Best non surgical hair loss treatment

Best non surgical hair loss treatment

Discover the secret of your crowning glory: Go for non-surgical hair solutions which more instant and easy with less invasive procedures.

The quote holds “ Invest in hair, it is a crown you never take off.” Yes the hair is truly precious and life is short, make each hair flip fabulous. But as age advances it affects the quality and quantity of hair.

Your hair is affected by dietary changes, the stress in day-to-day life, hormonal changes in men and women leading to male and female pattern baldness or vitamin deficiency which affects the crowning glory and leads to hair loss.

We are blessed with a crown full of hair but because of age, this crowning glory gets affected. You might take various pills which may give you side effects and tried various cosmetic products which give you more hair fall.

Preserving the hair is of utmost importance and the growth of hair is equally important as the hair cycle has three stages anagen, telogen, and catagen phase.

Today’s generation wants a fabulous look with their hairstyle and wants to become a trendy fashion setter. Yes, that’s possible with you as well now with no surgical and non-invasive procedure for your scalp.

What research speaks :

Trying to fix your hair from internal problem requires time as according to the American Hair Research Society is committed to unravelling causes of hair growth which needs to be rectified from the inner root and internal medications take time for the same.

Non-surgical procedure hair replacement is done to restore your hair to normalcy so that you enjoy a better lifestyle and natural looks and this does not change your daily routine.
Non-surgical hair replacement is by far better in various aspects than surgical hair replacement as it is instant. You do not need to wait for 4 – 6 months depending on the hair growth cycle which varies from person to person.

What’s more

Look great while you grow. Yes, you empower yourself with great looks while you are undergoing treatment for any form of internal problems like chemotherapy, thyroid, or alopecia areata. If you are taking long-term medications which are causing hair loss you still have the looks to stay beautiful or handsome with your crowning glory. Science is advanced now. Hair growth is more of an internal thing rather than going for a surgical hair transplant.

100 % customized according to your needs and looks: Originally invented and patented looks more fabulous rather than going for a surgical procedure that is more technical and less worthy the value.

Go for valuable option of non-surgical replacement:

No bleeding and no chances of infection, this is why many people are favoring non-surgical options. Balam-Versatility in the style and looks: Change the looks according to the style you prefer and like. Become a trendsetter with various hair fixes and hair patches, hair extensions for women which are safe and side effect free and gives you the extra boost of confidence in your personality.

No chances of error:

The success rate with the nonsurgical procedure is quite high rather than the surgical procedure which may go wrong if not done correctly. What’s more, change the look you like several times.

Ooops The downtime (healing time ): The time is taken for surgical procedure and healing is quite long as well as difficult which may lead to bleeding and infection. You enter with no hair and leave with surplus hair with a non-surgical procedure.

So live long with your desires to be beautiful or handsome with growing age. As your crowning glory beautifies you with age and enjoys the abundance of hair by being glamourous

How to grow hair :

“Some of the worst mistakes of my life were haircuts” the longer the better. go for haircuts once in 3 months that is once in 90 days and make sure you tell your hairstylist to just trim it. Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be. Inspire your hair journey by taking your multivitamins for hair. Growing hair is a slow process but you can speed up by taking care of it.
To encourage hair length you need to do two things stimulate growth and do what it takes to keep it healthy. It involves a lot of hair care lessons. You have to go internal. Here are seven backed-up tips that will help your hair to grow.

1. Stimulate the scalp:

If you are looking for hair growth start at the scalp. The chronically inflamed scalp can lead to hair loss or thinning. This happens because inflammation starts close to the hair follicle limiting growth and eventually causing falling.

On the flip side stimulating the scalp with regular hair massages has shown to promote hair growth. Scalp massages encourage blood circulation which helps deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle.

2. Take hair growth supplements like collagen and biotin:

these two ingredients help promote hair growth and hair health by providing the body with the right building blocks. Hair is made up of protein keratin which has amino acids including cysteine serine glutamic acid proline and glycine.

Both collagen and biotin supplements especially when combined have a high amount of amino acids meaning the supplement provides the building block of keratin .not the only collagen that can support your scalp and skin health and also for your hair. The scalp is skin after all. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides encourage the body’s natural production of collagen which is then delivered to the rest of the scalp.

3. Protect it from physical damage:

Protecting the hair from harsh combing is essential. Physical damage can cause daily wear and tear which leads to breakage. A few things to consider while addressing physical damage: too tight hairstyle, rubbing hair which causes friction or pulling so consider using softer hair ties as well as switching your hairstyle regularly is essential so you are not putting much pressure on the scalp.

You should always brush your hair from the tips and then progressing upwards is the recipe for breakage, Finally a mindful of how you are shampooing your hair and massaging oil into your hair to avoid breakage is essential. Hair is most vulnerable when it is wet. If you are washing too aggressively can cause knots and tangles that are difficult to get out and cause breakage.

4. Keep it moisturized

BRittle hair breaks easier so keeping it moisturized with oil keeps your strands long and regularly hydrate it with hair masks and hair oil treatment.

5. Using antioxidants:

Hair ages just like the body. this is why people experience hair thinning as they get older. It also limits the speed at which hair grows. One way that research is shown to help hair aging is antioxidants as they fight oxidative stress and neutralize free radicals.

Make sure you eat your foods high in antioxidants or add a vitamins rich diet to your food.
Go ahead with these 5 hair tips and protect your hair by giving non-surgical options a top priority

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