Travel sickness home remedies

How to cure motion sickness permanently

Travel sickness or motion sickness is a common condition, particularly with children. The cause of travel sickness is usually from the repetition of bumpy or swaying movements when traveling. The messages sent to the brain are often confused and unbalanced due to the inner ear experiencing signals that are different to the ones seen by the eyes.

This is what causes you to feel sick. You may also experience saliva drooling, sweating, feeling cold, becoming pale and headaches.  You can get travel sickness from boats, planes,  trains, and cars. Usually, symptoms will go away when the travel is over, however, sometimes it will linger on. There are known methods and remedies to avoid travel sickness and some to treat it if it occurs.

OTC Remedies

Use antihistamines like Bonine, Marezine, and Dramamine. You should take them about an hour prior to traveling for the best results.

Ear Patches

Prescription ear patches work in a similar way to antihistamines. This alters the signals to the brain that control nausea and vomiting from motion sickness. These ear patches release medication tearily across 3 days. Put the patch on approximately 4 hrs prior to traveling.


A half tsp of fresh sliced ginger swallowed whole will go a long way in easing motion sickness. You can also use black horehound or peppermint.
All of these are great natural travel sickness


when experiencing travel sickness, your saliva doubles in quantity. This is the body’s natural response so as to protect the teeth from tummy acid which would reflux if vomiting occurred. Olives have tannins, that will induce dryness of the mouth, that’s why eating them can reduce saliva which in turn will actually reduce vomiting and nausea.

Sit in The Middle

When a passenger of an airplane, try to get a seat close to the wings. If a passenger on a boat, aim to get your quarters close to the center of the ship and also close to the waterline. Also, always sit facing the direction you are traveling.

Keep Your Head Still

Try to keep your head as still as you can. Use a headrest to help keep it still. Moving your head is known to induce travel sickness.

Fresh Air:

Try to be near an open window to get fresh air. If you are on the deck of a boat or ship, focus your gaze on a specific pointer away by the horizon.

Avoid Reading or Watching TV

Do not watch videos or television if you are traveling in a car. Always look outside at things in the distance.

Avoid Alcohol and Big Meals

Stay away from alcohol during and previous to any kind of travel.
Also, don’t eat a big meal before you travel. If it’s a short trip don’t eat anything at all.

Eat Small Portions:

To lower the chances of vomiting and nausea when flying, particularly during a long flight, try to only consume light meals which are easily digestible. This will aid in reducing
vomiting and nausea. Also stay away from hot spicy foods or potent smells.

Drink Carbonated Liquids:

If you do start to get sick, drink a soda or any carbonated liquid such as ginger-ale and also take some big deep breaths of fresh air and if you can, lie down horizontally while keeping your head as still as possible.



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