The ABC’s of Skin Care

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We all want glowing and healthy-looking skin, but unfortunately, sometimes life can get the better of us and cause us to stress, lose sleep and forget that all-important skincare regime. All of which can affect the appearance and health of our skin.

It’s not just the things we do by accident, but also the things we purposely do can also have a big impact when it comes to skincare. Firstly, don’t buy into every skincare product available, as sometimes you can overdo it. Secondly, never sleep in makeup, even if you are trying to look good for that new person in your life! Finally, don’t touch your face too much and use a flannel or sponge when cleaning.

This article looks at the importance of a good skincare regime no matter how sensitive your skin might be, so you know how to rectify those mistakes.

The Basics

Let’s talk about the basics. When you have found the skincare brands that are right for you, it’s time to put your routine together. This should look something like the below:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Tone
  3. Moisturise

This is a very basic routine that can work for many people, but if you find that you have skin that needs a more sensitive approach, then you may find Cetaphil’s range useful. Dry, oily, and problem skin may need products specifically to help.

Stay Hydrated

Water is a key element in any diet, we all need this to survive and our skin needs it to thrive. Staying hydrated can prevent skin from becoming flaky and dry. If the skin is not well hydrated, it won’t be as effective at eliminating toxins and keeping harmful irritants away.

We must remember that the skin is the largest organ on our body and it has a very important function – it’s not there to just dress up nicely for aesthetics.

Day and Night

The skin acts differently from night to day and therefore, your morning and night routines should differ. When you are fast asleep the skin cells are renewing and shedding away and the mixture of this and the warmth of your bed can leave skin dehydrated. This means your morning routine should focus on adding that moisture and hydration back to your skin.

Before you settle down for the night, your skin has had a busy day and has most likely come into contact with lots of contaminants. Therefore when night falls, ensure you cleanse well to wipe away the day’s activities.

If you have more to add to this skincare regime, then we’d love to hear from you. Simply share your thoughts using #CetaphilSensitiveSkincare.


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