Surrogacy in USA and price of a surrogate mother in Ukraine



Surrogacy is creating an embryo through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and then implanted in a surrogate mother (gestational carrier). This whole method is carried out through legal agreements in which the leihmutter Ukraine agrees to carry a child in her womb for nine months. After birth, the gestational mother did not claim any genetic relationship with that child. The process of surrogacy in the USA is specially carried out by those couples who face problems in reproducing independently.

Requirements of a surrogate mother in Ukraine:

Although surrogacy is legal in Ukraine but choosing a surrogate mother, there isn’t that much easy. Because it all depends on giving birth to a healthy baby. She has to go through many medical checks before placing a fertilized embryo in the womb of a surrogate mother in Ukraine. She is appointed as a surrogate mother when the entire test is all cleared.

Demands to fulfill by a surrogate mother:

  • A baby should be born naturally and healthy.
  • The surrogate mother shouldn’t have any sexually transmitted disease disorders.
  • A surrogate mother shouldn’t have a habit of any drug intake.
  • Women with mental or somatic pathologies can’t be a surrogate mother.
  • All her tests related to mental and physical issues should be cleared.

Too expensive surrogacy in the USA:

Finding a surrogate mother can be a little bit more costly; you have to pay for extra auxiliary services. You will surely be thinking why the cost of surrogacy in the USA is high; usually, surrogacy includes only payment of the mother, but in the USA, with the surrogate mother charges, you also have to pay for other extra secondary service charges. There are three main auxiliary services in the USA, increasing the cost of surrogacy:

  • Medical examinations, including the entire test.
  • Legal documents.

The USA surrogacy rate is about a hundred thousand dollars because of the auxiliary service charges and all the other pre and post-delivery charges included. That is why surrogacy cost is a little more expensive there. But if you can’t pay the total amount at once, you can also contact the agencies. These agencies are specially built for those couples who want to precede the procedure of leihmutterschaft USA but want to pay the placements’ cost.

Two main reasons for the high cost of surrogacy in the USA:

The main reason behind the high cost of surrogacy in the USA is the high standard of reproductive medicines. Whether the child born in the USA will be given citizenship, there are many more restrictions with benefits. Two of the main reasons include:

In vitro fertilization treatment:

As IVF treatment is not always successful, in Ukraine, the clinic takes the treatment’s responsibility that until the surrogate mother in Ukraine gets successfully fertilized, they won’t ask to pay again. But in the USA, you only got a few chances of IVF treatment, and after that, you have to pay again.

Cesarean section:

One of the requirements of a surrogate mother includes that she should give birth to a baby naturally. Still, in such a case of cesarean section, the price of surrogacy automatically gets doubled.

Many couples, who can’t give birth to their own babies, seek help from the surrogate mother. In Ukraine, surrogacy is completely legal, but the surrogate mother in Ukraine goes through much different taste to prove that she can perform all the surrogate mother’s responsivities normally. Not only is this, there some important requirements that should be fulfilled by a surrogate mother. But if we talk about Surrogacy in the USA, it is expensive just because of the secondary services charges included in the surrogacy price. But only the process of surrogacy can help those couples who want their own babies with genetic relation.

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