25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas that You Can’t Ignore

25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas that You Can’t Ignore

Just because your kitchen is small doesn’t mean that you cannot decorate it as per your desire and make it more beautiful to look at and also functional. That doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough storage space or a large stainless steel sink or marble countertops, you can make the best use of the tiniest space by following small kitchen design ideas.

You can think about the storage first as it is a very important element in your kitchen. You should decide what type of storage you are going to need and where you would keep everything that is needed. Regularly needed accessories should be stored in an easy-to-reach place. You may be confused about how to decorate your small kitchen and make it look larger than before. Here are the solutions to your problems.

Utilize your wall-space for creating a compact design:

You should consider the layout carefully and ensure that every corner of your kitchen is properly utilized. You may create a set of cabinetry with one side of the wall for opening up space and rearranging everything. Tall walls are suited to galley style, narrow kitchens because using the space there makes sure that the area would look less cramped.

Create an illusion that mesmerizes everyone:

Replacing your kitchen cabinets is expensive. An affordable way to give your cabinet a new look is to paint them. different color schemes can make your small kitchen look bigger than before. You need to make a combination with the color of cabinets, walls, and surfaces. Paint all the base units using a dark shade that will make the room feel divided and also create an illusion among the ceiling and the floor.

Choose a fresh color scheme:

By choosing a neutral color pattern will make your small kitchen feel airy and light. Neutral color doesn’t always mean cream or beige. Use white scheme tiles with marble surfaces and blue cabinets can give a crisp or fresh color scheme that would make your kitchen look spacious and spring light around. You should match the color of the wall and cupboards. The white or light color would be suitable for a fresh look. This may distract the eyes and make your kitchen seem larger.

Flexible storage shelves:

Wire panel shelves are more useful than other ordinary shelves and they can maximize the storage of your kitchen according to your needs. Take away or add in shelves, hang glasses upturned, and also the presence of a wine rack makes the right use of the storage. As you have a little space, you should count every inch for better use.

Use bold flooring to distract the eye:

Your small kitchen can go well with bold titles and the strong pattern of the tiles can distract the eyes that make it feel bigger. You can decorate your kitchen with hanging copper planters that may add life and decoration should be done without covering the work surfaces.

Use breakfast cupboard to hide appliances:

Put your coffee machine, kettle, and toaster in a breakfast cabinet to keep the surfaces free. You can find your gadget ready to use whenever you open your cabinet. By doing this, you can use the odd corners in a useful way and you don’t have to worry about getting lost in your kitchen accessories.

Add a kitchen island:

It may seem a terrible idea to add an island to a tiny kitchen. However, it is perfect to fix extra surface space and storage in a large kitchen. You should select an island that comes with a lot of storage under it to put linens and vegetables into it. the wall-mount island can provide enough storage underneath for keeping stools and avoid possible trip hazards.

Enhance the lighting:

You should add task lighting to your kitchen. Install them over the sink and countertop. They would not only brighten the work area but also give a shiny look. Moreover, statement lighting is an amazing way to decorate the kitchen beautifully.

Use some greenery in the kitchen:

Plants could boost up in any space and make you feel happier. Thus, plants in your kitchen would be a good idea. They could brighten up your kitchen even more. Place them on the top of your freeze or keep them on the upper shelves or in a corner. When you turn on the lights, it would reflect on the green leaves that give an outstanding look.

Organize the things inside the cabinet:

Your kitchen would look like a mass if you don’t organize it properly, especially the small one. you couldn’t afford to waste any of the space, even space inside the cabinet. Organize the plates, glasses, dishes, bowls, or other bottles inside the cabinet and maximize your storage.

Throw out all clutter:

Countertops are the place for clutter that makes it look smaller. Throw out the unnecessary plastic containers as they reserve the space for nothing. Get rid of the mismatched dinnerware every few months to free up some space.

Install mount racks:

Installing knife mounts, open shelves and pot racks above the stove would give you enough space to work. Moreover, in the rack, your knives, pots and other small appliances would be organized and you could find them easily.

Install a sink with a cover:

Nowadays, most of the sinks come with a sink cover. You would find a cover with both types of sink- big and small ones. After using the sink, you could use the cover as a preparation area for cooking. These two in one system allow you to make the right use of every space.

Keep your freezer outside:

If you find that your freezer isn’t getting fit in the kitchen, think about some other place where you could keep it. you may move it to the other room like the dining area as it is not so important to keep it in the kitchen.

Use mirror tiles:

The mirror would be useful if there is less or no natural light. You should install traditional mirror tiles in the kitchen because they could reflect the light around and open up space. It makes your small kitchen look bright and bright.

Add a kitchen rug:

A kitchen rug would warm up your kitchen and add pattern and color. In a small space, you may use warm color and texture-rich resources that would look awesome.

Use high gloss cabinets:

Use cabinets that are glossy and could reflect lights. They make your space feel bigger and create an illusion like classic mirror tiles. Choose a light color cabinet to feel fresh.

Moveable galley bar:

You may use a moveable kitchen bar for gaining counter space. You could easily move it whenever you would need to go out or get in.

Organize cleverly:

You may not want your shelves to look cluttered. That’s why arrange mugs and bowls according to their color to make everything cohesive. The same colored things would give your kitchen a nice and organized look. You could also install a rod for hanging tools that may give you extra storage space.

Make the use of top of the cabinet:

You would get extra storage if you find space between the ceiling and cabinet. You may keep tools that you don’t use regularly. Add bamboo baskets for keeping tools on top of the cabinet as it would look classic.

Use wallpaper:

You could use wallpaper to cover your wall. If you don’t want to cover all the walls of your kitchen, use it as an accent. Use a white or gold wallpaper behind a mirror backsplash to get an amazing look.

Use wooden shelves:

Cabinets are useful in every way but wooden shelves are traditional. It would expose your tools, so you should keep your prettiest and nice color accessories to look good. Don’t put less attractive tools because they won’t look good and creates a messy look. Organize the tools properly.

Keep seats low:

For decorating a small kitchen, you could use tiny and lower stools for the breakfast counter or the table island. Low stools are less visible and make your kitchen look wider and spacious.

Paint the walls:

Bright color walls sound exciting and fresh but painting an accent wall would be great to give a unique look. Just paint on a wall but don’t paint the entire wall. The upper side or a corner is suitable for painting or hanging a sculpture.

Keep your kitchen clean:

You should clean your kitchen regularly because cleaning makes it more fresh and bright. A neat and clean kitchen always feels good to look at. If you decorate your small kitchen properly but don’t keep it clean, all your efforts would be a waste. The appearance of your kitchen depends on how clean it is. Always keep all the accessories in place after use to avoid mass. It keeps your kitchen hygiene as well as finding everything at your hand when needed.

To sum it up, to decorate your large or small kitchen, you should think and plan about it first. Choose the best ideas to design your kitchen. Hopefully, this article will be useful for you. Show your creativity to make your kitchen a comfortable place to work.