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How to remove pimples scars from face naturally

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What are scars

The scar is a part of the body containing fibrous tissue that has replaced the normal skin as a wound has healed, leaving a distinct mark or series of them.  The development of scar tissue and scars themselves is a natural part of the body healing process. Almost everyone has some form of the condition.  The most common type of scar tissue is hypertrophic scars and atrophic scars.

How to remove pimples scars from face naturally

Hypertrophic scars are scars that appear red and raised above the surface of the skin, usually resulting from the closing of a wound. A common example of the hypertrophic type is the scar left behind from a Caesarean Section (or c-section) birth. Atrophic scars, on the other hand, are almost opposite in appearance, leaving a sunken “hole” or recess in the skin, common examples are the scars left behind from chickenpox or acne.  No matter which type of scar you might have there are many things you can do to improve the

How to remove pimples scars from face naturally

Cocoa Butter

Using cocoa butter is an extraordinary procedure and it could work wonders
for you. It’s one of the finest natural moisturizers that I am mindful of, and it operates by softening the scar and smoothing the region to enable the organic recuperation process to be brought on.

Vitamin E

Adding Vitamin E cream to the affected area twice a day is valuable in softening

Aloe Vera

Amongst the many choices for minimizing scars, aloe is probably among the preferred ones amongst the majority of folks. It assists to decrease swelling and increases the elastic
properties of scar cells since aloe has wonderful hydrating abilities. Research shows that putting on aloe gel to scar cells can decrease the dimension, and also the appearance of scars.

Olive Oil

Virgin olive oil works for getting rid of scars because it does not obstruct pore
functioning and it also loosens dead cells. Rub a small amount on your scars every day and allow them to dry. Leave the oil on the afflicted skin during the night and wash off in the morning. This will certainly help the scar to lighten and also tenderize your skin.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has skin cell- rejuvenating properties and reportedly helps with
all types of scarring. Massage it into the scar or keloid several times a day.


The topical gel named Mederma contains an exclusive agricultural essence made
from onions and allantoin.

This can be put on to a scar 3 or 4 times a day. An improvement in the colour, structure, look, and versatility of the scar should be seen sometime in between eight weeks and six months of treatment. This product is offered over the counter. It has better results on newer scars.

Lemon Juice

  • Lemons have citric acid that is efficient for scar lightening.
  • Cleanse the skin with a
    mild cleanser, soak a cotton ball in lemon juice after that apply to the scar region.
  • Let it dry for 10 mins after that wash completely.


Adding calendula gel or lotion to a scar two times a day minimizes irritation and boosts healing in a very early scar.

Mustard Oil

A lotion consisting of 10 per cent mustard-seed oil, applied to a scar three times each
day for numerous weeks is claimed to help in improving the scar’s appearance.

Rose Hip Oil

  • Mix 1 ounce each of rosehip seed oil and essential rose oils and add daily to the scar
    after bathing.
  • This should aid to improve the look of the scar. Save the potion in a dark glass container.

Sodium Bicarbonate.

  • Combine five to one, baking soda and water and mix to create a thick glue.
  • Rub this mixture into the scar and let it dry for about one min.
  • Wash off entirely with lukewarm water and repeat 2-3 times every week


Massage can assist to lighten blemishes. Roll hypertrophic blemishes many times each day
to break down scar cells and lighten the scars. Also, studies show that pulsed electrotherapy substantially lowers the growth of hypertrophic scars and keloids.

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