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Home remedies to lose weight on tummy and hips

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In case you are wondering, let us tell you, you aren’t the only one who wishes to shed a few extra pounds and get healthy as millions of people worldwide share that same thought.

According to a study conducted by the CDC (center for disease control and prevention), nearly half of the surveyed American population are trying to lose weight in one way or another.

Focus on the word trying instead of succeeding. You might think it is as simple as exercising more and eating less, right?

However, it is not as easy as that, especially for people who get exhausted after a tiring day’s work.

Sometimes, impulsivity leads them to gulp whatever they can find to eat, which leads to them adopting poor eating habits. Also, nobody can deny the fact that unhygienic or junk foods taste amazing. But, here is one thing that we all should know.

You only need to make a few changes in your life, such as changes to your lifestyle and eating habits.

These changes will provide you with a stepping stone to start your weight loss journey. Listed below are a few ways that will allow you to shed those extra pounds and become healthy:


Assuming that you exercise regularly, ensure that you tweak your workout routine once after every eight weeks. While every one of us might have our favorite workout routine, it is easy to get stuck in a rut jogging in the park or visiting the gym.

Continuing to perform the same workout can cause our bodies to adapt to the exercises we do. It means you will have to put in less energy to complete the training.

However, doing the same exercise can sometimes make you feel dull due to overuse. Instead, try to incorporate new routines, such as a ski machine HIIT workout, to spice up your exercise regimen and bring a well-needed change in your lifestyle.


Everybody has a different way of dealing with an onset of hunger. The most common thing people do when they are hungry is eat anything and everything they can find in their kitchen or fridge.

It leads to unhealthy snacking habits, such as drinking sugary drinks, eating chips, or desserts. While nutritionists recommend that you take small nibbles between meals, eating the wrong snack can put a dent in your weight loss progress.

Instead, go for snacks such as fruits, nuts, or fruit-based yogurts, as they will provide you will the perfect number of calories and fulfill your pre-dinner or pre-lunch hunger cravings.


Carbohydrates exist in foods such as cereal, pasta, rice, white bread, and much more. However, these are simple carbohydrates and only satisfy your hunger temporarily. Your stomach digests them quickly, which means you will get hungry sooner and consume more of these foods.

Try to eat foods that consist of complex carbs. These include bran cereal, whole grains, and oatmeal as they take longer to digest and keep you satisfied for a longer time.

There will also come a time when you won’t have to avoid simple carbs, but what you can do is eat them in small quantities. For example, if you like to eat sugary cereals for breakfast, only eat half a bowl instead of a full one.


Nowadays, a lot of people do not eat food only to fuel their bodies. Only a handful of people do it for such a reason. Such binge eating is often due to stress, depression, anger, or anxiety. You should find out what triggers you to eat.

Nevertheless, it is not about finding out what triggers such eating habits. It is about remedying them.

When you go through such an issue, you should have a plan in place. For example, if you feel like eating due to stress or anxiety, try to divert your mind by taking a walk outside.

You may also occupy yourself by playing your favorite sports or chatting with your best friend. Lastly, when you overcome this problem, reward yourself. Just don’t let food be the reward.


According to the Obesity Journal, tracking your daily food intake is the most effective and easiest way to avoid overeating and losing weight. Plus, it doesn’t take up too much time as you only need to note down the food you eat and its caloric details.

When you do such a thing, you will see that your food intake will drastically decrease. And you will only eat the amount of food your body requires to perform its functions.

You only require a pen and paper to write down what you eat, or you could take the fancy route by downloading a food tracking app on your mobile device.


Don’t be hesitant to introduce a little change to your lifestyle. Sure, getting the right mix of eating habits and lifestyle changes will be hard to achieve initially.

However, you will have to do a little bit of searching for what exercise plan or diet works best for you. Once you find the right balance, you will see that all those extra pounds melt away like butter on a hot skillet.

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