Sciatica pain treatment at home

5 effective home remedies for sciatica

Sciatica is the inflammation of the nerve, especially on the sciatic nerve. The nerve is the message delivery system that would send information from the brain to the legs and vice versa. This nerve is the biggest nerve in our body; that’s why the problem shouldn’t be considered lightly. The nerve basically has 2 main tasks. It would send information or signals from the brain to the muscles and it would gather up all the information from the legs so everything can be sent up back to the brain.

Sciatica pain treatment at home

when the nerve is being disturbed, the leg muscles will experience weakness. It is also possible that sciatica will also include pain in the thighs, legs, or the combination of both. The cause of the issue is a hernia on the spinal disc, where the cushion on the vertebra is ruptured. This is the source of the weakness, pain, and even numbness.  The process for curing sciatica is often a slow one as the sciatic nerve as well as back pain has been accumulated over many years. Therefore, do not stop
treatments and continue using the home remedies below and you shall definitely feel better.

What Causes Sciatica?

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how to get rid of sciatica

Sciatica pain treatment at home


Take eight to ten glassfuls of water every day. Consuming sufficient water day-to-day is vital to help keep articulations lubricated and vertebrae discs recover their proper positions.



Stretch every morning before rising, and repeat 2 additional times throughout the day. Take the legs to the breast, one by one, five times each.  Bring both legs at once to the chest five times. If you really feel much better, you could do this stretch on the bed or floor.


Health benefits of walking after Dinner

Walk 20 to 40 mins 3 times a week. Perhaps it is not a great time to start walking if you have a great deal of pain. You could begin by walking into your house for a couple of minutes after that increase the walk as you feel better.

Stimulate Muscles


A massage with vibrating equipment, if possible with magnets will certainly be
excellent. Consider making use of a magnetic pad every day.

Avoid Constipation

how to get rid of constipation fast at home

Include additional fiber in your diet to prevent irregularity; the word irregularity suggests discomfort for sufferers of sciatic nerve pain. Use a moderate all-natural laxative to settle this problem if necessary.


Take a daily all-natural muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory to assist in getting back pain relief. Select from Valeria, Grape  Seed Extract, Bromelain and Rosemary for its anti-inflammatory activity. For a muscle relaxant choose  Yarrow, Chamomile, and Celery Seed, Devil’s Claw,  Willow Bark or Angelica. If you need an organic pain reliever you could use Ginger.


An excellent home remedy sciatica is horseradish. Crush half a horseradish to ensure
that it creates a tablespoon of paste. As a  poultice use this uniformly on the painful part of your body and wrap it up. Remove it after a  minimum of an hour approximately for alleviation from sciatic nerve discomfort.

Ice Packs

Apply an ice bag or cold lotion on your buttocks, back, the rear of feet and legs. For a small percent of folks, warm treatment works the best.  Make use of heat as an alternative if that is the instance.


Garlic under pillow myth

Ground up at least 2 cloves of garlic clove in fifty percent of a mug of room temperature milk and have it two times daily for 7 days to lessen the suffering from sciatica.


Take 1000 – 2000 milligrams of B-12 every day
. You could take the even more common cyanocobalamin kind of B-12, however, take the methylcobalamin type for best outcomes. This is a  great help for sciatic nerve discomfort.

Calcium and Magnesium

  • Take a 1000 – 1200 mg of Calcium and 400 mg of Magnesium
    supplement daily.
  • Dilute it by mixing with water.
  • leave it on for 30 minutes before washing your face again.


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