How to take care of teeth without dentist

How to take care of teeth without dentist

Dental hygiene tips for healthy teeth and gums

Oral hygiene is important. If you ignored it, a great smile would not be possible. In fact, people who don’t care for their teeth and gums are susceptible to a variety of other health problems including heart disease, kidney problems, and strokes. As there is a strong link between oral health and overall health, you just can’t ignore your teeth and gums ever. With regular oral hygiene, you can keep dental problems in check and maintain health as well. This is how a sparkling smile becomes a reality.

Here are some of the dental hygiene tips for healthy teeth and gums –

Brush properly

Brushing in a proper and thorough manner is key to keeping your teeth free from any risk of stains or discolorations. The dentists always recommend a gentle brushing so that the effects reach to all parts of the mouth. Brushing twice a day is also essential to keeping the risk of plaque buildup away. It’s good to brush once in the morning and then before hitting the bed to not allow bacteria harm your teeth in any way.

Flossing regularly

Like brushing, you also need to floss your teeth regularly. Daily flossing is a must to get foods stuck between your teeth out of the mouth. Brushing alone can’t help remove food particles as bristles are often not able to enter between teeth. This is where flossing helps as it lets you reach between the teeth and wash away what brushing can’t. For that reason, you should floss once a day at least.

Clean your tongue

The surface of your tongue is the site where bacteria thrive. If not cleaned regularly, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and cause a variety of health problems. You can either use the brush itself for cleaning your tongue or use a scraper for the same purpose. By making tongue cleaning a regular part of your oral care routine, you can maintain your dental health perfectly.

Don’t eat sugary items

Any food or drinks high in sugar or starch is bad for your teeth. Soda, coffee, tea, colas, soft drinks, wine, fruit juices and sports juices are very harmful to your dental health. For your dental health, you should stop consuming these items altogether and if you can’t, then try to cut back on the amount and frequency so lessen the risks. Rather, try to eat and drink healthy foods and drinks that have no harm to your teeth and gums.

Avoid tobacco in any form

Consumption of tobacco and superior dental health can’t co-exist together. If you smoke or use tobacco in any form, there will be harm to your teeth and gums. Stains, discolorations and oral cancer risks are always there when you use tobacco. Your teeth can lose their whitening luster while gums may start bleeding when you use tobacco in any form.

Use mouthwash and fluoride-based toothpaste

Fluoride is essential for keeping your teeth healthy. If your toothpaste has fluoride content in it, your teeth will be strengthened and cavity risk will be minimized. Similarly, you can use mouthwash and fight off bacteria causing plaque buildup in your mouth. Don’t use water for washing your mouth as it can dilute the impact fluoride may have. Rather, use a mouthwash and keep your teeth healthy.

Don’t ignore any dental problem

Many of us don’t take a toothache seriously. We think that it will go away without getting any medical attention. And it often does. However, it’d be wrong to avoid any dental issue even of minor nature as it may indicate something wrong with the body or your general health. Any bleeding from the gums is also not meant to be ignored as it may indicate signs of periodontal disease.


Visit the dentist regularly

It’s a good habit to visit the dentist regularly at least every 6 months and get your completely checked. The dentist will do thorough examination and cleaning of your teeth. X-rays can be used to spot any dental problem not visible to the naked eyes. The dentist in Nassau County will suggest right diet and advise you good oral care routine. This is how you can maintain your oral health without much of an effort for sure.


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