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How is thermiva performed

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Dr Rati Parwani
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Thermiva: Nonsurgical Fixes: no knife cosmetic fixes.

Thermiva a new revolutionary technology that is essentially a nonsurgical vaginal tightening treatment for women and it allows them to overcome the effects of childbirth and aging. Childbirth is a beautiful phenomenon in the life of a woman. However, women undergo various processes and aging because of childbirth. This treatment uses radiofrequency energy which is sent over the affected area both externally and internally. This radio frequency heats the tissue and stimulates the formation of collagen. It is generally performed in three months and over three months.[1]

Thermiva helps women to tide over vaginal laxity, genital irritation, and dryness in the vagina. These conditions generally appear after childbirth as the women progress through the stages of menopause. Some women may be affected less while other women may find it difficult to lead a happy life and satisfy their problems. This treatment is temperature-controlled that uses frequency safely and effectively to tighten the labia and vaginal canal.

Benefits of thermal :

The various benefits of thermal are :
1) Tightening of labia
2) Tightening of the vaginal canal
3) Dryness of labia and vagina.

This treatment also helps improve urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction pelvic prolapse. This treatment is nonablative and there is no stinging pain or discharge.
Furthermore, thermal is better than other feminine rejuvenation programs as other treatment only treat labia, not the vaginal canal.


Thermiva is the first and the only temperature-controlled treatment that tightens the labia and vaginal canal with radiotherapy. It is a non-surgical and noninvasive in-office female rejuvenation treatment. The best part of the treatment is that it is painless and requires no downtime. One of the most important results that a woman can experience and get her pre-baby body back and overcome the adverse effects of aging. Thermiva will also help a woman to spice up her conjugal life as it helps to improve sexual satisfaction.

In thermal, a therapeutic radiofrequency is used to gently contract and tighten the labia and the vaginal canal. It helps the tissues and nerves to heal by stimulating the process of collagen. The treatment is often compared to a gentle warm massage. The time required for this treatment is roughly around 30 mins. Thus it is the easiest method by which a woman can overcome her childbearing and aging effects of the body.

It is termed as feminine rejuvenation treatment that is availed by women to reverse the effects of childbirth and aging. Women will be eligible for the treatment if she has vaginal laxity; is she is not satisfied with the appearance of labia; if she is suffering from sexual dysfunction or dissatisfaction. The treatment is also ideal for women who are suffering from vaginal dryness of pelvic prolapses such as fallen bladder or rectum and for women with urinary incontinence.

  • This is an apt female rejuvenation technique.
  • Non-Surgical treatment: No knife cosmetic fixes.

Nonsurgical treatment for face and body contouring are gaining traction now. As age advances people are preferring NO KNIFE procedures. At some point, it is hard to ignore the vivid signs of aging you see in the mirror-little wrinkles around the eyes or lips, age spots maybe some sagging skin. There are few options for turning back the clock without going under the knife. But today you can often the effect of time on your face with many nonsurgical procedures.


If forehead creases are bringing you down, it can be done with a temporary fix. They are made with a purified version of toxin from botulinum bacteria. In tiny doses, the toxin relaxes the clenched facial muscles that cause crow feet frown line. The shots only take a few minutes. This treatment usually takes 7 days ad you will notice smoother skin when you get the shots.

Chemical peel for acne

Chemical peels use an acid solution to remove old dead cells. The solution often has a mix of glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, and phenol. It takes 15 mins to apply and you may get some stinging sensation.

Noninvasive procedures are taking toll these days as everyone is dreaded about surgery. There are better alternative procedures that don’t require a knife. The latest game-changing beauty innovations letting you look your best without the fear-inducing invasive surgery.

If you are considering surgery always take time to think over it. It is of paramount importance to research the clinic ad your doctor thoroughly and look at those that have excellent ethical consultation. The relationship that you develop with the doctor should be highly regarded as an aesthetic outcome

Trust care and attention detail.

It is the need for an aesthetic company. These things should guide you to the decision of cosmetic procedure. A medical procedure defines as the non-invasive procedure when no break in the skin Is created. Get a beautiful charm with confidence. If you could get the same results with non-invasive procedures that you would normally get from an invasive procedure.

What would you choose? Anyone not addicted to the invasive procedure would choose a noninvasive option as its easier and less dreadful and less chance of risking your face. This raises the point that can we get the same results with noninvasive procedure technology the same way what invasive procedure provides.


When considering plastic surgery you need a board-certified plastic surgeon who will discuss with you whether an invasive or non-invasive procedure is best for you. I cannot stress the importance of discussing the goals with the board-certified surgeon. You need an expert in the field. Remember the chemical peel that I have discussed above; none of them give the results the same as FACELIFT which I a must after pregnancy or women going the age of menopause.


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