The Specialty of Lightweight Wheelchairs

The Specialty of Lightweight Wheelchairs
(Last Updated On: 2019-02-20)

These days lightweight wheelchairs are in and why not? It is convenient and will offer the user and the attendant with an array of perks for making their day to day activities simpler, faster and more fun eventually. The fundamental purpose of any wheelchair is to offer mobility. If you are still not convinced take a look at the different perks that it offers. 

Benefits Galore

If you purchase such lightweight disabled medical aids, then you can benefit in the following ways namely,

  • It will offer the user higher motion range than ever. Particularly to people that have a dynamic lifestyle, spend a lot of time traveling and participate in different sporting activities.
  • Generally weighing about 12-15 kg, these lightweight chairs are extremely easy to deal with, lift and also transport in comparison to regular wheelchairs which weighs about 20-22kgs.
  • These wheelchairs can be folded conveniently owing to its minimal, space-preserving design. Above all, you can store it in a car’s small compartment which will make the transporting uncomplicated and quick without putting any stress or load on the human body.
  • Being lightweight and compact, these wheelchairs can be transported up and down stairways easily. They are incredibly portable thereby making it perfect for people that do not require such chairs now and then. Users can conveniently collapse as well as put up till needed.
  • The movability and real performance of such chairs increase significantly with the design quality and product style. It has bigger wheels which can be turned efficiently thereby demanding less effort or energy for maneuvering.
  • The best part is the lightweight wheelchairs are highly reactive compared to the standard chair. It supplies more accuracy to the user when using it in limited areas together with the potential of getting involved with physical activities and active sports. Despite being lightweight, each design will guarantee smooth performance, perfect balance and also comfort to the user. 
  • In case of any wheelchair what matters the most is the comfort, and lightweight chairs will offer the user the utmost comfort each time. There can be additional padding included to the leg rests and seating. Moreover, you can include shock absorbers with the framework for enriching the feel of the wheelchair in its entirety.
  • Lap trays and beverage holders too can be fixed for fitting all specifications and individual needs. No matter the add-on used it can be taken off quickly and stored for easy transport.
  • Despite being lightweight, it will not make any sacrifice on its toughness and quality. Satisfying every demand of general wheelchairs its aluminum structure is equally strong compared to other industrial material types thereby guaranteeing a robust chair that is capable of withstanding the regular wear and tear concerning active operation daily.
  • Though it is little expensive compared to standard wheelchairs, it is worth it owing to the invaluable perks that it offers. Traveling by airplane, bus or car has been made convenient and easy with these lightweight wheelchairs.

Overall, a lightweight wheelchair is a far better choice than a standard wheelchair so investing in it makes sense.

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