How to take good care of your teeth

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How to take good care of your teeth


How to take good care of your teeth

Healthy teeth and gums are doors for infection and Inflammation to enter in the body. If oral health is unimpeachable it acts as a closed door for infection to enter and affect other organs of the body. EKDANTAM Dental Clinic provides complete oral health care, to forbid any health issues in the whole body. There are many systematic diseases that can occur due to poor oral hygiene and can affect the body organs and hence the good overall health.


Most Important and life-threatening condition that can affect the human body is heath attack or strokes. Poor oral hygiene increases chances of strokes much fold has been proved in many journals of American heart association.

POOR ROAL HYGIENE increases the thickening of blood vessels as these vessels imbibe more LDL (Low-density lipids ) in monocytes. This causes a decrease in the size of blood vessels and hence less blood flow and more chances of heath attack. Also in patients with cardiac history, it is very important to take care of oral hygiene to prevent chances of recurrence.


Good oral health is very important for a pregnant lady for a normal and healthy baby. Pregnant women and their baby is very prone to many diseases due to poor oral hygiene. poor oral health increases chances of low birth weight babies. Means weight of baby while birth is less than 2500 gms. This occurs due to inflammation injunction that joins baby and mother (Placenta). This causes decrease nutrition to a baby and hence low birth weight. Also chances of premature parturition increases in such women.

How to take good care of your teeth

Very Important is get the teeth cleaned before pregnancy and proper oral health care should be taken. Than else it can lead to bleeding gums, pregnancy tumor, swelling in gums, and hence can lead to another disease in the body that can affect the baby.


Diabetes is a very dangerous disease and is called as a slow killer as it affects all organs of the body if not controlled. It leads to pyorrhea (Periodontitis ) and it is very common in the diabetic patient. Gums start bleeding, the tooth becomes mobile, food lodgement between teeth and gams increase in between teeth. Hence it is very important to maintain proper oral hygiene in diabetic patients.


Chances of Lung infection increases in poor hygiene patient. As ORAL cavity is a pool for all respiratory pathogens. In debilitated and Old patients colonization and establishment by pulmonary pathogens in Dental plaque (in the oral cavity ) is very frequent.

Teeth decay, caries, swollen gums, infection in gums can all upsurge chances of Lung infection.


Smoking is the gravest habit that affects oral health and causes life threating diseases. It can cause oral cancer and lung cancer, High blood pressure, COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Poor oral hygiene and smoking add on the condition as it even decreases body immunity and endangers the body for multiple life intimidating diseases.S SMOKING KILLS !!

6Best home remedies for teeth health

Your teeth are very sensitive and one needs to take proper oral care in order to ensure that your visits to the dentists are limited. There are a lot of teeth issues that one can encounter and can lead to sitting on the orthodontist’s chair which most people despise. There are a lot of reasons that can take you to the dentist and you need to avoid all such reasons. Eating unhealthy food, not brushing your teeth daily, not removing cavities from your teeth can all turn out to be a nuisance for people who want to have healthy teeth.

There are ways in which you can solve half of your teeth problems at home without having the need to go to a dentist. But for that one needs to follow a proper plan in order to ensure that the teeth remain healthy. There are home remedies that can help you fight off your toothache when a bacteria has entered your tooth. There can be a real pain when such things happen and taking home remedies to relieve the pain can turn out to be the exact thing that you are looking for. We will now take you through some of the home remedies that you can use in order to keep your teeth healthy.

5Salt Water Rinse

There are different causes of orthodontic problems which include bleeding of gums and tooth abscess. These problems are often cured when you go and visit a dentist but few people know that these problems can be cured at home as well. Rinsing your teeth with salt water is one easy and efficient way to provide you relief from tooth abscess and gum bleeding. Salt has antiseptic properties that help in reducing the swelling and infections. To use this remedy you need to mix a halfa cup of water with a halfa teaspoon of salt. Once done rinse your mouth with the salt water and try to swish around that water in your mouth for a minimum of two minutes. Once done spit out the water and repeat this activity three to four times a day.

4Baking Soda

Keeping your teeth healthy with the things that you have got in your home is a very good option. Baking soda is one such thing that is readily available in everyone’s kitchen almost every day. Baking soda can be used to fight off your toothache and remove any plaque that is stored in your teeth. The antibacterial properties of baking soda also help in fighting off gums from bleeding. In order to use this home remedy, you need to mix a halfa cup of water in half tablespoon baking soda. Add a pinch of salt to the mixture and start swishing it around in your mouth for about five minutes. Once done you can spit the water out and start the process again. The whole thing can be done 3-4 times a day depending on the pain of your teeth.

3Fenugreek Tea

Fenugreek tea is made when the seeds of fenugreek plant are brewed in water. There are a lot of advantages of fenugreek tea to the health of a human body and keeping the teeth healthy is one of them. The antibacterial properties of the tea are very important to fight off tooth bacteria along with stopping gum bleeding. The fenugreek tea can heal the wounds and also reduce inflammation. In order to use the remedy at home, you need to take 1 cup of hot water and stir 1 teaspoon of fenugreek tea in it. After the mixing is completed, allow the mixture to cool down and then apply it on the affected tooth area with the help of cotton. This process can be done 3-4 times a day in order to get better results.

2Clove Oil

Clove oil is considered to be a helpful ingredient when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy. This particular oil may not be very common amongst all households but can be found in the majority of them. Clove Oil is used by people to provide relief from their toothache and gum bleeding. The remedy of clove oil can be used by directly applying the oil to the affected area with the help of cotton. Clove oil can also be used with water as you place few drops of the oil in water and then use it as your mouthwash. Clove oil can be used three times a day only and not more than that.

1Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is easily available in households as compared to clove oil. This all-natural oil has great antibacterial and antioxidant capabilities. The use of oregano oil can reduce the swelling and pain in your teeth in no time. Apply oregano oil on cotton and hold it on the affected area for 2-3 minutes. The cotton can be removed but the oregano oil needs to be present on the affected area for 10 minutes before it is rinsed. This entire process can be repeated 3 times a day.

All these home remedies for healthy teeth are easy as all things are available at home. Use of these remedies can reduce your visits to your dentists and keep your teeth healthy at the same time.


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