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How to sleep better at night naturally

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Patricia Franklin
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In today’s world, everyone is having some kind of stress due to which their sleep timing is being disturbed like you will observe in your daily life that even the younger ones are facing these stressful issues. Everyone is having their issues which make them more stressed and in this way, they are not aware of their health which makes them unhealthier. As sleep is the most important factor in life because you can’t do anything without sleep?

How to sleep better at night naturally

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In this article, you will know about 7 natural ways to help you sleep we will be discussing different natural ways which will help you to get more sleep and be healthy. You all will be thinking that if these natural ways would have any kind of side effects. Well, No there are no side effects of these natural processes these methods are very safe. There are many people when they get ready to sleep a lot of worries, stress comes into their mind. Although we have to make some serious steps to reduce these stressful nights.

We have to consume a very less amount of caffeine which will be a bit hopeful solution to these kinds of problems.

Due to this reason, many of us forgot to do some important work which has to be done more quickly. We all have these kinds of problems but the thing is we don’t take these factors seriously which later on can create some serious problems for us.

What to do when you can't sleep and are bored Sleep is essential for the apt working of the brain! Today, most people suffer from sleep deprivation. It can result because of insomnia, erratic work conditions, or an incorrect sleeping mattress. Your body needs to relax completely when you are sleeping without witnessing any stress and postural issues. Want to have access to the best sleeping mattress within your budget? If yes, you can check out for more important details. Quality sleep at night always benefits the body and mind in positive ways. Here’s how it contributes to your happiness.

Good sleep helps to release happy hormones

When you are stressed, it releases cortisol in excess, which is a stress hormone. And it can lead to everything from hormonal fluctuations, sudden headaches, nausea, and other bodily discomforts. On the other hand when you sleep well it results in releasing happy hormones which helps you to feel centered, calm, confident, and energized. As a result, you are more assertive about life and make the best life choices which leads you to happiness.

Proper sleep can put an end to mood swings

There are many reasons why people have mood swings! Inadequate sleep is one of the primary reasons. When you sleep less and are tired, you are not able to focus on anything. Your work speed slows down, and you also get brain fog. Sometimes, it can make you feel irritable for no justified reason. All this contributes to a foul state of mind. You can curb it all by sleeping on time and for seven to eight hours a day. It reduces your anxieties and mood swings.

Good sleep boosts your collagen production

When you look good, you feel happy! And quality sleep helps your skin to look bright and your face supple and young. Proper rest helps to repair the skin tissues, restore balance, and also boost collagen production. It can even delay the aging process. When you look at your best, you automatically feel better and happy.

Proper sleep boosts your confidence

Today, you can get almost anything you want with confidence. And without adequate sleep, you can’t exercise this. Confidence is a state of mind. For this, you need to stay calm, focused, and free from all stress and anxieties. You need to think smart and meaningful. When you sleep well, your mind thinks in wise ways, and you conduct yourself in a more assertive approach. A stress-free life and a healthy body are what most people want today. When you have that, you can call yourself happy. Hence, proper sleeping habits can contribute to your happiness.

Some Basic Rule

  1. No Caffeine afternoon.
  2. Zero intakes of alcohol.
  3. Avoid screens before going to bed.
  4. Make sure to switch off all the lights.
  5. Regular exercise.
  6. Lavender Essential Oil:

A Dab of Lavender Essential Oil By My Wrist and Temples

As to make yourself more comfortable and relax you have to apply this lavender essential oil which smells very soothing. As when they are applied there is a strong indication to the mind that it’s time for relaxation. And to make sure that all the stress and worries are just forgotten for this specific time interval.

Breathe Through The Left Nostrils

As the name indicates that you have to breathe through the left nostrils is all a natural process that makes you more relax and peaceful sleep. In this process you have to place the thumb on the right nose and press it, then you have to breathe through your left nostril about 26 times (Recommended).In all over this process while breathing you have to make your mind relax and trying to forget all the worries.

Try Some Yoga

While going to bed try to do some stretches which make you more relax while going to bed. As many of us don’t do exercise alone because we get bored sometimes for this we have got a partner through which it can be more useful and the exercise become more helpful.

Everyone got a girlfriend and many of them forget their stress and worries because there is an amazing understanding between them and they call their cute nickname for the girlfriend which makes them happier.


Guided Sleep meditation makes the person more relax as many of us using a different kind of meditation no matter what kind of using it. All of them make us more relax and have a peaceful sleep.

Take A Low Dose of Melatonin

Well, it isn’t that good but to take some amount of melatonin which active the hormones which regulate sleep. To get better sleep, a small amount of those won’t cause any serious issues.

Do The Breathing Exercise

While lying on the bed in a comfortable position we have to do these simple breathing exercise:

  • Breathe for 4 seconds.
  • Hold breathe for 7 seconds.
  • Breathe slowly out for 8 seconds.

One of the best methods for mind and body relaxation using this method you will find a peaceful sleep that makes your mind more relaxed.

Do a Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Focusing on each section of the body is:

  • Shoulders and arms.
  • Chest and abs.
  • Hips and butt.
  • Legs and feet.

Do you want to learn how to sleep better – yes you can learn? These tips are here to help you do so and guide you to a more restful night’s sleep. 

Set and observe a regular sleep schedule

Ensure you get into bed at a specific time every night. Also, make sure you wake up at the same time every morning. Insomnia may be caused by this schedule’s disruption. It becomes harder to get up on Monday mornings by “sleeping in” during weekends. Your sleep cycles are reset thereby resulting in a later awakening. In the 8 hours of bedtime, don’t attempt to nap.


Attempt to work out for about 20 to 30 minutes every day. Sleep is promoted through daily exercises. Nonetheless, interference with sleep can be caused by working out close to bedtime. Exercises that bring out maximum benefits need to be done 5 to 6 hours before bedtime. Avoid exercising within the 2 hours before you retire.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine.

Caffeine is a stimulant that keeps people up. Avoid caffeinated drinks. Coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, diet drugs, non-herbal teas, and certain pain relievers contain caffeine. Very light sleep is usually experienced by smokers. Often, nicotine withdrawal causes them to wake up early in the morning. Alcohol strips individuals of REM sleep and deep sleep. It ensures that they stay in their lighter phases of sleep. For a great night’s sleep, try to avoid any of these substances for at least 6 to 8 hours. This should be done before bedtime. Still, within 2 hours to sleep, don’t consume any sort of large meal.

Find an unwinding bedtime ritual

Reading, a warm bath, or other suchlike unwinding routines can help you to fall asleep easily. Train yourself to form associations with sleep and some restful activities. You should make these activities part of your bedtime routine.

Sleep until sunrise

If probable, get up once the sun rises. You can also make use of really bright lights during the mornings. The internal biological clock of the body is reset by sunlight every day. For individuals with falling asleep problems, an hour of exposure to sunlight exposure can help. This is according to sleep experts.

The bed isn’t the place to lie awake

Don’t force yourself to lie in bed if you can’t catch some sleep. Find something else to do such as listening to music, reading, or watching television. Such activities need to be done until you get tired. The anxiety that’s caused by sleeplessness can contribute to insomnia. Get back to bed once your sleepy. Also, try avoiding other locations that aren’t your bed to sleep in.

Make sure your bed is comfortable

How old is your mattress? It is recommended that you replace your mattress every 7-10 years if yours is older consider an upgrade. Before you do take a look at these Simmons Beautyrest reviews and find the perfect mattress for you.

Best sleeping position

The best pillow will always keep your spine properly aligned when you are sleeping. This is very much important to get the balance of the neck and head support while sleeping. Inadequate sleeping position due to uncomfortable pillow selection can create headaches and tension in the shoulders. You may also feel an uncomfortable experience in your back and it will irritate you much all the time. Sleep apnea pillow has specially created to provide you the best and comfortable sleeping experience in any type of position and it will manage the head and back to feel relax from any type of irritation and you also enjoy the best moments of your sleep in the night which keeps you fresh all the day respectively.

Body comfort is essential

As we all know very well body comfort at the night will surely provide you the best sleeping experience respectively. The selection of the wrong pillow will be too hard, too thick, and too thin. This is why sleep apnea pillows are the best and impressive choice for good sleep.

The specialty of the pillow

The best and most impressive factor of using a sleep apnea pillow is to provide the best comfort for the people who use a CPAP machine as their treatment. It can easily provide space to the mask which will easily get adjust on the face without any hesitation. It will never remove by all means and the patient will surely get a comfortable sleeping experience respectively. If you have the normal pillow in the home will never take much care of the mask which a patient is using in the night and there are many chances for the removal of the face mask which may cause a serious health issue for the patient respectively.

No doubt, the CPAC machine has the right tip to provide you the best sleeping experience just you need to have the best pillow option with you. Sleep apnea pillows have removed the concept of using the old hard and thin uncomfortable pillows which are harmful to the patients and all of those people who search for a comfortable sleep.

You can frequently choose them according to your need and requirement. Furthermore, if your patient has recommended using the mask especially at the night, then you surely have to use a sleep apnea pillow at your home which will never rub the mask and the patient will also get a comfortable sleeping experience respectively.

With a sequence, we have to make the whole body more relax and will get more useful sleep. As when the tensed muscle is being relaxed then we will feel the relaxation of the body from top to bottom.


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