How to remove stubborn carpet stains

How to remove stubborn carpet stains

carpet stain removal at home

cleaning an apartment, especially carpet stain removal, is a time-consuming task. The appearance of stains and traces of dirt on the surface spoils the impression of the best cleaning. Contamination can vary in size, color, and aroma, and cleaning them up can be challenging, which you can deal with on your own or entrust the job to a dry cleaner.

No matter how carefully we treat carpets, it is not always possible to avoid the appearance of dirt. We can spill coffee, drop the gum. All this is reflected in the condition of the carpet. But some methods can help with these problems. To effectively clean a stain, it is advisable to know its history and age.

Before starting work, you should inspect and assess the degree of contamination. You can, of course, contact a dry cleaner. But the delivery of a bulky carpet and the services of specialists can be expensive. You can prepare a cleaning mixture yourself from the available tools:

  1. Chewing gum is disposed of with ice. Apply ice to the place of contamination, the sticky mass will freeze and lose its viscosity. Remove plaque slowly. It will take a long time. After you get rid of the gum, treat the area with citric acid;
  2. Ink. Alcohol will help remove ink stains from the carpet. The only drawback is that the carpet will quickly absorb odors and the room will be saturated with alcohol aroma for a long time. You can get rid of the smell by cleaning the area with a detergent;
  3. Coffee stains can be removed at home with soapy water. Prepare a mixture of a tablespoon of soap per liter of water, dampen a rag and treat the area on the carpet;
  4. Ice cream. You can remove the ice cream stain from the carpet stain removal Ballarat by wiping the area with gasoline, and then with ammonia;
  5. Acetone, gasoline, or alcohol will help get rid of fatty deposits. Mix the gasoline with starch until mushy, apply to the stain. When the product has dried and absorbed the grease, the dirt will be easy to clean off.
  6. Beer. You can remove old beer stains from the palace using a solution of glycerin and ammonia in equal proportions. We apply the agent to the damaged area, wait for a while. Dirt can be easily removed from the surface.

The old Stains

Before cleaning the dirt, prepare it: scrape off the dried dirt, wipe the place with a damp sponge from the edges to the center. Make a mixture suitable for the stain and pour it into a spray bottle. Do not rub the dirt too hard. Apply the solution for 15 minutes and wash. Repeat the procedure if necessary. Dry the dirt. Use a fan for this. Vacuum the dried-up spot.

  1. Traces of unknown origin. A solution of hydrogen peroxide and two tablespoons of baking soda will help you. Mix the ingredients well. Apply to dirt. Then wash well with water;
  2. Treat the area with a mixture of powder and water. Dry with a rag and treat with detergent, vinegar, and warm water;
  3. Raw potatoes will help deal with this pollution. Rub it to a grueling state and apply on the stain for five minutes, rinse with water. The second way is to sprinkle the area with baking soda, spray the vinegar and leave for 12 hours. Rinse off with water;
  4. Old traces turn black, a mixture of ammonia and two glasses of water will help get rid of them. Rinse and dry the area. If contamination remains, use hydrogen peroxide;
  5. You can remove ketchup plaque from the carpet with a solution of detergent and cold water. Blot dirt, do not rub hard;
  6. Felt pen. The following remedy will help to get rid of the trace of the marker. Dampen the area with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol. Change the fleece periodically. If the stain is gone, wash it with soapy water. If not, apply glycerin and then rinse with water;
  7. A mixture of detergent and water can help with the removal of old formations, treat the area with a cloth. Then apply a solution of a teaspoon of ammonia and two glasses of water. If you cannot get rid of the stain for a long time, after drying, treat it with hydrogen peroxide;
  8. Hydrogen peroxide removes green spots well. Moisten the contamination with a mixture of peroxide and water. Rinse well. Saltworks more effectively. Leave the salt solution at the site of contamination for 30 minutes. Rinse with water.


If you cannot get rid of old stains, household chemicals do not help, then do not waste your energy – take the carpet to a professional carpet cleaning Ballarat. Specialists use suitable means and techniques, treat your carpet not only from stains, It is possible to remove stains from the coating, but this must be done promptly so as not to complicate the task.