Tips for Surviving Sleep Regressions


A baby sleep regression is a frustrating and exhausting period when a baby experiences a temporary kind of setback during his sleep patterns. It is during regression that a baby wakes up frequently in the middle of the night hour.

And eventually, it gets harder to settle him. Moreover, lots of babies wake up early from their nap time. Or they tend to avoid getting a nap altogether.

Thus, it becomes extremely exhausting for all parents to get their babies back to sleeping mode. Here you can check all the important tips which are about surviving, handling, and managing sleep regression.

Tips and Ways for Surviving Sleep Regressions

No doubt, surviving 8-month sleep regression is much easy, quick, and simple to do. Firstly, take a deep breath and understand the fact that these regressions do not last forever. This phase is a confusing phase for both parents and babies.

Do not take it lightly and handle it with patience and cool. There are no direct ways and simple strategies to “stop” or “avoid” these sleep regressions.

But you can minimize their effects and outcomes. Below is the explanation for you:

Keep Your Baby Sleeping Routine Consistent

The first rule which you have to keep in mind is to keep your baby sleeping patterns consistent. Though sleep regressions are bound and tend to mess as well as disturb your baby’s usual sleeping schedule. Still, you have to make an effort to make your child’s sleeping routine as consistent as you can. Besides, remain flexible while asking your child to get back to sleep.

If he does not want to sleep, do not force or push him. Besides, follow both of the aspects of consistency and flexibility while dealing with the sleep regression problem.

Keep a Calm Environment In Your Baby Room

Most certainly for surviving a sleep regression, parents need to calm down their baby’s room environment. Apart from keeping your baby sleeping routine calm and soothing, you have to make his room environment calm and peaceful as well.

Keep his room dark and also keep it at a comfortable temperature range. You can even add a white noise machine in your baby’s room. This way, he may get a peaceful sleep.

Give a Soothing Bath or Massage to Your Baby Before Sleep

Furthermore, you can relax down your baby by giving him a soothing and relaxing massage. This way, he or she might not wake in the middle of the night. Moreover, you can give your 8-month old baby some soothing bath, or plan out a storytime for him.

Hence, do reassess and reevaluate your baby’s sleep environment during the phase when he hits 8 months to 10 months of age.

Give Your Baby a Comfort Object

There are a few of the babies who wake up frequently during sleep and often face difficulty during sleeping because they become the target of separation anxiety. Most probably, to deal with such kind of situation, you can give a comfort object to your toddler.

Sleep regression is of many types and separation anxiety is its further subcategory. Hence, give one soft comfort object to your baby, this way they may sleep better and also for a long time,

Take the Advice of an Expert

You can ask for some professional help and advice too. If you notice that sleep regressions have become unbearable, then you can take the advice of some child expert. It is true that when a baby regress to sleep, then this situation leads to sleep deprivation for all parents.

What you can do is ask for help and get in touch with some experts. Ask your partner to share your burden. You can manage and divide the number of duty hours.


Share any of your experiences if your baby had ever regressed or showed reluctance while sleeping! Which surviving tips you followed at that time and how did you manage that sleep regression phase.