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How to Stop Dog from Jumping Up in 10 Easy Steps

Are you facing the problem that your dog continuously jumps on people? Are you annoyed by this behavior? Well, this is the case with so many dog owners.

Jumping is an expected exciting behavior for dogs, but know that they face a problem when they do it aggressively.

Jumping can be dangerous for small children since they will be knocked off. Also, some people with disabilities face a lot of problems.

 Further, jumping means that the dog is trying to see your attention most of the time. If you give him attention, he will like it a lot.

But the very best news is that you can train your dog. You can teach him when he can jump and when he should not jump.

What does jumping in dogs communicate?

There are so many reasons why dogs jump on people. Mainly dominance and greetings are the two common reasons for the behavior.

Sometimes the dogs want you to look at them. The dog will also give you an adverse reaction if you show negative attention.

 It would help if you were calm and composed during such situations. When your dog behaves, give them treats and show them that you care.

If your dog is jumping and you scold him, he will become sad or depressed.

How to Stop Dog from Jumping Up in 10 Easy Steps

When you train your dogs, it will make them perfect and persistent. For example, you can teach them with an electric dog fence.

The fence has a limited area, and they will be convinced that they should behave within it.

Further, it would help if you were consistent when training your dogs. Dogs need love and care, and you should show it to them. Try to be their best friend if you want results from them.

Trying to withhold the attention.

Firstly, when you start the training process, try to withhold their attention. There are some easy ways to do so:

  •         When you find the dog jumping, turn your back towards it. Cross your arms and make a sound. This will make them alert that you do not like the jump part.
  • If your dog turns and jumps, then turn the other way. Show them that they are doing something wrong.
  •         Another thing you can do is altogether remove yourself from the place. If you are outside and your dog jumps, come back inside.
  • He will know that the behavior is not good, and he will try to change himself. Wait inside for a moment and then go out. If he continues with the same, repeat the same process.

Providing treats when showing good behavior

When your dog is listening to you, you should reward him for it. Keep some treats in your hands. Every time he does a suitable job, reward him and pat his back.

Don’t forget the treat when the dog is standing in front of you with all four paws on the ground.

He will be amazed and will try to capture your attention. When the dogs are too excited, they mostly start jumping around.

It would help if you were patient enough.

It will take some time for the dogs not to jump around. It would be best if you were patient during the entire time.

After you go home, spend several times teaching the same thing to your dog. Give him the command, and he will follow it wholeheartedly. If the dog stops and listens to you, don’t make a big deal. Reward him only once or twice a day.

You should add a sit command

When you ask them to stop jumping, add the sit command. When you see your dog, ask them to sit down instantly. After the dog sits, please give them the treat. It would help if you taught dogs that jumping continuously is not such a good sign.

Practice with the sit command several times until they come perfect. With plenty of teachings, the dog will start following your order. He will sit down whenever you ask him to.

Do the practice with other people.

When your dog jumps and you stop him, he will do it near you. But teach him to do it in front of other people. Or else he will think that jumping on you is not fair, but he can jump on others.

So have people while you are giving him the training. This will help him to stay on his paws all through the time.

Ways to train your dog from not jumping off the counter

Dogs commonly search for food in the kitchens. If they smell something delicious, they will jump on the counter tables. It can be pretty frustrating since the food is not safe even when you leave it high up.

Keeping all the counters clean

Firstly, keep the counters of the kitchens clean. When the dog is not jumping on the counter, give him treats.

When the counters are clean, they will not get any food smell. Even if your dog takes food from the counter, punish him for the bad behavior. This will stop him from repeating the same mistake.

Sometimes your furry friend might be there even to steal the potholder. It doesn’t have to be food all the time.

So, keep the counters as clean as possible. When you are cooking, keep your dogs in the electric dog fence. He will stay quiet for some time. After you have finished your job, you can give them to roam around again.

Giving the Leave It training to your dog

Despite your efforts, you will leave food on the tables. When you see your dog grabbing food, give the Leave It command at that instant. Teach them the leave command.

This way, even if they have food in their mouths, they will leave it. This command will also tell your dog to stay away from the table.

Give the Leave It command unless the dog has all the four paws on the ground again. Then, when your dog follows your knowledge, give him little treats.

Suppose your dog is not responding to any of these techniques; it’s best to call a professional.

They know the right way of dealing with your pets. In addition, the professional can understand where the communication is breaking between you and your dog.

Should You stop your dog from jumping?

It may be harmless when the dogs are small. But if these are bigger dogs, then they can knock off people. The behavior is problematic when they don’t know the correct definition of excitement. Humans can use knee flex to prevent the dogs from jumping.

Unfortunately, some dogs think a knockoff is a form of excitement, and they will jump again.

Dog jumping is also inviting much-unwanted behavior. Dog jumping can become a very demanding dog. He will not listen to you, creating problems soon. So, train your dogs to behave, and they will become friendly.

Puppies Vs the adults

It’s pretty easy to train a puppy since he is at his earliest stage. He has a developing brain and will capture all your training quickly. The puppies have a clean slate. Don’t ignore the behavior and take care of the problem as early as possible.

When dealing with an adult, you have a lot to take care of. To prevent adult dogs from jumping, create a barrier with an electric dog fence. Ask the visitors to come up to the dog only when sitting calmly.

What not to do when you are teaching your dog?

Don’t give adverse punishments to your dogs for not listening to you. If you punish your dog too often, he will become quiet. Or sometimes they become aggressive as well. Leash correction is one thing you should not do. Don’t pull on the leash for getting the dog off you.

  1. If you use the knee method, you might be hurting the dog. And if they are injured in the process, they will try to attack you.
  2. When you use the knee-chest, you can knock the dog down. The dog will jump up again and will continue the game.
  3. The dog might not jump when he is on a leash. Dogs aren’t leashed 24/7. They will get plenty of opportunities to jump when they are off the leash.

What to do when your dog is jumping on other people?

If the dog already has a habit of jumping, take precautions to keep people safe. Some things to do in this case are:

  •         Hold your dog’s collar whenever a new person is passing by.
  •         Take your dog to another room when guests come over.
  •         Put your dog in some area for meeting new people.
  •         When new people arrive, give your dogs some treats.

Jumping is a natural habit of dogs. But you should train them so they know when to jump. Dogs are beautiful creatures. They understand you, and they will follow your command.