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How to sleep 8 hours without waking up : Learn how to get sound Sleep

As we all know that sleeping is essential for every living organism. A good sleep gives you a highly creative mind with a fantastic memory. Since our childhood, we learn a lot about good sleep for good health.

If you do not take a sound sleep, then you may have diabetes, heart disease, and even brain disease.

You can take some supplements in minimal amounts, and you get those supplements very quickly. Some of the effective natural sleep aids are – Magnesium, Melatonin, Glycine, Tryptophan, and many more.

We are at our best when we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work, and we enjoy our journey towards the goal we have established for ourselves.

It gives us meaning to our time off and comfort in our sleep.

  • Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom.
  • As the quote holds-
  • Think in the morning.
  • Act in the noon.
  • Eat-in evening.
  • Sleep in the night 

Is sound sleep good for health?

Tips on how to sleep through the night

Unique benefits of sound sleep in humans

The human body works like a machine at the production factory that runs continuously to reach the company’s production goals. Just as a machine that needs resting time for proper functioning and longer shelf life, the human body needs some rest in the form of sleep.

Humans get tired of completing various tasks in a day, either mentally or physically. Sound sleep is the only way for your body to rejuvenate energy for the next day.

The human body begins rejuvenating a job when you fall asleep; it works by healing the damaged cells, boosting the immune system, cardiovascular recharge system helps your body stay fit.

Know the sleeping cycle

  Every human sleeping cycle consists of two phases: REM, which is termed rapid eye movement, and the non-rapid eye movement phase. The first stage of the process stays for 20-25% of the sleep cycle and helps the mind consider emotions, stress, and memories of life.

The second phase is NERM constitutes 75%-80% of the sleep cycle, aids in the growth of tissues, repairs the body if needed, releases hormones necessary for the development of the body, and rejuvenates energy.

Benefits  of sound sleep

Now, as you understand Why sound sleep is necessary for the human body, let’s look into the unique benefits of good sleep.

Reduce stress levels

Today’s busy life is making humans undergo a lot of stress either as a part of fulfilling their job responsibilities or handling personal emotions of life. High-stress levels in life may lead to unwanted health issues, which may cause concern.

Sound sleep can effectively benefit you by reducing the impact of stress levels in the body and help you gain better control over blood pressure.

Reduce obesity problems

Experts say that having a sound sleep is very important if you have some weight loss goals. There is a strong connection between the duration of sleep and weight problems.

People with short sleep tend to face more weight problems. A person who has a short duration of sleep is likely to become obese compared to others.

Improves concentration and productivity

The first phase of the sleeping cycle, REM, positively impacts the brain. It functions of the mind like concentration, productivity, performance, and cognition.

Researches state that children who have sound sleep showcased good problem-solving skills along with good memory when compared to children that don’t have a good sleep every day.

Reduce inflammation

Inflammation is related to high-risk cardiovascular disorders, premature aging, diabetes, and arthritis. People who sleep fewer than six hours a day have higher levels of inflammatory proteins when compared to people that have a sound sleep.

Long life

Do you know that too little sleep is linked to a short lifespan? Though no scientific facts state the truth, it may lead to an illness that disturbs your sleep patterns. 

It affects the quality of life for sure, so; it is essential to make sure that you have a sound sleep to live a better life.

Assure of Good athletic performance

Research shows that sound sleep in humans can enhance athletic performance. Athletes with sound sleep tend to show up good version regarding physical activity and mental coordination.

Self-body repair

Sleep is the way the body will go through self-healing. It helps the body repair the damage caused by stress, harmful exposure to pollution, and ultraviolet rays. Body cells produce more protein during sleep, and they act as building blocks for cells allowing them to repair the damage caused by various factors.

Reduce  the risk of certain types of cancers

People with short sleep duration are at risk of developing breast and colon cancer compared to people who have a sound sleep because high exposure of the body to light reduces the production of melatonin levels that can regulate sleep cycles. These melatonin levels are thought to have the ability to suppress the growth of tumors in the body.

Improves  physical  health

As misconceived by many, sleep does not put your physical health at risk; sound sleep during a day has a lot of benefits on physical health. It will help regulate blood and sugar levels in the body.

In addition to improving your immune system, it also protects the health of your heart by reducing stress. It also helps you to be more productive in a day.

Benefits of Sleep for skin

As you pass through different stages of sleep, you will have many benefits. Skin benefitting hormones will be released at stage three or four of sleep. These are alternatively referred to as anti-aging hormones.

Your body’s skin will get repaired, replenished as you sleep, and get ready for the very next day. When you sleep by an hour a  day so will be a reduction in hormone production. It will be reflected on your face as well.

Makes you smarter

This is a surprising benefit that anyone could think of by having asleep. Small napping during the day can be an effective alternative to caffeine.

It is a refreshing alternative to busy schedules. Researches state that day nap several times a week reduces the chances of a heart attack as they have lower stress levels than others.

Maximize athletic performance

If you are an athlete or want your child to be an excellent future athlete, encourage them to have a sound sleeping habit every day.

Improved sleeping has shown significant improvement in speed, reaction times, mental well-being, and players’ accuracy. Longer sleep is proven to improve both the psychological and physical performance of the players.

It can be a pain killer too

If you are suffering from any pain due to some injury in the body, like sprains and strains, having plenty of sleep will make you hurt less. 

There is an interconnectivity between good sleep and pain reduction. The more rest you get, the less will be the pain you suffer. What is the right duration of sleep?

The right amount of sleep needed by a person varies as per individual circumstances. However, here  is a general guide to help you with the  information about the correct duration of sleep following the age of the person

Age The recommended amount of sleep
Infants aged 4–12 months 12–16 hours a day (including naps)
Children aged 1–2 years 11–14 hours a day (including naps)
Children aged 3–5 years 10–13 hours a day (including naps)
Children aged 6–13 years 9–11 hours a day
Teens aged 14–18 years 8–10 hours a day

Source: National Sleep Foundation US, 2015

We explain each sleeping aid in detail; just read on. Good sleep helps your brain to function properly and allows your mind to increase memory level, decision-making, and creativity.

That’s why it is essential to take care of the sleeping times of your family members. But unfortunately, good sleep is not possible for everyone due to work pressure or family tension.

As this is one of the biggest problems and like other problems, this problem also has a solution.

To get good sleep, some people need additional help, which is not bad if it is not very high in dose. There are lots of home remedies and some supplements you can take to get good sleep the whole night.

But, if you need a high amount of these supplements, please try to contact your doctor.

Risk and Percussion.

You should consult with your doctor before taking any supplements or home remedies. So, before you take any of the suggested accompaniments, it is essential to let your doctor know that you have had insomnia for the last two weeks.

Yes, because insomnia for less than two weeks is maybe a natural problem due to tension or any region.

If you worry about side effects, it is scarce, and when you take a very high dose. Some of the side effects of the supplements we discussed are also written below that supplement, must-read.

How to sleep 8 hours without waking up : Learn how to get sound Sleep

better sleep tips on how to sleep through the night

Get the proper sleep you need

According to research by the Centers for disease control and Prevention, approximately one-third of adults in the United States sleep fewer than six hours a night.

This is a bad habit because adequate sleep range from better heart health and less stress to improved memory and weight loss.

Develop a sleep routine

It may seem attractive, but sleeping until noon on Saturday will only disrupt your biological clock. This change in routine can cause more sleep problems. You are going to bed and waking up simultaneously, even on weekends and holidays, to establish your sleep and wake clock.

Change your diet

Avoid food and drinks that contain caffeine, such as soft drinks, tea, coffee, and chocolate. Make your dinner lighter and finish it approx three hours before bedtime. Cut spice or heavy foods, keeping you awake with indigestion and heartburn.

Quit Smoking


Smoking makes sleep apnea worse, and other breathing disorders such as asthma can make it difficult to get sleep. Smoking also directly affects the lungs and respiratory system, leading to various sleep problems.

Hog the bed

A study performed by Dr. Shepard found that 53 percent of people who own a pet and sleep with them experience sleep disruption. At the same time, more than 80 percent of adults who sleep with children have a problem getting good sleep.

Kids and dogs can be the most significant bed hogs. Everyone should stick to their sleeping place, so keep dogs and kids out of your bed.

Use a bed for sleeping only.

You should only go to bed if you want to sleep. Never try to work, eat, or watch TV. Although, if you wake up during the night, skip turning to own your laptop or TV, just so meditating o reading until you feel sleepy again.

Black it out

Lights send a message to your brain that it’s time to wake up. So you should make your room as dark as you can. A small amount of light from your cell phone or laptop can disturb melatonin production.

Create a sleep-friendly environment

For patients with insomnia, a relaxing, calm sleep environment is imperative for uninterrupted slumber. The most effective sleep remedies are removing digital clocks and other electronics that glow, such as laptops and cell phones.

Even if you don’t wake up at night, cell phones and email rings can disrupt your sleep cycle.

Sleep is a thing that can remove the pressure and contraction from your muscles and nerves. If you are not getting enough or quality sleep, simple adjustments can help you contribute to a more restful night.

If home remedies don’t work, you might use sleeping pills to increase your sleeping time and get uninterrupted sleep.

You can buy sleeping pills to get rid of insomnia and other problems. These pills generally produce calming effects in your body and relax your muscles.

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Foods that help you sleep through the night

Exercise, eat healthily and sleep well.

So here are the healing foods for that good night’s sleep that give you a healthy, nutritious diet and help you maintain weight. Achieving a great night’s sleep can be affected by what you eat at night. Certain foods can calm your brain and help promote sleep.

Good eating in the evening is the definitive therapy for a good night’s sleep. We just don’t recommend eating a big heavy meal before bedtime. It leads to indigestion, but some people can snack on a small meal late evening to get that good night’s sleep.

Research has found that certain nutrients play an underlying role in short and long sleep duration. For a longer and better quality of sleep, it’s essential to have lycopene ( found in red oranges and colored foods ), vitamins C, selenium (found in nuts, meat, and shellfish), and more lutein and zeaxanthin (found in green leafy vegetables)that are rich in reducing stress.

The best snack

The best snack contains complex carbohydrates and protein to optimize tryptophan levels. Proteins help maintain stable blood sugar levels while sleeping and switch the body from an alert adrenaline cycle.

To rest and digest mode, complex carbohydrates increase the availability of tryptophan in the diet. Tryptophan is the amino acid that the body uses to make sleep-inducing serotonin and Melatonin. These relaxing neurotransmitters slow down the nerve traffic and stop the brain from buzzing.

Do Bananas help you sleep?

Bananas are an excellent source of magnesium and potassium, which help relax the overstressed muscle and make them an ideal go-to snack.

They also contain all important tryptophan to stimulate the production of those essential brain calming hormones. Eat whole or whizz into a sleep-inducing smoothie.

Are almonds a good source of protein for sleep?

Almonds are another winner as they contain calcium which promotes both sleep and muscle relaxation. They have added the benefit of supplying protein which helps maintain blood sugar levels while sleeping.

Try swapping your afternoon snack with a handful of nuts with milk and honey for a comforting bedtime snack.

Is almond milk a good source of protein and calcium?

Almond milk is one of the richest sources of calcium and protein for sleep, promoting relaxation. go for a smoothie with strawberries and make it a yummy snack a night


Calcium is known to aid restful sleep, so a nice warm mug of milk is recommended before bedtime. It effectively reduces and stabilizes nerve fibers, including those in the brain.

Are you nibbling on cheese?

Yes, cheese is a good source of calcium, and oatcakes with cheese is a good source of bedtime snack which contains complex carbohydrates and protein to optimize tryptophan levels.

Protein helps maintain a lump of stable blood sugar while sleeping and switches the body from alert adrenaline cycle to rest mode. At the same time, complex carbohydrate improves the availability of tryptophan, which is relaxing.

Make a sleep sandwich.

Lettuce is good for sleep. Make sure you choose multigrain bread. The banana is an excellent source of magnesium and potassium, which helps you become relaxed for your overstressed muscles.

There are many practicals ways of improving sleep.

We all do it, but many don’t get it well. Good night’s rest is essential for a healthy existence, protecting you physically and mentally and boosting your quality of life.

Unfortunately, many of us struggle to fall asleep, have bad dreams, can’t wake up in the morning, and constantly feel tired.

Sleep plays a significant role in healing and repairing your heart and blood vessels which work 24 /7 non-stop. It helps us maintain a healthy weight and a good hormonal balance.

It helps us remember to solve problems, make decisions, and safeguard against stress, mood swings, and depression. It is rather worrying that the majority of people don’t sleep well.

Fortunately, there are many practical ways to improve sleeping habits

1) Bedroom
2) Diet
3) Lifestyle
4) Exercise
5) Relaxation.

If you have trouble sleeping, one of the 1 st things to consider is your bedroom. To get a restful sleep, you need the proper setting, which means a clean, peaceful, and welcoming room.

Many of us sleep in a bedroom that’s not fit for the purpose, and the environment could be the key to restlessness. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to transfer to a place that encourages peaceful sleep.

1) When it’s time to hit your bed, see that your room is completely dark.
2) Maintain the ambient temperature in the room.
3) A tidy room makes a tidy mind.
4) Say no to technology in the bedroom.
5) LED displays are troublesome. When it’s time to sleep, switch off your mobile phone.
6) Avoid treating the bedroom as an extension of a rest house.
7) Add special touches to space so that you feel more connected.
8) Avoid using specific colors like decorations.
9) Certain smells can affect your mood to feel more calm and relaxed.
10) Take time to consider your bedroom.
Try these tips and find a good night’s sound sleep.

List of some best sleeping Aids.

Below, we provide a list of the best sleeping aids that help you get good sleep the whole night and make your next day full of energy.


This hormone in our body signals to your brain that this is a time to sleep. When you are not able to sleep, this is also a region where your body cannot produce the proper amount of Melatonin. Naturally, melatonin products are high at night and low during the day.

So, if you are doing a shift job or suffering from jet lag, then a misbalance in the hormone cycle of Melatonin is common. In short, you quickly get melatonin supplements from any chemist shop, which helps you get proper sleep. Must try this supplement if you cannot sleep due to a shift job or jet lag.

  • Side effects are infrequent when we take a high dose, and the result is meager, like headaches and nausea.


As we all know, this is the name of minerals involved in our body’s development. It is one of the essential minerals in brain development and heart functioning. In lots of studies, it has been proved that magnesium is good to relax muscles and induce sleep.

One study shows that magnesium, Melatonin, and vitamin B are adequate for treating insomnia. So, magnesium is another readily available sleep supplement in any chemist shop. Magnesium has an excellent relaxing feature that increases the sleep quality of the body.

  • Side effects – diarrhea, and vomiting, in case you take a very high dose.


A glycine is a form of an amino acid essential for our nervous system, and one study prof that this chemical is also crucial to sleep.

Exactly how this supplement helps your body is unknown, but it works very well and increases sleep quality. When you wake up the following day, you feel very energetic compared to others.

So, buy this supplement and intake Glycine exactly before bedtime, and it helps you fall asleep faster and get good quality sleep.

  • Side effects – Abdominal Pain in a sporadic case.


This is another famous and one of the essential supplements you can take as low as 1 gram per day before bedtime, and it increases your sleep quality and sleep duration. This amount of dose is proven to fall asleep faster.

  • Side effects – mild nausea, dry mouth, and tremor when you take more medicine.

Valerian Root

If you think we only talk about manufactured supplements, that is wrong. There are indeed lots of natural and organic homemade remedies that help you get rid of your insomnia problem.

One of the famous supplements is Valerian Root which you quickly get in any part of Asia and Europe. It is one of the common herbs in the United States of America which help to promote sleep.

  • Side effects – diarrhea, headache, nausea, this is very rare.

The name of that specific plant is difficult to explain according to your location; that’s why we focus on manufactured supplements. If you need to know more about homemade remedies for insomnia or organic medicine, please comment to us.


If you read all the above supplements carefully and understand the need for that supplement in your body, then try it as low as possible. All the above accessories do not need a very high dose to get proper sleep.

So, try to use any of the supplements and intake as low as the amount you can. If you understand the use of supplements and the amount to take, remember that all the above accessories are not very high these supplements are standard for any human. So, you do not need to worry about it until it does not require a very high dose to work.

All the supplements you can quickly get from any nearby chemist’s shop. All the above accessories are listed here with the help of useful information from different organizational and medical websites.

If you feel any problems, please contact the tour doctor. If you have more problems and know this insomnia problem is not due to shifting jobs or jet lag, and you need a high dose of supplements, you must consult with your doctor before taking any step.

Most of them are worried about getting the correct duration of sleep. If you feel that a change in your sleep cycle is disturbing your regular activities, balance it with two nights of unrestricted quality sleep.

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