Stem cell banking for ageing


Can Stem Cell Banking Reverse the Signs of Aging

Although people are now living longer than before, many are still looking for ways to normally reverse the signs of aging. Good thing, the proponents of stem cell banking claimed not to take the downward health spiral.

They instead claimed to store and re-inject the adult stem cells. That way, the body can heal the very first signs of age-related diseases. Thus, people will be on their way to keeping their vitality longer.

It may sound so intriguing thinking about stem cell banking. But, is it really legit?

What Stem Cell Banking Really Is?

The stem cells are considered unspecialized cells. They each have the potential to grow and multiply into different types of cells in the entire body. This begins from the muscle to the bone to the neuron and more. The repair cells are then extracted and freeze from the body. They go through the banking process.

Now when your health begins to decline, the stem cells can then be reinserted into your body. This is through the main section of the problem. For one suffering from arthritis, the stem cells stored are then inserted into the joints.

That way, the healthy cells will increase and will finally take over. This is continuing to eliminate your pain.

In one stem cell company that is working with physicians from different states, they push for younger cells still later in life. And some indeed want to have the young cells. Now, these young cells are no other than the stem cells.

Moreover, doctors are using these stem cells in helping the body heal. Healthy stem cells are taken from the stronger part of the body. They are then immediately transplanted to the area that needs new cells.

Sports medicine doctors and orthopedic surgeons use stem cells derived from the bone marrow. And they utilize these cells in the treatment of injuries, musculoskeletal problems, and joint issues. They also used these cells for cancer patients, and skin grafts. These stem cells replace the blood-forming cells that are destroyed by radiation or chemo.

From Bangkok stem cell banking, the stem cells attach to the actual tissues of the body. And they potentially change the tissue and turn those cells into what they should be. This is contrary to being a degenerated tissue.

Stem cell banking creates young biology that never experiences the wear & tear of life. The sad truth is that stem cells lose function while they age. The cells have their therapeutic value. But, their efficacy and their number of cells become less as they age.

Stem cell banking is the solution to this matter. Extracting the cells from the fat stores or bone marrow & then cryogenically freezing them while they are young is a new concept. These stem cells are set on to extend the human health spans. There is an explosion of this knowledge.

Stem cell banking is about banking your stem cells. This is better than obtaining them from a younger donor. In the tissue replacement, the very own cells are just needed. It’s best to do banking stem cells between the ages of twenty and forty.

However, it is better to consider health than the actual age. This is true to think about stem cell therapy. An individual may be at a true age of 75, but genetically and physiologically be at 55. If the overall health of an individual is declining, it’s when the stem cell functionality is also declining.

Banking yourself in Bangkok stem cell banking will create young biology that will not experience the wear and tear of life. The cells you bank are like the seeds you can grow. You can turn them into so many younger stem cells.