Best cordless string trimmer for home use

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Gardening is worshiping life in its most giving form” the quote holds. Gardening is a work of life you never finish. It is a fine art. There are no gardening mistakes whether you take it as a hobby or your passion, there are the only experiment. The more you experiment with new tools from soil to soul the better. It is worth investing if you have inculcated it as a hobby or your favorite passion. You should invest in every tool and seed for gardening. The love for gardening never ends. ‘

The tools that you use should be given top priority and should be utilized with care. Being a professional gardener you need to well equipped with the latest technology and the equipment coming up in the market daily and stay connected with the upcoming trends. whether you own a nursery or you grow flowers as a florist you need this equipment in day to day life. So the equipment that I am going to introduce today is a lightweight versatile outdoor power tool that is used to cut off the weeds and grass. Yes, you are right !!! Its a string trimmer line. Weeds are unwanted plants that are dry and not required in your gardens. You can zero them down by using the string trimmer line.

Invest in high-end trimmers that are strong enough to get the weeds uprooted from the gardens. A quality trimmer line allows the trimmer to cut better. Check out this article to know how to choose the best trimmer line. Skip and you will miss it.

Having a neatly landscaped lawn is a goal of many landowners. This is why to invest in high-end trimmers. However, an expensive weed eater is useless without the best string trimmer line . do not worry this article gives you detailed reviews of the best products and comprehensive buying guide. Let us get the ball rolling !!!

How to choose the best trimmer line?

The main question that hits your mind at this point. You need to know what exactly goes behind choosing the best trimmer line. It is not just the price!! Be pricey about what you choose. The product should be a good value for money and worth investing in.
With high strength core, it should save you tons of money, time and effort as you do not have to change the trimmer and the line often while making cuts. One with high strength core will be of high value. The quality of the developing trimmers should be the best and as well developed trimmers are coming into the market, nowadays and the quality and prices vary in the market, different types of trimmer lines have advantages and disadvantages. Choosing a correct nylon trimmer is the key to ensuring the effectiveness of a grass trimmer. Incorrect selection can lead to reduced productivity, accelerated equipment wear and added materials cost. Some consumers might be confused about the best string trimmer to buy and use. This confusion is normal as there are many products available in the market

Firstly knowing the right size of the trimmer line for your line trimmer.
There are three main diameter sizes of trimmer lines for different works in your garden depending on the large yard and how thick the weeds are. Before you go and buy a string trimmer line check your string trimmer line to see what it is capable of holding, as most can only handle a certain size. Ok so now let us get to the actual line. It is important to know your lawn and garden and what kind of product you need as it will signify the importance of use.

Firstly based on the kind of work trimmer lines are divided as follows
Light work: 0.065 inches to 0.080 inches good for residential front and back lawns with lighter weeds. the small jobs around the house

Medium work: 0.085 -0.105 inches, good for larger back and front lawns with heavier weeds and light commercial work. It is perfect for your bigger gardens where you have bigger weeds and it is often used for commercial areas as well.
Heavy work 0.110+ inches good for industrial landscaping, large estate, large yards, huge gardens or golf courses and other areas that need a large amount of trimming

Secondly based on the different shapes of trimmer lines :

Round trimmer line The rounded shaped trimmer lines are for everyday use. The round trimmer line is the standard basic shape that won’t wear down as quickly as other trimmer lines. Trimmer should trim grass edges or get rid of weeds around the residential yards, in other words, it is ideal for lighter, residential use with minimum weeds. It is also used for the minimum amount of weeds that do not require much time to cut. The round string breaks less and is more durable against trees etc. This is the easiest trimmer line. The round trimmer line is the line you are going to get in the most residential grade, lightweight weed-eating devices. It is more suitable for light to a standard job. This type of line generally lasts for a longer time if you use it for smaller stuff it is generally cheaper. It is produced by sturdy nylon components and is great for homeowners and residential.

Multi-sided trimmer line Multi-sided trimmer line is used for landscaping professionals and made to stick on high-end wheel trimmers. The ribbed like design is to increase the ability to cut through weeds and big grassy areas with no dramas. It is suited for a commercial job and there are lines to multiple sides to them with a large amount that needs to cut. These lines tend to be sharper for a longer period and gives a more clear cut the first time. This is important when doing a professional job as you don’t want to waste any time going back over anything you have already cut once before. Plus your customers will be satisfied with the pristine clean cut you have left behind. If you have larger yards with thicker weeds or if you use the trimmer for commercial use the multi-sided trimmer lines are the best for you and its a perfect option for medium-sized jobs with heavier weeds and larger lawns.

Square trimmer line: A square shape as the name hints is a straight line. This type of design makes it perfect to cut down heavy weeds and it will knock down anything you put in front of it. The edges of the square trimmer allow it to cleanly slice through the grass and heavy weeds. This is great for professionals who have to tackle dense weeds daily.

Twisted trimmer line: The spiral-shaped string trimmer line is the best used in commercial cases where you have noise limitations. It is perfect for heavy and thick weeds. If you use the trimmer for rugged commercial use it is the right trimmer for you. It adds strength efficiency and reduced noise levels. This is a step up from round style and offers durability when hitting concrete or hard surfaces.

It is important to know what trimmer lines are made up of. Nylon trimmer lines are very common materials They are hardened synthetic monofilament that works well in nearly all weed cutting situations Coupled with correct shape and diameter makes a great weed cutting line.

Now you have a brief overview of various types of string trimmer lines and which one is best used for. It won’t be difficult to buy the best trimmer lines. Keep in mind it is important to find the right line for the right job to get the right finish on the property you are working on.

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