview, or a presentation, we usually experience nervousness, worry or fears. These can be expected and are considered normal. However, when symptoms become excessive, prolonged and restrictive of a person’s ability to sleep, work, or function, it becomes anxiety. Anxiety manifests both physically and mentally.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks Anxiety is a health condition that causes you to be troubled and nervous, and although people typically recognize the points that frighten them, they commonly do not know precisely just what’s causing their anxiety. Typically anxiety is induced by multiple issues in your life occurring at the same time. These circumstances are triggering your thoughts and body to respond in a manner that could typically be unmanageable.

What is anxiety and how to get rid of it

How to treat anxiety attacks

Anxiety Panic attack treatment without medication

How to treat anxiety attacks


If you experience a jittery moment, a good old cup of chamomile tea might help soothe you down. Certain substances in chamomile namely, Matricaria recutita, bind to the very same mind receptors as substances like Valium. You could also consume it as a dietary supplement, generally standardized to include 1.2 % apigenin which is an energetic component, together with dried out chamomile flowers.

Chamomile not only has relaxing properties but also significantly decreases anxiety. It smoothens muscle fibers and relaxes the blood vessels in the body, thus calming the nervous system. Drinking three or more cups of chamomile tea daily keeps anxiety at bay.


Peaches are a very remarkable fruit for anxiousness, and the reason this fruit helps anxiety is that it includes phytonutrients that naturally relax you. Peaches improve the skin and stop you from acquiring a variety of cancers. Peaches have an all-natural sedative that truly lessens the amount of anxiety that you presently have in your life. Peaches are awesome for anxiety!

Acai Berries

Acai fruits are really a brand-new way to soothe individuals who have anxiety, however, although it’s not as popular as peaches, acai berries possess all the anxiety and stress alleviating advantages that peaches have. Acai super berries make you feel much better whenever your anxiousness levels get too high.


Almonds aren’t simply a scrumptious snack, they are also outstanding at enhancing your mood. Almonds contain a high portion of zinc, vitamin B12 and monounsaturated fat that actually prevent heart problems. Almonds help the metabolic rate, meaning that by consuming a handful of almonds every day, you will be able to lose additional weight compared to not having them. Almonds are a remarkable snack to have when you are encountering stress and anxiety. They are one of the best natural remedies for anxiety. ever.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is also wonderful for anxiousness, and additionally, it happens to be extremely scrumptious. Consume dark chocolate in moderation, and you will certainly be shocked exactly how much of an excellent anxiety remedy it IS.

Green tea or L-theanine

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Studies have revealed that L-theanine assists in lowering your heartbeat, the pressure of your blood and most importantly your anxiety. Taking just 200 milligrams of L- theanine will considerably reduce your anxiety levels.

Valerian root


This is great for sleeplessness. It has great sedative properties. Valerian smells sort of nasty, so most people take it as a pill or tincture, instead of a tea. If you wish to try it, take it at night, not prior to some important function! Valerian is commonly incorporated with various other sedative natural herbs like lemon balm, chamomile, and hops.

Lime Balm

Also known as the honey bee, lemon balm has been made use of for hundreds of years to reduce anxiety and tension, and help with rest. While it’s typically safe, be aware that some studies have actually found that taking it too often could actually make you more distressed. It’s usually incorporated with various other calming herbs such as valerian, chamomile, and hops.


Working out is helpful for the mind, and a highly effective medicine to depression and anxiety, both short term and long term. One of the major sources of anxiousness is fretting about disease and health, and that vanishes when you are fit.


Right across the world, individuals are more cranky and troubled when they are starving hungry. This is often a sign that your blood sugar levels are dropping. The most effective thing to do at this stage is to have a little treat, like a handful of walnuts, or a bit of dark chocolate, together with a glass of water or a nice cup of warm herbal tea. In the long term, diet is key to minimizing anxiousness. Eat a plant-based, whole-foods, diet plan with meticulously selected seafood and meat, lots of leafed greens to get folate, and a wide range of phytonutrients which all help to lower anxiety.

Kava Kava

Kava Kava can increase the feeling of Give your brain time to rest from the stimuli of constant internet searches, texting, and checking your social media notifications. When your mind has time to rest, your body will often follow suit. Don’t go to bed while you are still thinking about something. Your mind will try to come up with a solution to the problem you go to bed having. Write it down and then fry sleeping.

Changes in the Weather

We can’t control the weather, but we can control how we prepare for it. Take those extra few minutes to check the weather and plan accordingly. Always keep an umbrella and a jacket handy during those times of the year where the weather can change at the drop of a hat.

Avoid Stress

Stress To varying degrees, your body is constantly under stress. whether it’s trying to balance work and play or just trying to make it to that next paycheck, you’re experiencing stress. If you are in a career where you are constantly having to come up with ideas and meet deadlines, you are in a high- stress situation.

Stress is one of the leading causes of the immune system is weakened. There are many ways to manage and relieve happiness by lifting the mood and reduce anxiety by producing a relaxing feeling. Unlike medicines, according to a 2004 study, a dose of 300mg of kava can increase cognitive function while decreasing anxiety at the same time.


Milk is an excellent source of tryptophan, an amino acid that relaxes the body. Having a warm glass of milk when anxious has been found to calm the nerves down.


Passiflora, also known as passion flower, is an herbal supplement that is known for its calming effects. It is available as infusions, liquid extracts, teas, and tinctures. The recommended dosage for the infusions is 2.5g; 6g for tea; 15-30 drops for liquid extracts; 10-60 drops for tinctures. You can take passiflora in whichever form you prefer, three times a day.




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