Tetanus lock jaw home treatment

Tetanus lock jaw home treatment

Causes of Tetanus 

Tetanus is caused by the toxin ( a waste product) of Clostridium tetani, which normally lives in animal manure

Puncture wounds from stepping on dirty nails are the most likely immediate cause. The germ only grows where there is little or no oxygen.

The spores (seeds) were on that nail and, entering the body, begin to grow and multiply. But the spores must penetrate deep enough; they cannot grow if oxygen is present. It is the toxin that growing tetanus produces, which paralyzes voluntary muscle tissue, including the jaw muscle (the masseter). Tetanus is not common; but, if contracted, it is extremely dangerous.

Home remedies for Tetanus


  • Squeeze the puncture wound repeatedly to make it bleed. Keep doing this until it bleeds freely. If necessary, cut the area open with a clean, sharp, razor blade. You must get air to the wound and get it to bleed freely.
  • Then wash it well with soap and water; pour in hydrogen peroxide and let it fizz. Get the blood flowing again. Then wash the area with pure water, pat dry with a sterile cloth, and cover with a bandage.
  • Call a physician. If symptoms of tetanus begin appearing, call a physician at once! It is not too late.

Here is what nature healers in out-of-the-way places do, when there are no physicians available:

  • Take cramp bark tea in teaspoon doses.
  • Grind up some peach leaves and apply directly to the wound after washing it. Change this raw poultice twice a day.
  • Heat some turpentine and apply to the wound; massage it over the jaw, neck, and spine when symptoms of lockjaw are suspected.
  • Use 2 cups of wood ashes per gallon of water, and soak the limb or punctured part in it. If the wound is located where it cannot be soaked, apply the ash solution in a fomentation. Do this for an hour, and repeat if danger is suspected.
  • If lockjaw actually appears and the person shows stiffening, give 10 drops of antispasmodic tincture every 15 minutes until the stiffening is gone.

The formula for the tincture is as follows:


  • Into a large-mouth, glass, quart jar, put 1 ounce each of the following herbs (they should be in the ground form or you should grind them first): skullcap, skunk cabbage root or seed, gum myrrh, lobelia seed (or plant if seed is not obtainable), and black cohosh root.
  • Mix them in the jar while dry, and add one pint of pure grain alcohol of 70 to 100 proof; 80 proof Vodka works well.
  • Let this stand for 10-14 days, tightly covered, and shaken well once a day.
  • Then strain it through a very fine cloth and squeeze out all the sediment you can.
  • Keep the tincture in a tightly covered jar. Put some into a small dropper bottle.
  • It is taken internally in 8-10 drop doses.
  • In addition to the above, also give the person lobelia and cayenne.
  • Prepare it by boiling a quart of water, take it off the stove, and put a teaspoon lobelia powder and a teaspoon ground cayenne into the water.
  • Let it stand 20 minutes and drink a ¼ cup every half hour till relieved.

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