Best over the counter toenail fungus treatment


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What is toenail fungus?

Nail Fungus and Yellow Toenails Toenail fungi also called psychoneurosis is really prevalent trouble faced similarly by either males or females. Toenail fungus issues include redness, puffing up, extreme soreness, yellow coloring, falling apart, or solidifying of the toenail.
 Some of the key causes of nail fungi are using synthetic socks, excessive PH levels of the skin, lower immunity system, repeated exposure to humid surroundings, stinky sneakers, inadequate sanitation, and diabetes. If toenail fungus is not actually looked after properly, after time it will trigger cracking, splitting, and even complete loss of the nail. Luckily toenail fungus is easily treated. Various organic cures can help the condition a great deal, in a reasonably short period of time.

how does toenail fungus develop?

Ingrown Toenail This condition usually occurs on the big toes, when the edges of the nail press on either side of the toe digging into the soft flesh. The sharp nail pressing against the skin causes inflammation on the spot that can cause swelling and excruciating pain. The most common causes for this condition are improper clipping of toenails, completely neglecting toenails, and wearing closed tight-fitting shoes. The toes get unduly compressed when shoes are tight-fitting. With the toes are compressed, the nails on the toes begin pushing against the tender flesh. Continued use of tight-fitting shoes aggravates the condition and can cause an infected ingrown toenail. At this point, it may become essential to seek medical attention.

Symptoms of toenail fungus

Following are the symptoms of toenail fungus

  • Smelling slightly foul
  • Distorted in space
  • Crumbly or ragged

Best over the counter toenail fungus treatment

Best over the counter toenail fungus treatment

Tea Tree Oil

This oil has actually got antiseptic as well as fungicide abilities that aid a lot with the medication of toenail fungi. Use refined tea tree oil and with the aid of a cotton ball massage the oil onto the damaged foot and nail for about 10 minutes, then use a toothbrush to carefully cleanse the affected toenail. Before applying the oil to the skin, you should dilute it by combining it with a proportionate amount of olive oil or thyme oil. Use some tea tree oil to massage the skin around the ingrown nail. This will certainly help in making the skin soft and may reduce the tension.


In garlic is “Allicin”, which has anti-fungal abilities and hence it can be used as a home remedy for yellow toenails.

  • For fast treatment use, garlic oil blended with a proportionate amount of vinegar.
  • You may make your own garlic oil by pressing two garlic cloves and mixing in two tbs of olive oil.

Orange Oil

Yet another means to deal with a nail fungus infection is to use organic orange oil. All kinds of orange oils have antifungal properties and thus can effectively be utilized on infected toenails. Smear orange oil daily in between toenails, on and below foot nails, and leave it to rest for a minimum of an hour.

Apple Cider Vinegar

 Apple cider vinegar  is an infallible treatment of many diseases it’d also helpful in the problem of love ingrown toenail few tablespoons mixed in water for foot soaking are direct application and the apple cider vinegar both our national homemade care to fix the problem of love ingrown toenail the sufferer can also ingest a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar early as a director makes it into the bloodstream it can be called down with honey at a somewhat strong in taste pics bop around movement are based only is also believed to be an excellent remedy for curing ingrown toenail

Apple cider vinegar is medium acidic in nature and thus it may keep toenail fungus from proliferating. Submerge your toes, each day for half an hr, in this mix. When completed, completely dry your toenail extensively.

White Vinegar

For dealing with toenail fungus infection, mix one part of white-colored vinegar with 2 parts of temperate water. Then soak the afflicted toe within this mixture for roughly ten to fifteen mins daily until the fungus is gone. It is very necessary to dry the affected toes properly the following rinsing out, or else the fungi could spread to more toes.

Lavender Oil

This oil has got several volatile substances and antiseptic attributes that may fight any sort of skin condition and prevent inflammation.

  • Take equivalent amounts of lavender and tea tree oil.
  • Blend it carefully and then heat it just a little.
  • Now, by using the assistance of a cotton ball.
  • Dab the mix beneath the top side of the toenail nail as well as the edges, thrice each day.

Listerine Mouth Wash

  • Taint warm tub water using Listerine, a bit of vinegar, and some lemon extract.
  • Now bathe your feet in this fluid for 10 to 15 mins every day and afterward brush the infected toenail gently.
  • Redo this home remedy each day, up until the crumbling toenail grows out and a brand- new nail substitutes it.

Lemon Juice

Take fresh lemon juice and spread it straight into the contaminated toenail and just leave it for ten mins before rinsing with lukewarm water. This therapy must be done every day for at least one month or even more until you notice favorable effects.

Oregano Oil

Oregano oil has actually got antibacterial, anti-parasitical, antiviral, analgesic, and antifungal abilities. Take 2 dabs of oregano oil and blend it using one tsp of organic olive oil. Now spread this concoction on the damaged spot by using the assistance of a dropper or cotton ball. Apply at least once a day for 3 full weeks.

Vicks Vapor Rub

Smear it over your infected nails and cover the area tightly with duck tape, let it sit for up to 24 hours, keep repeating this procedure several times a day for about 2 months. Your nail fungus will completely disappear.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt or scientifically known as magnesium sulfate has a range of different users however there’s a call on whether the absence out actually works for an ingrown toenail or not but it softens the skin at the affected area which makes it easy to dry out the toner from the skin one can take treatment at from south by adding a large keep it clean water and sucking in the hunt for about in 20 minutes repeat two times a day hydrogen peroxide is a powerful disinfectant hydrogen peroxide helps the skin around ingrown toenail to get soft it makes them easy less painful and provides for the infection next half Republic hydrogen peroxide and water and soak your foot look for 15-20 minutes it will provide relief to some extent.

Lavender and Peppermint oil

lavender and peppermint oil application and a few drops and white flower oil until now helps in making the ingrown toenail go away three essential slash lavender essential oil these natural antibiotics can also be applied on the ingrown toenail to get immediate relief problem to love ingrown toenail oregano essential oil oregano oil is considered to be an antibacterial

Antiseptic and Palliative

the antiseptic and palliative agent which provides quick relief from pain oregano oil mixed with some carrier like olive oil can be applied to rise the day directly on the ingrown toenail adults can also be ingested it by adding a few drops in water or juice or by simply putting a drop or two under the time have a bacterial cell soak the affected her in one line with one scored in the bacterial cell after joining the fed properly place a piece of cotton under the ingrown toenail than a pioneer in the bacteria limit and wrap it with a bandage this is also an effective remedy to outgrow an ingrown toenail lemme take get paid site and human with the help of bandage or glass time on the tail me but for the whole night, the acidity at the women will help in curing the infection.

Cut Your Nails Flat

While cutting your toenails, you ought to be quite mindful. Always cut your toenails straight.

Antibacterial Creams

Topical creams might be very beneficial in dealing with ingrown toenails. Using antibacterial creams on the affected area on a routine basis will certainly prove to be quite helpful.

Lime or Lemon Wedge

Just before going to sleep, use a lemon wedge and place it on the affected toenail. Use plaster to secure it and wear a sock. Following morning you will see that the skin has actually come to be tender and soft. Now carefully lift the nail and fit cotton wool in between the skin and nail. Every day change this natural cotton till it recovers totally.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is quite practical in treating this issue. It functions as a mild disinfectant and has to mend properties. All you need to do take some hydrogen peroxide and saturate a cotton ball in it. Now utilize this cotton ball to daub on the damaged area. Or you can easily also wash the foot with hydrogen peroxide.

Gauze the Toe

You can try blanketing the toenail with a bandage or gauze to keep the germs from spreading further.

Avoid Harmful Chemicals

Avoid home pedicures on your contaminated toenails. Vanity materials could have hazardous elements in them which could very well make the disorder worse.

Use Loosened Footwear

One of the easiest organic treatments is to wear comfortable and loose sandals. You can even try out going barefoot for more lengthy spells. This may stop pressure on toenails and can aid in the speedy mending of the ingrown toenail.

Hot Soaks

One of the most efficient organic treatments is to make use of a lukewarm bath.

  • All you have to do is take some hot water in a tub then add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt to it.
  • Mix them well and soak your feet in this for five to ten minutes.
  • Each day you use this home solution it will offer you relief from the discomfort of your ingrown toenail.


If all else fails you may need to visit the doctor. Occasionally a small surgery is needed. After using a regional anesthetic, the physician gets rid of a portion of the nail’s edge perimeter. Some nails may come to be in-grown again, needing removal of the nail root system.

Healing process

Use anyone remedy at a time remember that it may not show any effect after 1st use it may take many days or weeks to heal if remedies do not work for you to visit the doctor for treatment.

Prevention of toenail fungus

  • Stop using nail polish and artificial nails.
  • Wear footwear in swimming areas
  • Replace old shoes or use antifungal powders on them.
  • Avoid wearing tight footwear, always prefer that can breathe well.
  • wear cotton socks


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